Adomi Smart Home

We have built a сloud-based smart home with flawless user interaction.

  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • iOS and Android
  • UX/UI design
  • Software QA and testing
  • 2 years
  • 4 Engineers
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 QA
Co-op model
  • Dedicated team
The story behind the task
The story behind the task

Adomi is a smart home technology solution that connects houses to the cloud. It is installed in luxury private houses as part of new construction projects by the Veev Group in Silicon Valley.

Adomi was born as a prototype running on a single Intel NUC in a single house. Adomi has evolved as a cloud solution that can operate hundreds of homes and hundreds of thousands of connected devices, simultaneously.


Building a production-grade system from a prototype was not easy and came with real-life engineering challenges:

  • How to make communication between cloud, hub, and devices secure?
  • How to speed up the configuration and testing of smart devices?
  • How to ensure the system can scale?
  • How to make it easy to control everything in the house for the residents?
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Hiring Temy became a vital decision.
Temy’s role

Adomi was started by a single person, Alon Klein, who has experience in hardware design and manufacturing. When we first met, Alon managed to build an initial prototype and was looking for full-stack engineers with expertise in:

  • AWS services and backend engineering
  • Android and iOS apps development
  • Web applications development and testing
  • IoT protocols & hardware integration (Light controllers, HVAC, Smart Locks, Rings, and Window Blinds)
The architecture

Temy’s initial team consisted of a Cloud Architect and a Backend Engineer. Their first challenge was to build a cloud backend for Adomi that collects data from sensors and allows it to control light in the house.

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Longterm partnership

With over 2 years of development, our team has completed more than 52 sprints and has built cloud, hub software, mobile and web applications that are part of the Adomi system.

Adomi Where We Stand

Local hub

Adomi Local Hub Image
The brain of every smart house, powering Adomi. Local hub connects sensors and controllers in the house to enable secure communication between them. It also has secure upstream network connectivity within the cloud. Local hub is written with Java on top of Mosquitto MQTT framework.
Adomi User App Image

User app

Forgot to turn off the lights when you left your house? The Adomi User app allows residents to control their house even if they are out and about. The Adomi User app is available both for Android and iOS.

Wall switch app

Adomi Wall Switch A
Every room in the Adomi Smart House is equipped with the Wall Switch – powerful Android tablet with the touch screen. It is running the Android application in Kiosk mode that allows you to control devices in the room and in the entire house.
Amazon Alexa Veev 2

Voice control

Voice is the most natural way for humans to interact. Residents of Adomi houses can use Alexa or Siri virtual assistants to control other smart devices in their house.


Adomi Configuration Image
Each Adomi smart house is configured with a web-based administrative application. The app is used by staff to define the floor plan of the house and register all smart devices and their locations. Later, the administrative application house can be monitored and maintained remotely by Adomi professional support service.
Engagement model


The product development from the scratch

Project management

On Client’s side

Hiring time

2 Months



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