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Redefine the very concept of healthcare experience! Take advantage of our custom mobile app development services to foster effective medical communication, appointment scheduling, personalized health monitoring, and other solutions to make your healthcare services as accessible as possible.


Let’s strive for perfect digital security together! Temy’s experts are always ready to shield your digital assets from cyber threats with robust authentication mechanisms, secure communication channels, and many other reliable threat prevention strategies.

Smart home

Cooperate with our mobile apps development services company to fully digitize your living space! With our innovative solutions, you can control your home with a simple tap, transforming it into a modern, connected, and highly convenient living environment. Enjoy the ultimate in smart home technology and seamless automation.


Improve your customers’ shopping experience with our innovative mobile apps! Leverage integrated transaction systems, personalization algorithms, and inventory solutions that keep everything ticking like clockwork to engage and satisfy your clients.

Real estate

Dive into the future of real estate with us! You can use our mobile development services to create real-time listings, virtual tours, and other high-tech tools for the real estate industry, while also making less exciting processes like document management easier to handle.


Join us on a journey to redefine telecom! Develop cutting-edge solutions for communication networks: improve connectivity, customer service, and network management with the help of our telecom development team.


Our mobile app development services can make driving safer and more exciting for you and your customers! Partner with Temy to enjoy the pros of vehicle tracking, maintenance alerts, in-car connectivity, and other solutions for a brighter and better driving experience.


Let’s join forces to skyrocket your sales! At your request, we will deliver you a top-tier e-commerce solution with features like browsing, secure transactions, personalized shopping experiences, integrations, and many other ways to charm your customers.


Imagine controlling your lifestyle with a tap! Our custom mobile application development company creates solutions to control, manage, and monitor IoT devices with enhanced automation and efficiency.


Financial solutions at your fingertips! Get top-tier applications on secure and user-friendly platforms for mobile banking, digital payments, loans, investment management, and other fintech needs.


Let’s create smiles, one guest at a time! From the moment they check in to the personalized touches that make a stay unforgettable, we’re crafting mobile solutions that can add a sprinkle of magic to your hotels and resorts.

Discovery & business analysis

At this stage, we have to determine your product’s strategy and purpose, identify your app’s target audience, research the competition, set the product’s goals, and decide the specific features you want to focus on.

UX/UI app design

We begin to bring your idea to life by creating the first wireframes and defining user flows so you can see exactly how your finished product will look and function. Our user experience experts will ensure that the application will meet your users’ requirements and expectations to provide the perfect UX.


This step includes developing more robust interactive prototypes. Once you’re satisfied with the result, we’re ready to bring the idea to life. We pick the technology stack that suits your mobile app the best, and start working on the final product.

Automated QA & testing

After each development stage, our testing team does user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and much more to guarantee the security and quality of our mobile application development service.

Deployment & Maintenance

To make your mobile app project into reality, you must submit it to the appropriate store, like Apple App Store for iOS apps and Google Play for Android apps. After the app becomes available for users, we monitor it through mobile analytics platforms and Key Performance Indicators. Our team analyzes crash reports, user feedback, and cna make suggestions for improving your app.

Why Temy

  • Cost-effectivenessOur experience allows us to provide you with precise cost estimates and deliver high-quality product without unexpected expenses.
  • Certified & ExperiencedWe have 9+ years on the market working with 100+ projects across various industries, so let our track record speak for itself.
  • Personalized approachOur team will use the industry’s best practices to bring your ideas to life, ensuring the final product will meet all your expectations and requirements.
  • Smart engineeringWe value writing clean code with understandable architectures to make future scaling and growth easier for you.

Our Mobile App Development Technology stack

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as every project is different. A few elements determine the cost of mobile app development: project scope, the necessary expertise, deadlines, technological obstacles, changes in requirements, and a pricing plan.

We offer full-cycle services for developing mobile applications. This means we handle your mobile app from concept planning to publication on the App Store or Google Play, including doing business analysis and UI/UX design. Furthermore, we offer additional maintenance and scaling services on demand.

The timeframe entirely depends on your requirements and available resources. According to BusinessOfApps, developing a mobile app typically takes:
– For an MVP with a straightforward interface, a back-end, and fundamental features, 1–3 months;
– For specific features, complex UX/UI, API integrations, and server management, 4–8 months;
– For truly unique and technically challenging ideas and functionality, 9+ months.

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