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We combine pure tech skills, years of experience in creating commercial solutions, and a tight-knit collaboration approach, putting our expertise at your disposal. 

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Benefits Of Temy Web Application Development Services

  • Customized solutions tailored to your unique needsTemy is a one-stop web app development services company to meet your web software needs. We conduct extensive research, prioritize your target audiences, leverage a rich stack of technologies, and collaborate until we create the polished product your business deserves.
  • Scalability and flexibility for businessWhether you need to build a basic SAP solution or launch staged web app development for enterprise-grade purposes, you can rest assured knowing that your application is built to scale with your business. We also take into account the existing constraints or limitations of any sort (tech or budget).
  • Cutting-edge technology for competitivenessTemy’s professionals leverage the latest and best-tried technologies and frameworks to develop top-of-the-line quality web applications that are platform-agnostic, integrated with powerful tech, like AI and cloud, and customized for the target audience.
  • Time-efficient solutions and supportAt Temy, we provide time- and cost-saving, business-growing web application development solutions that can help you bridge the technological gap at any given moment and gain organic traffic through user satisfaction. We can also support and maintain everything we build post-launch.
Define the scope

The first step in our development process is gathering data. Our team will work closely with you to understand your business objectives, target audience, and technical requirements in order to define the scope of your project.


After thoroughly studying your needs, our team will kick off the design and development phase, using the most relevant tools and technologies to create a visually stunning and highly functional web application set for your business segment.


End quality is Temy’s top priority, which is why we follow each and every software implementation milestone with rigorous testing and finalize it through quality assurance, combining automated and manual takes on bug-fixing, unit, integration, and user acceptance.


After all the polishing is done, we can also help deploy your web application to its operational environment (e.g., integrate it with an existing system, publish it on the marketplace, or simply launch it on a hosted server), ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

Maintenance & Support

As a final part of our custom web app development services, we can provide post-launch support and maintenance, improving app’s performance, making necessary updates and patches, and solving customer experience bumps.

Our Web App Development Technology stack

Industries We Work With

Temy team has experience working with clients across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

UX/UI Design

Planning, designing, and optimizing user interfaces and tailoring user experiences to the demands of the target audience.


Providing a full range of software design, development, and support services for online stores, digital marketplaces, commercial landings, delivery apps, and other similar solutions of any scope.


Equip your offline retail outlets with powerful software for automation and digitalization. Our team developed a mobile retail app which has been downloaded over 2 million times.


Creating property management solutions, including digital platforms for real estate agencies, apps for independent realtors, and full-on property rental/purchase marketplaces (e.g., Airbnb-esque platforms, Craigslist-like portals, etc.).


Digitizing and automating financial management and related processes through centralized finance portals, expense-tracking dashboards, banking applications, and specialized platforms for financial institutions of all sorts.


Crafting online platforms dedicated to advertising and marketing, like custom CRM systems, email marketing databases, social media integrations, and automation promotion tools.

IoT / IIoT

Developing software for interconnected systems and devices linked by centralized IoT networks (e.g., agricultural plant condition and air quality monitors, security trackers, smart refrigerators, etc.). Creating apps for IoT network access and management for mobile devices and wearables (IoT apps for iOS and Android, middleware for wearables, etc.). 

Cyber security

Helping reinforce digital security and data protection on multiple levels by auditing and consulting, handling readymade and custom-built security solutions (e.g., firewalls, multi-factor authentication, cloud features, etc.), and testing cyber protection for flaws and gaps.

Web application development services usually include creation, design, and implementation of web-based apps meant to meet specific business needs and objectives, like hosting an online store or some other type of website. It is fully concentrated on web technologies and software running online, usually out of the browser.

At Temy, we specialize in a wide range of web app development services, including e-commerce stores and commercially-equipped portals (e.g., landing pages with shopping carts), progressive web apps with native-like performance, single-page apps with simple and to-the-point user interfaces, and more.

The exact timeline for building a web application is shaped by factors such as project scope, technology stack, workflow complexity, team size, and more. Coming up with a blind estimate is extremely difficult to impossible, which is why we conduct a thorough analysis before the project kick-off.

Like the timeline, the cost of web app development is determined by the initial budget, scope, and difficulty (for instance, a standard e-commerce web app development and advanced PWA creation require drastically different amount of resources), level of expertise and tools required, etc. Make sure to contact us for an individual estimate of your project’s scope.

While web applications are complete, standalone programs accessed through web browsers, API-based apps are third-party software pieces that can be integrated with a bigger web app through API — an application programming interface (meant to connect third-party apps with existing functionalities).

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