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Taxfix provides a mobile application designed to simplify the tax filing process. This user-friendly mobile application acts as your personal tax guide. The app seamlessly navigates you through the intricacies of tax forms, gently leading you from one step to another. Questions that once seemed daunting are transformed into simple, straightforward queries, ensuring that you provide all the necessary information for accurate filings.


Location, FoundedGermany, 2016

IndustryFin Tech

Partnership PeriodMay 2020 – Jun 2023

Team Size3 Software Engineers

React Native
Before Temy

Taxfix was founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2016 by Lino Teuteberg, Mathis Büchi, and Florian Christ. The idea for Taxfix originated from their personal experiences and frustrations with the complex and time-consuming process of filing taxes.

Building Bonds of Strength - A Testimonial by Ilya Kozlov

The founders recognized that many individuals struggle with understanding and navigating the intricacies of tax regulations and forms. They saw an opportunity to simplify the tax preparation process and make it more accessible to everyone through technology.

With this vision in mind, they set out to create a mobile application that would guide users through the tax filing process, making it easy, convenient, and efficient. The aim was to develop a platform that would automate calculations, identify potential deductions, and ensure accurate filings, all while providing a user-friendly experience.

The founders assembled a team of experts in tax law, software engineering, and user experience design to bring their vision to life. They combined their expertise with innovative technologies and intelligent algorithms to create a platform that would revolutionize tax preparation.

Taxfix quickly gained traction and secured significant funding, allowing the company to expand its operations and further develop its product. Over the years, Taxfix has continued to refine and improve its platform based on user feedback and evolving tax regulations.

After some time, it was visible that Taxfix needs an additional Specialist who will share the expertise and help to drive the development. And we met.

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Temy Engineering Ingenuity that Simplifies Tax Filing

Taxfix’s mobile application stands as a testament to the engineering ingenuity employed by its development team. By leveraging their expertise in technologies such as React Native and Node.js, the engineers at Taxfix have created a mobile app that makes tax filing easier and more accessible than ever before. The team’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the app’s design and functionality.

The Impact of Temy Services
  • User-Friendly Experience development
  • Mobile-Centric Approach: application specifically designed for smartphones
  • Integration of requested technologies
  • Automation and Efficiency: incorporating automation and AI into the tax filing process
  • Expansion to New Markets
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing through the multinational team of Engineers
From Monolithic to Microservices: A Scalable Architecture

One notable achievement of Taxfix’s development team was the successful transformation of the app from a monolithic architecture to a microservices-based architecture. This architectural shift allowed for enhanced scalability and flexibility, enabling Taxfix to adapt to changing market demands. The team’s expertise in implementing microservices architectures contributed to the app’s ability to handle increased user traffic and deliver an uninterrupted user experience.

Seamless User Experience through Agile Development

The development team at Taxfix adopts a well-established Agile process, specifically the Scrum framework. Daily meetings, two-week sprints, and a focus on collaboration ensure that the team delivers high-quality results within set milestones. By actively involving stakeholders, analyzing project requirements, and proactively identifying and addressing risks, the engineers ensure a seamless user experience and a smooth development journey.

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Market potential. A Deep Dive into the Taxfix Market
  • Growing Demand: individuals and businesses seek convenient, efficient, and accurate ways to handle their tax obligations. Taxpayers are increasingly looking for digital solutions that simplify the complex tax filing process
  • Increasing Complexity: Tax laws and regulations are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. This complexity presents an opportunity to provide guidance and assistance to individuals, ensuring compliance, optimizing deductions and credits
  • Untapped Markets: Taxfix has already expanded to new markets, such as Spain, Italy indicating the potential for further international expansion. There are still many countries where tax filing solutions are either limited or not user-friendly, presenting an opportunity for Taxfix to establish its presence

Each country has its own tax system and state portal that was the basis of the new integrations. Temy accumulated its expertise and was a part of the Taxfix Development Team, providing real-time solutions:

  • Expense Tracking: to import and categorize users’ expenses easily
  • Electronic Signatures: ensures the validity and legality of the signatures and facilitates a paperless filing process
  • Tax Authority Systems: enables tax software platforms to transmit tax returns electronically and receive acknowledgment or confirmation from tax authorities
  • Document Storage and Management: integration with cloud storage services or document management systems to securely store and manage tax-related documents
  • Tax Calculators and Tools: helping users make informed decisions and optimize their tax situations
  • Payment system integration
A Journey of Growth & Connection: Exploring Taxfix Team in Enchanting Madrid

There was a chance to visit Taxfix Team in Madrid. It’s a chance to actively participate in brainstorming sessions, workshops, and team-building activities. Your opinions and ideas are valued, and you find yourself contributing to the collective growth of Taxfix. The open and inclusive culture of the team fosters a sense of belonging, allowing you to express yourself freely and explore new horizons.

This trip gave us a chance to become closer with co-mates, get to know all the sectors and transform the mind.

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Money Revolution


At the heart of Taxfix operation lies the concept of the ‘Money Revolution,’ embodying a commitment to transforming the traditional complexities of tax management into an intuitive, user-friendly process.

The ‘icing on the cake’ for Taxfix is its relentless focus on customer experience. The firm’s software does not merely handle taxes—it offers a seamless, effortless journey that caters to the needs of diverse users.

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Manage the Taxes from everywhere


  • Register
  • Answer Questionnaire
  • Upload the Documents requested
  • Validate the Data
  • Calculate the taxes
  • Review your tax return before submission
  • Communication with Tax Authorities easily
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Mobile your Tax life

Take your taxes easy

  • Return your taxes via iOS or Android apps
  • Unlock the portal with a login, navigate with a few clicks, respond to the questions & presto!
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