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Custom Software Development Services We Provide

Benefits of Temy Custom Software Development Services

  • Fully customized productHit the ground running with a team of experts. Get software that fully reflects your business needs and vision without compromising your budget. We will discuss all project details before starting and ensure that every agreed-upon requirement is implemented down to the smallest detail.
  • Cost-EfficiencyWe respect your time and resources, so we will do everything we can to keep our software solutions within the pre-agreed budget and deadline. We have automated most of our routine processes so our specialist can create an app just for you in next to no time.
  • ScalabilityIn our custom software services, we prioritize scalability for future development and growth. When you work with us, you can be sure that your project will be as scalable as it should be when the time comes.
  • Client orientationWe strive to always be there for you. Temy is all about making your experience with our software application development services as smooth as possible. We pay special attention to communication, anticipating your needs, and meeting your expectations.

Collaboration models

Dedicated Team 1

Dedicated Team

Need a team of specialists focused solely on your project? We’ve got you covered. The dedicated development team will stick with you every step of the way, handling everything from the initial architecture blueprints to post-release support.

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Team Extension

Looking to beef up your in-house development team? Let’s add some of our top talent to your lineup. We will bring you the cream de la cream of software development, guaranteeing the implementation of the best software development methodologies and ensuring professional task management.

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Product development

Ready to bring your idea to life? Develop a custom product from scratch with Temy. Depending on your vision and budget, we can create a fully functional product as well as an MVP with room for further refinement and expansion.

Kickoff meeting

The project’s initial phase is where the project team and client establish objectives to make sure everybody involved are on the same page.

Gathering requirements

As a software development company, we determine what the project needs to achieve success and which tools and resources are required to make it happen.

Discovery phase

When we’re done collecting and analyzing the information, we can clarify the goals, limitations, and overall scope of the project to bridge the gap between a concept and its realization.


Our engineers start developing an end-to-end solution using the proper tech stack described in the project’s roadmap.


We carry out QA testing with both internal and external users. We adopt a collaborative approach to determining which areas may be optimized, as well as summarize and present outcomes to you.

Deployment & Support

Along with technical assistance, our team shares their experience with your internal support team. We offer marketing assistance both before and after the product deployment.

Industries We Work With

IoT / IIoT

Order software development services for connected devices from Temy and ensure success on the market. We always keep abreast of all the modern trends and latest technologies.


Our team has expertise in developing online commerce software and managing projects of any complexity. One of our clients is a large German e-commerce network specializing in fashion and lifestyle products.


Equip your offline retail outlets with powerful software for automation and digitalization. Our team developed a mobile retail app which has been downloaded over 2 million times.


Create a feature-rich project for fast and convenient property management. Let modern technology take care of your daily operations and document processing to get a crucial competitive advantage.


Take your users’ financial management to the next level with the expertise of our specialists. We’re very familiar with this niche from a successful case of developing a Fintech automation app from scratch.


Create software for monitoring advertising campaigns and managing advertising budgets. Ensure the stability and proper organization of all your business processes and take management to a whole new level.

Cyber security

Temy can provide you with software that guarantees security of your assets and protects them against cyberattacks. We understand the importance of every smallest detail in this niche and create solutions that comply with all the latest security standards.

UX/UI design

We develop projects that meet the high expectations of modern users, which is especially important in the UX/UI design apps market. You may want to check the Case study section to become familiar with our projects in this industry.

Why Temy

Deep Tech Expertise
Deep tech expertise

Our specialists keep in touch with the latest trends and developments, continually improving their knowledge. This way, the projects we handle are equipped with all the latest technologies and will stay relevant for a long time to come.

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Ability to scale

We are ready to cooperate with you regardless of your project scale. With Temy, you can develop a simple MVP to bring a startup to life and scale the project as much as your business vision requires.

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Your IP is protected

We pay special attention to the security of our clients’ data. Having cybersecurity as one of our main specialities, we establish attack-proof solutions so our customers can concentrate on other essential aspects of the project.

Product Focused Approach
Product focused approach

We always dive deep into the specifics of our projects to release software that will be relevant, competitive, and will grant your company its rightful place on the market. We’ll go the extra mile to guarantee the enduring and sustainable success of your product.

Boosting The Project With An On Site Visit
Boosting the project with an
on-site visit

Our representatives are always ready to visit you if such a need arises. We understand that some issues are better resolved during in-person discussions. For example, important business decisions or the implementation of various enhancements to your product is far more convenient this way.

Direct Communication With Engineer
Direct communication with engineers

Our engineers are always on hand to assist you or answer your questions. Proper communication and a client-oriented approach are the cornerstones of our work, allowing us to provide services of highest quality. 

Our Tech Stack

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Stay updated with the latest trends in web application development on our blog. Explore insightful materials to stay ahead of the game and make well-informed decisions regarding this essential business element.

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Think of outsourcing your custom software development as a smart way to free up your resources. This way, your in-house team can concentrate on maintenance and bug fixes for your software or other more valuable tasks.
Outsourcing custom software development with professional companies gives you access to the latest programming technology and process tools. By opting for professional aid, you can get the best results without costly and time-consuming expansion of your in-house team.

The cost depends on the complexity of your project, the team's structure, and the hiring strategy. While these elements influence the overall development cost, we assure you that what we offer is always exceptional quality at a fair and transparent price. 

We provide custom development services based on three cooperation models: dedicated team, time and material, and fixed price. According to your needs, we evaluate which one meets them the best.

We support agile development practices for planning, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance because it helps us better integrate our teams into the workflow, provide essential products first, and get feedback quickly.

Our developers engage with our clients daily via Slack, email, and chats. It helps us to streamline the process, prevent bottlenecks, and address any issues as promptly as possible.

Our first goal is safeguarding the trade secrets and privacy of our clients. We always opt for an NDA to protect your organization's confidential information, project data, and intellectual property. We promise our clients complete ownership of the final product. After the development process is done, your project's source code and intellectual value will be entirely in your hands.

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