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Temy is your trusted iOS app development company you can rely on to stay on top of modern technological trends. Apple tech owners are used to getting the best experience possible, and that’s exactly what we offer. Our custom apps combine seamless performance with rich functionality so you can win the hearts of your audience every time. Our designers, developers, and managers are ready to take on your project right now.

IOS App Development Services We Provide

Temy offers full-cycle iOS app development services, which means that our experts can guide you through the entire development process, from brainstorming the concept to post-release support.

Our Efficiency In Sheer Numbers

For almost a decade, we have been providing our clients with the best iOS development services and helped them win their market share. With such a wealth of experience, we have honed our workflows, developed efficient development methodologies, and taken quality control to an unprecedented level.

With Temy iOS app development service company, you can rest assured that your application will meet the highest standards.

Benefits Of Temy iOS App Development Services

  • Transparent DevelopmentIf you order an iOS app development service from us, you will be able to control every aspect of our specialists’ work. We will make sure that you are aware of all milestones during the entire development process.
  • Less Time-To-MarketOur experts always advocate for the client’s side when it comes to process optimization. We will develop a functional iOS application as quickly as possible while staying within the initial budget limits.
  • Compliance with Apple’s guidelinesApple is known for its strict guidelines for operating system utilization, memory usage, and interface. Our team learned how to adhere to these norms while also creating great user experience.
  • Brilliant UI/UX DesignWe always ensure that our applications are visually striking and user-friendly. Once installed, the user will be able to navigate the app intuitively and access all of its features. Your application will look and feel excellent on all devices you need, whether it’s an iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, or any other.
  • Device-specific expertiseThe hallmarks of a good iOS development company are niche experience, trouble-free app performance, and utilizing the Apple platforms’ features to their fullest potential. We understand that and create functional widgets, integrate apps with Siri, and more.
Discovery phase

Our specialists will thoroughly analyze your business needs, goals, and target audience to ensure the project hits the mark. Based on the collected data, we will present several ways to achieve your goals, as well as appropriate technology stack and app architecture. This step ensures that the final product will have the required functionality and meet your expectations in terms of time and budget.

UX/UI Design

Knowing how picky Apple users are about visuals and usability, we dedicated significant resources to this part of the development. Our UX/UI designers will create a pleasant interface to make app interactions pleasant and convenient. During interface development, we take into account both our experience and the latest industry trends.


Temy iOS app development service provider has over 80 professional engineers capable of turning business objectives into code on both front and backend. Frontend engineers create the part of the software that interacts with the user, and backend engineers ensure the smooth operation of the server part. During development, team leads thoroughly test each feature against the TOR to ensure a high level of quality.


Working with iOS means no lags or bugs can be tolerated. During the QA process, each feature goes through a code review phase with our developers before being inspected with automated QA tools. After that, QA engineers will also manually check that everything is working as it should. This properly structured and fine-tuned QA process for iOS app development allows us to meet Apple’s high standards every time.


At the final stage of our custom iOS app development services, we upload the final product to the Apple app store. All you have to do is monitor the number of downloads and analyze the statistics for later improvements.

Our Technology stack

Industries We Serve

Financial Services

iOS cutting-edge technologies are a great fit for financial services. Apple devices are synonymous with status, reliability, and security. Whether you want to develop a PoS solution, investment app, cryptocurrency app, or digital wallet, IOS users are a great target audience, and Temy is here to help you win over it.


Apple has an impressive number of users all over the world. Developing an iOS application for retail will allow you to reach this market segment and interact with it. We will create a comprehensive solution for you to control inventory, analyze data, train employees, and integrate the latest technologies like IoT.

Real estate

Our team has extensive experience creating real estate apps. We can develop a great solution that takes into account the industry’s peculiarities and the needs of all stakeholders, including homeowners, home sellers, and real estate agents.


We create comprehensive solutions for GPS navigation, vehicle management, and predictive maintenance, as well as convenient platforms for buying and selling cars with all the necessary features, such as a price calculator, inventory management, and analytics.

Cyber Security

Our iOS app development agency creates software that makes the most secure operating system on the market even less vulnerable to data theft and cyber attacks.


iOS application development is an excellent investment for e-commerce businesses. Given the increasing popularity of mobile shopping and the tremendous global iPhone market share, developing a dedicated app is a sure way to increase your profits.

The iOS app development service includes designing, writing code, testing, and maintaining an application. It can also include adapting the product for use with other Apple devices such as iPad and Apple Watch.

This question should be discussed individually, as the answer depends on the required functionality and scope of work. On average, iOS app development services can cost you from $5,000 to $50,000.

Having a specialized iOS application allows you to provide everyone in your company with advanced management tools. Unified business systems enable convenient and fast communication.

Swift and Objective-C are the optimal programming languages for iOS development. They are best suited to unlocking the full potential of Apple devices.

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