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Temy is a reliable front-end development company with 9 years of experience in the industry ready to tackle any project you have in mind. We help our clients bring their vision to life, creating high-quality solutions with excellent UX. Our pool of 100+ experienced engineers allows us to solve any technical challenges your in-house team might struggle with. Partner with a professional front-end development agency today!

Front-End Development Services We Provide

Leverage Our Efficiency

Temy provides both front and back-end development services for businesses worldwide. We’ve been on the market for almost a decade and employ professionals with lifelong experience. Our highly skilled senior project managers have created a steady workflow that allows us to deliver successful solutions on time. We strive to build great products, and stand ready to employ this drive in our future partnership.

Analyzing Requirements

We always start the development by analyzing your requirements to understand your needs and objectives. Our experts also research the market to determine the most suitable technologies to use in your project.

Planning Development

Our web app developers and project managers create a timeline and milestones for the project. We choose the most suitableSDLC methodology and ensure everything is planned in advance.

Building Your Solution

At this stage, our accomplished experts bring your vision to life. You’ll have regular meetings with stand-ups and reports on progress to make any necessary adjustments.


We use manual and automatic testing to detect and correct possible flaws. Only when everything works as intended, we proceed to the next step.


We hand over your product, and can also handle long-term maintenance if required

Benefits Of Temy iOS App Development Services

Our Tech Stack

Choosing the right tech stack is key to your success. We use the latest front-end software development frameworks and technologies to make sure our solutions are modern and scalable.

Think of outsourcing your custom software development as a smart way to free up your resources. This way, your in-house team can concentrate on maintenance and bug fixes for your software or other more valuable tasks.
Outsourcing custom software development with professional companies gives you access to the latest programming technology and process tools. By opting for professional aid, you can get the best results without costly and time-consuming expansion of your in-house team.

The cost depends on the complexity of your project, the team's structure, and the hiring strategy. While these elements influence the overall development cost, we assure you that what we offer is always exceptional quality at a fair and transparent price. 

We provide custom development services based on three cooperation models: dedicated team, time and material, and fixed price. According to your needs, we evaluate which one meets them the best.

We support agile development practices for planning, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance because it helps us better integrate our teams into the workflow, provide essential products first, and get feedback quickly.

Our developers engage with our clients daily via Slack, email, and chats. It helps us to streamline the process, prevent bottlenecks, and address any issues as promptly as possible.

Our first goal is safeguarding the trade secrets and privacy of our clients. We always opt for an NDA to protect your organization's confidential information, project data, and intellectual property. We promise our clients complete ownership of the final product. After the development process is done, your project's source code and intellectual value will be entirely in your hands.

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