Mobile Tornado

Temy and Mobile Tornado: An Epic Transformational Journey Through Telecommunications

In this two-part series, we delve into Temy’s transformative partnership with Mobile Tornado, a global pioneer in telecommunications. Our journey navigates through initial challenges, the agile adoption process, technological advancements, and unique growth opportunities. Despite navigating the stormy seas of legacy systems and diverse workforce collaboration, the project not only amplified Mobile Tornado’s longevity but also strengthened Temy’s technical prowess and resilience. Stay tuned as we unpack this riveting journey.

Mobile Tornado

Location, FoundedUK, 1999


Partnership PeriodFeb 2018 – Mar 2019

Team Size2 Software Engineers

mobile tornado
Setting the Scene

The turn of the millennium saw a surge in technological innovation and development across the globe. Nestled in the buzzing tech landscape of the United Kingdom, a pioneer in the world of IoT and Telecommunications emerged in 1999. Its name? Mobile Tornado. A testament to their innovative spirit and dedication to excellence, Mobile Tornado had carved out a niche for itself in the telecom sector. With over 20 years of experience under its belt, the company emerged as a reliable provider of instantaneous communication and resource management solutions, transforming the realm of enterprise workforce management, first responders, and consumer markets.

Their push-to-talk (PoC) and resource management solutions were designed to optimize operational costs, augment productivity, and streamline efficiencies. Mobile Tornado’s features, such as secured individual and group voice calls, video, picture, file and text messaging communications, voice recording, messaging, and data transfers, as well as SOS alerting, set the company apart from its competition.

However, with the rapid pace of technological advancement and the evolution of consumer demands, Mobile Tornado was faced with a critical decision – to adapt and modernize its existing system or risk becoming obsolete. Enter Temy, an experienced technology partner with a proven track record of bringing legacy systems into the modern era. This case study explores the transformative journey of Temy and Mobile Tornado’s collaboration, navigating the trials and tribulations to achieve a shared vision.

The Legacy System and the Need for Change

A system that had once been at the forefront of IoT and telecommunications innovation was now falling behind the times. Mobile Tornado’s legacy system, although functional, was starting to show its age. Coupled with the company’s reluctance to embrace change and less-than-ideal support from certain divisions, the system’s performance and capabilities were being outpaced by contemporary technologies and industry standards.

Mobile Tornado’s multinational team added another layer of complexity to the equation. Developers in Israel and Ukraine struggled to find common ground with their QA and support counterparts in India, leading to communication difficulties and collaboration issues.

Despite the complexity of the situation, which called for the expertise of Full-stack and Android Engineers well-versed in Java, C++, Objective-C, Android, iOS, MongoDB, Node.js, Angular, and JavaScript, Temy saw the potential in Mobile Tornado’s vision and took on the challenge of transforming their legacy system.

The Agile Way, Risks, and Learning

Determined to tackle the project head-on, Temy adopted Agile methodologies to revamp Mobile Tornado’s system. The legacy system was methodically deconstructed and rebuilt, one sprint at a time. This iterative approach allowed for a greater understanding of the system’s intricacies, as well as the challenges that lay ahead.

These challenges were multifold. An underlying dependency on legacy hybrid code and frequent project changes led to a significant portion of developed code being discarded. Such instances often resulted in weeks of hard work being deemed unnecessary, a frustrating experience that was mitigated by the team’s unwavering commitment to the project.

The QA process was fraught with its own set of unique hurdles. Given the elusive list of potential issues and the need for meticulous self-checks by the team, navigating the QA stage was often a game of cat and mouse. It was a trial by fire, but one that would ultimately serve as a valuable learning experience, providing the Temy team with important insights into risk management and effective cross-team collaboration.

mobile tornado
The Benefits of Technical Freedom

Despite the project’s challenges, it presented a golden opportunity for the Temy team to broaden their horizons and hone their skills. They were given the freedom to explore a plethora of new technologies and innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of what was deemed possible.

Among the team’s significant achievements was the creation of a hybrid database using MongoDB and Oracle. Although not without its drawbacks, the hybrid database was an innovative solution to an intricate problem. The team worked around the database’s limitations, devising ingenious ways to ensure its smooth operation. This spirit of innovation played a crucial role in propelling the project to meet, and even exceed, industry standards of the time.

Realized Gains and Future Potential

The fruits of Temy’s labor came in the form of a rejuvenated software stack for Mobile Tornado. This enhanced the company’s longevity and operational capacity. Mobile Tornado was able to offer a wider array of services, including secure individual and group voice calls, video, picture, file and text messaging communications, as well as data transfers and SOS alerting. Furthermore, additional features such as GPS and location tracking, geofencing, SOS alerts, and man-down assistance provided a competitive edge.

For Temy, the journey with Mobile Tornado had an equally transformative impact. Their involvement in the project enabled the team to develop a robust technical skillset and acquire mental fortitude. The adversity faced during the course of the project ultimately shaped Temy into a more versatile and resilient team, ready to tackle any technological challenge that might come their way.

Reflections and Lessons

As the dust settled, the Temy team took a moment to reflect on their experience with Mobile Tornado. The project had taught them valuable lessons about project management, risk mitigation, and the delicate balance between fostering innovation and maintaining legacy systems. It was a potent reminder of the importance of documentation, particularly when dealing with risks and issues, to foster a culture of trust and transparency.

Throughout the project, there were moments of tension and looming threats of closure. Despite these obstacles, the Temy team’s unwavering dedication and resilience saw them through. This collaboration serves as a testament to the power of tenacity, adaptability, and focusing on the end goal in the face of adversity.

In the grand scheme of things, the Temy-Mobile Tornado collaboration stands as an illustrative journey through the highs and lows of software development. Their shared experience demonstrates that with a blend of determination, innovation, and perseverance, even the most daunting challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and learning. Their journey continues to inspire and guide other technological partnerships, setting a benchmark for future collaborations.

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