Why Choose Temy as Your Staff Augmentation Partner?

Developing market-winning software requires having top-tier talent on your team. We understand the complexities of finding and hiring experienced in-house software engineers, project managers, designers, and other professionals. However, making the right personnel decisions is decisive for the success of your project. Temy’s team has profound expertise in IT staff augmentation services with 9+ years on the market, 100+ successful projects, and a pool of 100+ engineers.

Our IT staffing augmentation team can effortlessly cooperate with your in-house engineers, working together and sharing insights to create high-quality projects of any complexity. We ensure you get both a technical and cultural fit, ensuring that your vision for the product will be fully realized.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Collaborating with IT staff augmentation providers will help you solve multiple challenges:
  • Mitigating the skill gapHiring a professional with relevant skills and industry expertise may be one of the biggest issues for your project, as there may not be many suitable engineers in the field. IT staff augmentation helps you access a diverse pool of talents proficient in specific technologies or niche domains. Whether it’s expertise in AI, cybersecurity, or software development, augmenting staff offers an immediate solution to skill gaps.
  • Cost-EfficiencyRecruiting full-time employees involves substantial costs, including salaries, benefits, training, and infrastructure. IT staff augmentation firms minimize these expenses by providing skilled professionals on a temporary or project-specific basis. This way, you can leverage external resources without long-term financial commitments, optimizing your company’s budget effectively.
  • Project flexibilityThe workload on IT projects might often be unstable, making it challenging for companies to maintain an optimal team size consistently. IT staff augmentation providers offer the flexibility to swiftly scale teams up or down according to project requirements. This allows you to adapt to changes in project scope, timelines, and complexities without facing recruitment and layoff hassles.
  • Faster time-to-marketUrgent projects or time-sensitive initiatives demand rapid deployment of skilled engineers. With staff augmentation, you can swiftly onboard experienced professionals who can seamlessly integrate into an ongoing project and work with your in-house team, effectively cutting off time you’d otherwise spend recruiting and managing new hires.
  • Risk mitigationYou are guaranteed to get a perfect talent match with our staff augmentation services, as all engineers are vetted and tested. Forget about talent mismatches, experience discrepancies, and sudden employee leaves. Your product will be built on time and within budget.
  • Knowledge transferOutsourcing a team means you also get diverse experiences from multiple projects and industries. Your in-house team will learn new approaches, solutions, and best practices for various tasks related to your product.

Our Core Services


Team Augmentation

Team augmentation allows you to quickly hire one or several software engineers with the technical skills you require. You can manage these professionals as if they are your in-house team.
It also helps your business ensure the project development moves on without limitations. Your developers will learn some new solutions and practices from our staff, getting additional knowledge that empowers your product.

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Dedicated Team

You can hire a dedicated team to cover some or all aspects of your development project. You’ll get all the expertise you need: front-end and back-end developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and more. They can also seamlessly integrate with your in-house staff.
Temy ensures that the development process is fully controlled by professional project managers with many years of experience in different industries. Combined with our team’s extensive knowledge and backgrounds, your project is guaranteed to become a market-winning product.

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Custom Software Development

Collaborate closely with our experts to design, develop, and implement software solutions uniquely crafted to meet your business objectives. Whether you have a specific vision or need assistance defining your requirements, our team is dedicated to delivering a customized software product aligned with your goals.

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Digital Product Design

Engaging design is not only about visual appeal, but also about a comprehensive strategy that includes brand identity and target messages. We help companies create winning digital products with the latest tools and user-centered approaches. Let our designers reimagine your product with aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use, and functional user interfaces to make the most of your online presence.

Defining needs and requirements

During our first meetings, we define the expertise, experience, and skill sets needed for your particular project. We clarify the tiniest details to fully comprehend your needs and help you get the perfect match with our software engineers.

Candidates selection and screening

Leveraging our extensive network, we identify top talent matching your exact needs. Ukraine’s IT market boasts over 270,000 skilled software engineers in various areas, so you are guaranteed to get the perfect fit. We also hire developers in Europe to broaden our talent pool even more and always offer you the best option available. The selection and screening process consists of multiple stages. Our senior engineers conduct a technical interview with your candidates to ensure they meet all your requirements in terms of technical knowledge. Then, our HR professionals ensure cultural fit and soft skills for a seamless IT team extension.

Team integration

We don’t stop at just providing your team with the perfect cultural and technical match. During the project’s lifespan, conduct weekly meetings for problem-solving and feedback, ensuring the engineers on your team perform as expected. Our managers and coordinators review all work processes to provide maximum efficiency and results.

Ongoing support

We take care of all the paperwork, payrolls, taxes, hardware provisions, and workplaces of your team extension specialists. Our competence center ensures that our engineers have up-to-date skills, develop as professionals, and are ready to build market-winning solutions for you. We at Temy don’t just hire people; we’re looking for valuable team members and help them become better, which is reflected in our low attrition rate and overall employee satisfaction.

You can hire developers with the next skillset

Why Temy

What our clients say about us

Our cooperation was successful because of the balance between quick turnaround and ensuring high quality in every feature. Temy developers were fully integrated with the Lesara team. It enabled flexibility and clear communication.

There are definite advantages of working with medium-sized companies like Temy. When we need to add new resources, we get the answer right away. There is no bureaucracy that typically comes with a larger company.

Responsive and efficient, Temy quickly implemented all requests for changes that came up during peer review discussions. Their comprehensive experience, coupled with their proactive approach, made for a fruitful partnership.

The augmented teams are professional and always deliver on time. Temy provides personable service and successful recruits top-notch resources. Customers can expect competitive prices.

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An extended development team is a group of software developers who collaborate on certain projects but aren't tied to a specific organization or physical location. An extended development team may be assembled through a formal process, such as an organization's information technology department or an IT service bureau. It can also be formed informally, with employees and managers coming together to identify one or more problems they would like to solve or projects they want to participate in.

The prices vary. It depends on the quantity of work, the degree of complexity, the number of team members, and specialists’ availability. It also depends on your company's business goals: What kind of software are your developers and designers working on? Are they creating in-house proprietary apps, or are they creating apps for other companies? The answers to these questions will determine the cost you need to outsource dedicated software development teams. The software extension services company will give an estimate based on your requirements.

A development team usually consists of a project manager, developers, analysts, QA specialists, product owners, and UX/UI designers. These team members have different roles, but they cooperate while developing a product.

A software project typically involves a team of 5 to 8 developers. If the project requires coding for a dynamic website, a group of 6 to 7 members typically can handle the workload. However, if the task includes coding for multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE) and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile, you will need 7 to 10 members.

To effectively manage your extended team, your needs and expectations must be set and communicated to the team members, who in turn need to be held accountable for their work. This can be achieved by providing constructive feedback, setting explicit goals, and regularly reviewing the progress that the team makes. You also need to give your team the resources that the project requires.

The best way to choose the developer is by looking at the candidates’ previous experience, portfolio, and skills. Getting references and recommendations from trusted sources is also advisable before hiring.

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