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Transform Your Business with Temy’s IoT Expertise

Give your business the innovations it deserves with our IoT software development services. At Temy, we provide exceptional user experience, enhance asset management, save maintenance costs, and guarantee the highest level of security for software owners.

IoT Software Development Services We Provide

Harnessing IoT Across Industries

IoT Software for Retail

Elevate your retail business with our advanced IoT software. From inventory control to sales management and much more — our solutions will bring cutting-edge efficiency to your stores.

IoT Software for Device Management

Navigating the IoT industry’s hardware management can be challenging. Equip your business with a powerful solution — monitor and manage your IoT devices remotely.

IoT Software for Smart Cities and Smart Homes

Step into the future, where technology enhances daily life. Get IoT software to control multiple connected devices in a household or even an entire city.

Team Augmentation Services for an IoT Solution Provider

In IoT application development services, quickly finding top specialists takes a lot of work. Temy offers only skilled professionals and integrates them into your workflows to save your time and funds.

IoT Network Management Platform

Manage extensive IoT networks with our reliable high-security platform. Ensure that all the connected devices remain under your control, regardless of scale or physical distance.

Discovery & Prototyping

We start with analyzing and validating your idea based on market review, project specifics, and technology assessment. After we have a product strategy, we prototype MVP so you can present the product to the public and stakeholders as soon as possible.

UI/UX Design

Once the requirements are clear, program architects and developers begin creating the software. The design method uses tried-and-true patterns for creating software and Internet of Things architecture.


As soon as the developer receives the Design document, custom software development for IoT begins. At this stage, the source code for your software design is developed and converted. In other words, this is where all the magic happens.

Quality Assurance

Testing begins as soon as the custom IoT development is finished, and the modules are made available. The generated systems are rigorously tested during this phase, and any identified flaws are assigned to developers for correction. Testers refer to the SRS document to ensure the program meets your standards and expectations.

Why Temy

Our IoT Development Technology stack

Yes. Our experts can integrate your devices and systems with safe and effective cloud environments thanks to their extensive knowledge of such services. We also offer our clients to migrate entire data centers and outdated programs to the cloud.

Of course! You can rest assured that your sensitive data is protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

Yes, Temy offers a comprehensive range of Internet of Things development services, including business analysis and product development consultations. Our PM managers can assist you in creating a project roadmap, devising an effective strategy, and even bridging the talent gap in your in-house team.

Depending on the complexity of your IoT project, we can put together a qualified team of software engineers with the appropriate tech stack in around two weeks. As a seasoned outsourcing provider, we have access to a global pool of experts with advanced coding abilities and technical knowledge.

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