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Engagement Models We Offer

Benefits of Our Dedicated Development Team

  • Business-oriented approachWe aim to develop practical solutions that are user-focused and financially sustainable. Outsourcing dedicated software development teams allows you to quickly create products and services that engage your customers while generating great returns on investments (ROI).
  • Top-tier talentsWith our dedicated software development team, you’ll get only the best of the best. By engaging talents from all around the world we offer expertise and highly specialized skill sets to reach your goals.
  • Exceptional client satisfactionYour happy clients are the keystone of your business’ survival. With our dedicated team, the development will be quick and establish a client-centric approach as the foundation for your success and longevity.
  • Flexibility in team size and working hoursFlexibility is critical for weathering various business environments without disruption. The structure of the dedicated team for development services allows you to effortlessly scale the project if necessary.
  • Highly experienced line-upIt is not only the sum of all the specialists’ experiences that makes a difference, but the synergy and ability to perform as a part of a team.
  • Faster recruitmentWe’ve collected and nourished an extensive pool of talented professionals to choose from, and can assemble a team as quickly as you need.
Assess Requirements

We must know and discuss the objectives, requirements, and needs of stakeholders to understand the task and establish expectations.

Scope Estimation

We create thorough checklists of required deliverables and find the gaps to ensure that all uncertainties, administrative overheads, and risks will fall within range of our cost estimates.

Hiring process

At the screening and selection stage, developers from all over Europe are cherry-picked to enhance the team with brainpower, skills, and expertise that will align with your needs, goals, and corporate culture.

Set Up the Team

We bring together a perfect team fully dedicated to the project and ensure that each member understands their responsibilities as well as their role within the broader company structure.

Onboarding and Integration

Now, it is time for some managerial magic. We make sure that everyone is at their place and operates at the same wavelength. Everyone on the team should be aligned, synchronized, and working together towards the same vision of the project.

Maintenance and Support

Stability and consistency are at the forefront of our approach, so we at Temy hold regular meetings to make sure our teams perform coherently and consistently. Even after launching the project, we recheck everything we’re responsible for to find flaws, gaps, or critical bugs. After all, life is too short for redoing!

Technologies We Use

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Application development
  • Web app
  • Android and iOS
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Big Data & Analytics
  • Data engineering & flow design
  • Data visualization
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Software testing & QA
  • Manual testing
  • Test automation
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Cloud solutions & DevOps
  • Architecture design
  • Cloud migration
  • DevOps and automation
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UI/UX Design
  • User research & UX audio
  • Design system building
  • Full product design
  • Usability engineering
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Internet of Things
  • Custom hardware integration
  • Cloud integration
  • Gateway middleware & software development

What our clients say about us

Our cooperation was successful because of the balance between quick turnaround and ensuring high quality in every feature. Temy developers were fully integrated with the Lesara team. It enabled flexibility and clear communication.

There are definite advantages of working with medium-sized companies like Temy. When we need to add new resources, we get the answer right away. There is no bureaucracy that typically comes with a larger company.

Responsive and efficient, Temy quickly implemented all requests for changes that came up during peer review discussions. Their comprehensive experience, coupled with their proactive approach, made for a fruitful partnership.

The augmented teams are professional and always deliver on time. Temy provides personable service and successful recruits top-notch resources. Customers can expect competitive prices.

Get to know your future partner first: check their credentials, experience, communication skills, and reviews from past clients. In short, the crew you hire must have proficiency in the programming languages, frameworks, and tools required for your project, as well as a good track record.

Yes. Begin with defining the requirements, schedules, and KPIs. Using PM tools to assign tasks, establish time frames, and gauge the advancements to keep the whole picture clear for both sides. Schedule daily or weekly calls to sync with the development team.

The team’s responsibility is to build the digital product according to your specifications. This typically includes designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining an application or service. As a client, your role is to provide strategic direction and feedback during this process.

Before contracting your team, you can discuss the level of confidentiality with our managers. For example, you can establish security policies and confidentiality requirements. As an alternative, consider composing an NDA for your project and ask the developers you outsource to sign it.

You can request regular status reports on KPIs like budget, schedule, quality, risks, etc. Review reports for any deviations from the plan and make corrections as needed. Using PM tools simplifies making changes, tracking tasks, bugs, risks, and so on.

Communicate your expectations upfront. Provide a detailed project plan that outlines your key objectives. Articulate your criteria for quality in system performance, security, user experience, and documentation. If you stick to coding standards and style guides, share them with the team.

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