Jupiter Money

Catalyzing Digital Transformation in Fintech

Embarking on a transformative journey with Jupiter Money, Temy utilized its technological prowess to reshape India’s fintech landscape. This article narrates our adventure from inception to the fruition of a user-friendly app that democratizes financial services, overcomes geographical challenges, and ultimately redefines digital banking. The story unfolds the unique blend of innovation, dedication, and resilience that made Jupiter Money the ‘Best Digital Banking App’ of 2022.

Jupiter Money

Location, FoundedUS, 2019

IndustryFin Tech

Partnership PeriodApr 2022 – Feb 2023

Team Size1 Software Engineer


AWS DynamoDB
Jupiter money
The Beginning of a New Journey with Jupiter Money

In April 2021, Temy was approached by Jupiter Money, an innovative Indian fintech firm seeking to revolutionize the banking experience. Jupiter Money offers a range of financial services, such as a zero balance savings account, mutual funds investment, bill payments, expense tracking, and earning rewards through its mobile app. This opportunity was a chance for Temy to use its expertise to build an app that would redefine the digital banking landscape.

Our association with Jupiter Money began on the recommendation of Money Tap, another Indian fintech company we had worked with previously. Having successfully collaborated with them, Money Tap endorsed us to Jupiter Money, establishing the foundation of our working relationship. Our past success and the trust we had cultivated with Money Tap expedited the beginning of our cooperation with Jupiter Money.

Breaking New Grounds

As a leading technology solutions company, Temy assembled a dedicated team of Java Engineers for the project. Leveraging our knowledge of Java, Postgres, Redis, Elastic Search, Dynamo DB, and Apache Kafka, our engineering team set to work on building a user-friendly app that would democratize financial services in India.

One of the main challenges we faced during the project was the geographical distance and time difference, as all of Jupiter Money’s engineering team was based in India. However, we at Temy, are no strangers to overcoming challenges. We adopted efficient communication strategies, including scheduling regular virtual meetings and maintaining constant contact via various online platforms to ensure a smooth flow of information.

The Technologies Behind Jupiter Money

Embracing innovation, we implemented cutting-edge technologies and practices to ensure the best outcome for the project. The engineering team was responsible for designing and implementing scalable, resilient backend microservices and building libraries and frameworks that support large, complex consumer features.

Our experience with the AWS cloud ecosystem enabled us to optimize applications and infrastructure, while also exploring modern deployment practices within the container & Kubernetes ecosystem. We ensured that our code maintained high quality and standards through regular code reviews and continual learning, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing within our team.

jupiter money
The Distinct Features

One of the key components of Jupiter Money is its range of innovative features, designed to enhance the user experience. From offering a zero-balance savings account to enabling users to invest in various mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, Jupiter Money is built to cater to all kinds of financial needs.

Notably, the app offers an intuitive expense tracking feature, enabling users to monitor their spending and make informed financial decisions. To top it all, users can earn cashback and discounts through the app’s rewards program, making Jupiter Money not just a banking platform, but also a smart tool for managing personal finances.

The Impact

With its user-friendly design, wide range of features, and robust security, Jupiter Money has indeed made waves in the fintech market in India. The app’s innovative approach has democratized financial services, making them more accessible to all income levels. This accessibility has been crucial in a country like India, where large segments of the population were previously underserved by traditional banks.

In 2022, the app’s impact was recognized when it was awarded the “Best Digital Banking App” by Moneycontrol. This accolade is a testament to the hard work, commitment, and innovation that our team and Jupiter Money brought to the project.

The Successful Collaboration

Working with Jupiter Money has been a rewarding experience for Temy. Despite initial challenges related to distance and communication, we remained resilient and focused, always striving to deliver the best. Our dedication to innovative technology, attention to detail, and willingness to embrace new practices played a significant role in the success of this project.

This successful collaboration with Jupiter Money reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions. As we continue on our journey, we take pride in the knowledge that we are contributing to the financial empowerment of millions of users through the Jupiter Money app.

As we close this chapter of our journey with Jupiter Money, we look forward to new opportunities to bring about more digital transformations in the fintech industry, one project at a time.

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