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Release cycles and their speed are a crucial factor in software development that can improve business agility just as easily as it can make your company unsuited for the modern fast-paced IT-driven economy. However, the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is often hamstrung by ineffective communications between various teams and departments involved in creating the final product.
The only reliable way to breach the gap between operation and development personnel is to hire a competent, high-profile DevOps consulting company to handle the most challenging parts of the process. We at Temy see our mission in automating and coordinating IT operations lifecycle and developing workflows by offering first-rate DevOps services, and we’ll be glad to be of service to you.

DevOps Services
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Standing out even among the expert DevOps solution providers with our extensive experience in the niche, we offer a full range of DevOps professional services to businesses of any size and type.

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Benefits of DevOps

As a qualified DevOps services provider, Temy is ready to offer you the following benefits.

  • Shorter time to marketDevOps-powered software delivery enables IT teams to promptly address emerging issues and react to changes in the technological and business landscape, effectively cutting the cutting development time by half.
  • Greater productivityBy creating a shared coordination system that links various IT departments, you can achieve tight cooperation between stakeholders, increasing their productivity.
  • Risk hedgingDue to the consistent feedback DevOps teams generate and exchange, quality concerns are detected and handled promptly, which reduces the total number of defects across SDLC by up to 30%.
  • Augmented securityAutomated enforcement techniques, fine-grained controls, and configuration management measures harnessed by DevOps make your solution more resilient, improve the stability of its operational state while also streamlining compliance monitoring.
  • DevOps ProcessFor any high-profile DevOps service provider company, the chief priority is to optimize your workflow and processes to the highest efficiency. We use this comprehensive three-step roadmap to ensure that our services not only align with but also exceed your expectations and business needs.
  • PlanningTo develop solutions for our customers, we must first understand what we’re dealing with. So, welcome to the discovery stage: here we discuss the criteria for each project phase and devise a product management strategy. Then, we assess your database infrastructure, determine the current and optimal number of servers, define an iteration value, and analyze server performance.
  • Setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipelinesThere are three basic concepts that form the core of DevOps implementation: continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. Following this doctrine, our specialists add automation at various stages of software development and create a central source code repository to ensure seamless operations.
  • MonitoringAt this final stage, we perform infrastructure maintenance and analyze relevant metrics. The production-ready configuration created by our DevOps agency provides our customers with a secure and reliable IT infrastructure that can be quickly and safely modified.

Industries We Work With

At this final stage, we perform infrastructure maintenance and analyze relevant metrics. The production-ready configuration created by our DevOps agency provides our customers with a secure and reliable IT infrastructure that can be quickly and safely modified.

IoT / IIoT

Both the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things employ autonomous devices, sensors, and instruments that function and exchange data without human involvement, which is where our expertise comes into play.


E-stores, e-commerce platforms, and e-commerce portals allow companies to sell their goods worldwide, relying on a B2B or B2C business organization model.


Enterprises working in this sector utilize our solutions to handle transactions on the level of individual customers, typically using brick-and-mortar outlets as venues for customers to purchase their desired products.


Property technology software streamlines and facilitates the routine of buying, selling, researching, marketing, and managing land, homes, industrial buildings, and other property.


Solutions of this kind serve as digital tools for providing and obtaining all kinds of finance-related services, including mobile banking, personal financial and wealth management, digital payments, cryptocurrency, and more.


The marketing technology products we create (Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Performance Management, Customer Journey Analytics, Email Marketing Platforms, and the like) enable businesses to streamline, optimize, and automate their marketing efforts.

Our DevOps Technology stack

DevOps removes barriers between the principal IT teams and allows them to work in sync, all the while analyzing the system they create as a single whole. Furthermore, our DevOps consulting can help your company maintain stable digital infrastructure, add new modules and features to it, and promptly respond to changes in your business and technological environment.

To make an optimal choice, you should have a close look at the case studies and customer reviews of potential candidates. It's also advisable to communicate with them and their former clients in person. You should opt for the vendor that focuses on the big picture, takes care of regulatory compliance, and can balance cost-efficiency and quality.

Yes, and this is what we excel at. We offer professional assistance in ensuring the security and reliability of your digital infrastructure by leveraging proactive alerting, logging, and centralized monitoring. Our software enables you to keep track of your operations and resources to maintain a seamless infrastructure environment.

To give you a rough cost estimate, we need to know the following details:
– Project requirements, scope, and complexity;
– Tech stack to be used;
– Your preferred engagement model (Time u0026amp; Material or Dedicated Team);
– Expected deadlines;
– The condition of your existing infrastructure;
– The number of users.

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