The Inside Story of Temy’s Voyage into GreenTech with Youree

“Charging the Future: The Inside Story of Temy’s Voyage into GreenTech with Youree” offers an in-depth look at Temy’s journey with Youree, a French GreenTech startup. This two-part series uncovers the challenges, triumphs, and transformative growth experienced in designing a pioneering Vehicle-to-Grid app. It’s a testament to collaborative innovation, resilience, and the drive to reshape the future of electric vehicles.


Location, FoundedFrance, 2020

IndustryGreen Tech

Partnership PeriodNov 2019 – Jan 2022

Team Size1 UI/UX Designer

There was a Vision

In the tech-forward landscape of 2020, an ambitious French startup called Youree emerged, fueled by an aspiration to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) industry. At the heart of Youree’s plan was an innovative, AI-driven platform set to redefine how EV owners interacted with the energy grid. Meanwhile, Temy, a company already versed in delivering game-changing design solutions, was ready to take on new challenges in this rapidly evolving industry. A partnership was born, one that was destined to leave a significant mark on the landscape of smart charging for EVs.

Starting on November 5, 2021, and concluding on January 26, 2022, the collaboration was marked by the arduous work of a solitary, yet highly talented designer from Temy. This individual would work closely with a dedicated team from Youree, including the COO, CEO, Marketing Manager, CTO, and a Software Engineer. Together, they aimed to bring a vision to life, despite the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature of startup work.

Charting Unexplored Territory

The challenge was clear yet monumental: to design a high-fidelity wireframe V2G (Vehicle to Grid) mobile app that would serve as the face of Youree’s innovative service. This app was to be designed from scratch and had to appeal to users across a spectrum of needs and preferences, offering both dark and light themes. The overarching aim was to translate Youree’s service into a user-friendly app that managed at-home EV charging schedules, optimized costs, offered cashback perks, and reduced the carbon footprint.

However, the path to achieving this was filled with obstacles. Temy grappled with the mercurial nature of the startup landscape as Youree pivoted its vision multiple times. These changes, coupled with budgetary constraints and sometimes unclear communication, presented significant hurdles for the design process. On top of this, Temy faced the demanding task of understanding France’s National Grid Status and the complexities of Youree’s business vertical.

A Symphony of Challenges, Triumphs and Learning

In the face of these hurdles, Temy leaned into its strength: adaptability. Embracing the shifting dynamics of Youree’s vision and constraints, Temy reshaped its strategies to stay in step with the startup. The work was divided into two critical phases: MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and release. This decision was tactically sound, as it aligned with Youree’s financial capabilities and helped maintain steady progress.

The journey was filled with moments of triumph and self-discovery. Temy learned that understanding the target audience was a cornerstone to achieving success. Amid the challenges and learning curves, Temy found its stride, bringing its UX expertise and strategic thinking to the table, all the while absorbing new insights into the world of GreenTech.

Crafting an Innovative V2G App

At the journey’s end, the collaborative efforts of Temy and Youree materialized into a user-friendly, visually captivating V2G app. This application was intelligent, capable of adapting EV charging schedules based on the quality and demand of the electrical network. Temy’s input thus played a pivotal role in Youree’s endeavor to pioneer France’s first V2G platform for managing energy consumption, an achievement that catapulted them to the forefront of the GreenTech industry.

Despite the roadblocks, the project marked a significant upturn for Temy. The company got the opportunity to hone its UX skills, gain new ones, and delve deep into an industry that was previously uncharted territory for them. As Temy expanded its expertise, Youree grew closer to realizing its vision, benefitting from an innovative product that offered a unique blend of sustainability and user convenience.

A Celebration of Mutual Growth and Success

The partnership culminated in a win-win outcome for both Temy and Youree. For Temy, it was an enriching experience that allowed them to broaden their horizons, develop new skills, and add a new and exciting case study to their portfolio. For Youree, it meant the birth of a trailblazing product that helped them carve a niche in the EV industry, effectively addressing user needs and contributing to a sustainable future.

Valuable Lessons and Heartening Takeaways

Looking back at the journey, Temy’s experience with Youree was marked by lessons, growth, and an affirming sense of accomplishment. The project was not a straight path from inception to completion; it was a dynamic process that demanded constant learning, adaptability, and creative problem-solving.

There were challenging moments, undoubtedly. The occasional miscommunication, such as Youree team members referring to the Temy designer as “AndreA” instead of “Andriyana,” added a touch of humor to the intensity of the project. But despite the hurdles, Temy’s story with Youree reaffirms that a project’s success lies not just in its outcome but also in the journey itself. It showcases how collaboration, resilience, and a keen focus on user needs can drive innovation and redefine industries – a testament to the power of synergy in the world of GreenTech.

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