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Strengthen Your Web Development with Temy

Temy is your trusted partner for web development services. Our hallmarks are a deep level of expertise in a wide variety of industries, high standards for our products, and a focus on customer comfort. We intend to accompany your business on its path to success, and we have and know everything it might need. With Temy, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a completely unique product that will be a perfect fit for your circumstances.

We Can Help You With

  • Website CreationWe will create a unique website for you, making sure that its functionality and appearance suit your needs. Our custom web development specialists guarantee excellent page loading speed and smooth on-page interaction.
  • Web App DevelopmentYou can get a full range of website development services by ordering the development of a full-fledged web application. We will implement functionality of any complexity and create an intuitive interface to streamline the UI and drive user engagement.
  • Web Portal DevelopmentOur team can devise a web portal that combines a complex structure and user-friendly design. This way, the web resource will not just provide information, but truly solve your client’s problems and deliver a superior experience.
  • UX/UI DesignOur design experts utilize only the best UX/UI design practices in our clients’ projects. We ensure that your website or web application will look and feel the way it should and hold up to the standards of today’s business environment.

Industries We Work With

Financial Services

Developing financial web applications requires special expertise, attention to details, and a particular focus on complying with security requirements, as we are talking about handling the users’ money. Fortunately, all of the above are cornerstones of our work. 


We are well versed in the needs of the retail sector, as a significant percent of our customers come from this industry. As a result, our team has extensive experience in developing custom web applications for this type of business.

Real Estate

Automate the purchase, sale, and management of real estate with a multifunctional web application. Take your service to the next level and earn money and reputation using advanced technology.

Cyber Security

Our focus has always been on user safety and security. Our solutions safeguard data integrity and privacy, utilizing cutting-edge tools to ensure resilience in an ever-changing cyber landscape.


Take your users’ financial management to the next level with the expertise of our specialists. We’re very familiar with this niche from a successful case of developing a Fintech automation app from scratch.


Create software for monitoring advertising campaigns and managing advertising budgets. Ensure the stability and proper organization of all your business processes and take management to a whole new level.


The telecom industry requires quality online support to provide top-notch service to customers. As part of our custom web development services, we offer various telecom digital services and can create UCaaS/VoIP solutions, business messaging systems, and much more.

Collaboration models

Dedicated Team 2

Dedicated Team

We can provide you with a fully functional team specialized in working with the projects just like yours. The team will be staffed with all the specialists necessary to create excellent web development solutions for you.

Team Extension 2

Team Extension

If you already have a competent team and just need a specific skill or expertise, we can provide you with that as well. We will make sure that our developers will seamlessly integrate into your company and will always be at your beck-and-call to resolve any emerging issues.

Custom Product Development 2

Custom Product Development

This cooperation model is suitable for large and long-term projects. We will work closely with you to provide a full range of web development services tailored to your needs. From IT consulting to release and post-release support, we will do everything to bring your vision to life.

Why Temy

Deep Tech Expertise
Deep tech expertise

Our professionals are real experts in custom enterprise web development. Our stack includes all modern technologies and is constantly expanding, following the latest industry trends.

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Ability to scale

We can handle projects of any scale. It doesn’t matter for our web development services company if you’re a small business or a large corporation, as we have experience working with both. We are also happy to be your trusted partner as you grow and evolve.

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Your IP is protected

The security of your data is of paramount importance to us. We will provide you with strong cyber defense and secure connectivity.

Product Focused Approach
Product focused approach

We at Temy always take the customer’s success as our own. That’s why we stick to a product-focused approach when providing custom web development services.

Boosting The Project With An On Site Visit
Boosting the project with an
on-site visit

At your request, we can send our representative to your office. Discuss cooperation and all important aspects of the project development in person.

Direct Communication With Engineer
Direct communication with engineers

We are always mindful about the comfort of our clients. That’s why you can contact our engineers directly and discuss everything you need at any step of the development process.

Kickoff meeting

Every road begins with the first step. At the kickoff meeting, we will talk about your idea and outline potential ways to realize it, including the choice of cooperation model.

Gathering requirements

Next, our business analysts will gather your requirements and discuss how to best bring your idea to life. We will also offer you strategies that match your budget and time frame.

Discovery phase

At this development stage, our specialists will form a team, develop the architecture of the future application, and start working on the project.


At the development stage, we design the web app’s code. Our engineers can keep you informed about the development progress if you want to be in touch with how things are going on the project.


Next, our QA engineers will thoroughly test all elements of the application with robust quality control systems to ensure that they meet industry standards. This stage includes both manual and automated testing.

Deployment & Support

Finally, in the final stages of custom development, we will turn the web application to you and provide post-release support to ensure its smooth operation.

Our Tech Stack

The answer strongly depends on the scale of the project and should be decided on an individual basis. On average, the development process can take from one month to more than a year.

It depends on your needs. If you already have a ready-made team and require expertise in a certain niche, then Team Extension is more suitable for you. A Dedicated Team will provide you with flexibility in team composition, while still granting you full control over the project. If you want to develop a web application from scratch, it is better to choose the Custom option.

Web development cost depends on the scope and goals of the project. On average, such projects can cost from $5,000 to $60,000+.

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