Reimagining Food-tech

Explore a unique food-tech revolution as we delve into the inspiring partnership between Temy, a pioneer in software development, and Genie, a revolutionary food-tech startup. In this case study, we illustrate our exciting journey of creating a futuristic cooking solution, overcoming challenges, growing together, and making a significant mark in the food-tech industry, paving the way for a new era of sustainable, nutritious, and convenient meals.


Location, FoundedIsrael, 2010


Partnership PeriodFeb 2021 – Jan 2022

Team Size15 Software Engineers


Aligning Vision and Innovation

Genie is an Israel-based food-tech startup, with a vision to revolutionize the way we perceive meals and change our eating habits for good. The aim was to provide restaurant-grade meals at the comfort of people’s homes, making it swift and sustainable. Yet, with any innovative idea, there comes a set of technical challenges and that’s where Temy came in. With a reputation for brilliance in technology and understanding unique business requirements, Temy was perfectly positioned to step in and help Genie turn their dream into a tangible reality. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into how our partnership developed and the impact it made.

Assembling the Perfect Team

Back in February 2021, Temy and Genie began their journey. Our team, equipped with seven engineers and one project manager (PM), was assembled meticulously, considering the expertise needed. Among the team, we had two Flutter Engineers, a DevOps specialist, two Backend Engineers, two Quality Assurance (QA) experts, and a project manager. Our tech stack for this project included Flutter, Node.js, ReactJS, and AWS. It was important to get the mix right, as each member brought a crucial piece to the Genie puzzle.

Understanding Genie

The Genie system is an innovation that revolves around delivering dehydrated, restaurant-grade meals to a customer’s doorstep. These meals are then rehydrated and prepared for consumption within the unique Genie cooking pod. The pod cleverly uses three types of heat, precision microwave targeting, the company’s patented steam technology, and conduction heating via the cradle that holds the meal container, to cook each element within the dish perfectly.

The only thing that enters the pod is the steam or water supply, which reconstitutes the ingredients and acts as a directional mixer. This ensures the flavors are maintained while extending the meal’s expiry date, thereby reducing waste. However, the challenge wasn’t just about the cooking. It was also about creating a user-friendly mobile application that could serve as an intermediary between the backend and the cooking pod, allowing users to manage their accounts, their food preferences, and more.


Maintaining the Connection

Like any other technological undertaking, the Genie project wasn’t without its difficulties. Ensuring a stable connection between the mobile application and the cooking pod was paramount. We also had to manage user accounts, firmware, recipes, device groups, and user-device relations. Each meal container has an NFC chip that the pod reads to know which set of commands must be run for that specific dish. But with perseverance and initiative, our team took these challenges head-on and managed to achieve our goal.

Triumphing Over Challenges

With challenges came opportunities for growth. There were moments of tension, but also moments of profound learning and understanding. As one team member expressed, “Being interested in growing as a Flutter developer, I think I’m lucky that I had the opportunity to work on the project. I learned a ton of things since I’ve almost developed the apps from scratch. Moreover, it is an IoT project and completing that part is a valuable experience.”

It wasn’t just the developers who grew professionally. Our project manager learned the importance of understanding project goals and how crucial it is to keep the team motivated. Lessons were learned and strengths were honed, ultimately building a stronger, more capable team at Temy.

A Milestone for Temy and Genie

Despite the hurdles and the twists in the road, we can confidently say that the Genie project was a success for both Temy and Genie. It was a powerful experience for us at Temy, as we developed the apps almost from scratch, dealt with IoT intricacies, and managed an efficient team despite the challenges.

Genie also made significant strides in their business. With our assistance, they solved major food technology and preparation barriers and introduced a unique cooking device that brought revolutionary simplicity to food preparation. Furthermore, Genie became a part of a global movement towards sustainable food culture. It offered over 30 menu items that catered to various lifestyles and diets, contributing to reducing food waste and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

It’s worth noting that the journey with Genie not only led to the development of a fantastic product but also allowed us to refine our skills, learn valuable lessons, and reaffirm our commitment to technological excellence.

As we conclude our case study, it’s important to look back and appreciate the power of technology in transforming visions into reality. Temy’s journey with Genie wasn’t just about developing an application; it was about contributing to an innovative product that can change the way we perceive meals. From the first line of code to the last, it was a thrilling journey, filled with learning, growth, and innovation.

Looking forward, we are excited to use the experience and knowledge gained from this project to fuel our future endeavors and continue delivering exceptional digital solutions. With each project, we get one step closer to our goal – using technology to create meaningful change.

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