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Our cooperation was successful because of the balance between quick turnaround and ensuring high quality in every feature. Temy developers were fully integrated with the Lesara team. It enabled flexibility and clear communication.

There are definite advantages of working with medium-sized companies like Temy. When we need to add new resources, we get the answer right away. There is no bureaucracy that typically comes with a larger company.

The augmented teams are professional and always deliver on time. Temy provides personable service and successful recruits top-notch resources. Customers can expect competitive prices.

Responsive and efficient, Temy quickly implemented all requests for changes that came up during peer review discussions. Their comprehensive experience, coupled with their proactive approach, made for a fruitful partnership.

Sticking with Temy due to their resilience, team spirit, and technical expertise, which feels like having an in-house team providing top-quality work unmatched by other external partners.

Despite war challenges, Temy maintained high-quality deliverables, acting as a technical co-founder, advising on possibilities and complexities. This enables me to focus on business aspects, while they stay abreast of technological advancements.

I highly recommend Temy for their educated staff, cultural fit, effective management, and responsive communication. My concerns were quickly addressed, making the experience well-managed and successful. A truly invested partner.

Temy’s time and intellect have generated significant value for TaxFix, yielding software that delights customers, speaking for the returns on investment. Our partnership can be encapsulated in three words: smooth, trustful, transparent.

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