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Get a full range of software quality assurance services delivered by seasoned experts, all in one place. We help polish out and release perfectly balanced UIs, user-centric UXs, and digital products that are fast-to-market and error-free.

Software Quality Assurance Services
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Specialists at Temy have years of experience in software QA and testing. We analyze, crash-test, and improve digital products so you won’t have to deal with common tech risks, customer service pitfalls, and budget losses.

Benefits Of Temy
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  • Accelerated time-to-marketWe speed up the product development lifecycle without compromising quality, helping you finalize, deploy, and release software pieces faster. Through rigorous testing and QA, we ensure that your application is intuitive, accessible, and failproof.
  • Major cost cutsWe eliminate unnecessary expenses and minimize the product’s total cost in the long run by debugging all issue-prone areas of software early on and supporting it in the post-release phase, removing the need for later reworks.
  • Maximized product qualityBy going for digital quality assurance services, you can achieve the product’s high quality simply by letting experts dig into each nook and cranny of the solution and reinforce its foundation.
  • Higher customer satisfactionA combination of manual and automated testing techniques, defect mending, and performance risk minimization can go a long way to improve user retention. After all, if the users are pleased with how your app looks, works, and responds to their issues, they are unlikely to seek an alternative.

We kick off the quality assurance services workflow with a project documentation audit and extensive discussions of your vision, major and minor goals, and essential features. Based on these requirements, we tailor a unique QA and testing strategy.


Software QA and testing strategies are designed individually based on the start, middle, and end points of the product’s user experience and navigation, covering all major points of interaction for specific user personas.


We set off functional and non-functional testing of all UI/UX elements, and reiterate manual and automated testing until the product is well-polished. The last step of the process is going through criteria-based quality assurance to meet the quality standards outlined during the planning phase.


Our team of QA testers, tech specialists, and analysts deliver the final test results and performance evaluation to you in easily digestible yet detailed reports. We outline all process milestones, deliverables, insights, and other results of successful QA.


To guarantee the positive results, we provide post-deployment tech support, assessing the product’s performance at launch among real users, tackle possible errors that only emerge in the field, and address any remaining flaws.

Our Technology stack

QA testing outsourcing services are a range of software testing methods used to ensure the quality, reliability, and functionality of software products. Such services typically include the following: 
– performance and load testing;
– regression testing;
– integration, API, and unit testing;
– accessibility and localization testing;
– usability and user acceptance testing;
– UI and functionality testing;
– compatibility and security testing;
– software testing consulting, and more. 
A QA provider uses any or all of these tests to make sure that the final product is bug-free and runs smoothly under stress.

As a one-stop software QA company, we offer collaboration models tailored to your needs. We deliver all our QA services step by step based on a workflow structure developed for your unique case.
Our QA engineers meticulously verify that the product is bug-free, and all functionalities operate seamlessly. Our outsourced QA can meet your objectives without sacrificing quality, especially if you have a limited budget but require skilled staff to test your software effectively.

Yes, absolutely! Temy prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your data. This is why we’re always up to signing an NDA at the start of our work to protect sensitive data and proprietary information.

Our QA process comprises several steps that we’ve worked out over the years:
– UX and quality audit: Our QA specialists examine your product’s interface and provide suggestions for improving user interaction points;
– Performance assessment: We evaluate your application’s performance in different settings and assess its scalability and stability under increased traffic demands;
– Security testing: To eliminate any potential security risks, we identify threats and weaknesses of the software early on;
– Code review: We assess the accuracy and readability of your code, providing recommendations for improving the problematic areas;
– Validation testing: Towards the conclusion of the development phase, we conduct validation testing to confirm that the finished product meets your requirements and can perform essential tasks;
– Maintenance: We help maintain excellent product performance after deployment by responding to emerging issues, making improvements on the fly, and testing the modifications you make.

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