Trading Tales & Triumphs: Navigating the Forex Frontier with Francesc Riverola Dodero

Francesc’s Financial Insights: Navigating Forex, Crypto, and the Power of Team Dynamics

In the ever-evolving world of finance, staying informed is pivotal. In a recent episode of “Bright Founders Talk podcast,” presented by the innovative software development company Temy, Chris delves deep into the life and wisdom of a giant in the Forex realm.

Francesc Riverola Dodero, the President and Founder of FXStreet, shares his insights from an impressive journey spanning two decades in the industry. Not only does he possess the credentials of co-founding and chairing four flourishing companies, but he also holds a profound attachment to Barcelona, its technological hub, and its challenges.

Through this engaging discussion, Francesc offers glimpses into his personal productivity hacks, his passion for basketball, and his insights into the tech sector in Barcelona. As the conversation unfolds, readers are invited to discover the intricacies of a city bursting with potential and the man who’s navigated its waters with unparalleled expertise.

Francesc Riverola Dodero's Financial Insights: Navigating Forex, Crypto, and Power of Team Dynamics

Francesc’s Barcelona: A Symphony of Noise, Basketball, and Tech Opportunities

Ah, the charm of working from home! While many revel in the joy of cozy PJs and the absence of a commute, Francesc paints a lively picture of Barcelona’s everyday hustle and bustle echoing right into his workspace. “We are experts of the noise,” he quips. Tucked away in a “secret place” at home, our Forex maestro navigates the symphony of sounds – from honking cars to animated family discussions.

We are experts of the noise

When he’s not engrossed in the financial world, Francesc immerses himself in another passion – basketball. Not just a passive observer, he actively coaches a female basketball team. Speaking about Barcelona’s team, he dives into the challenges and anticipations surrounding the budget cuts and the city’s place in the European league. For him, basketball isn’t just a sport; it’s a riveting story of strategy, competition, and relentless spirit.

Digging a bit deeper into Barcelona’s professional landscape, Francesc portrays the city as a rising tech hub in Europe. Yet, as promising as it sounds, the city grapples with challenges too. The quest for talent is intense, and retaining them? Even harder. Despite this, Barcelona’s allure remains undeniable. Francesc talks about its magnetic quality of life – the sun, the sea, and a vibrant city pulse that draws tech enthusiasts from all over Europe. Yet, there’s an undercurrent of concern as young talent seeks greener pastures in search of better pay. It’s a dance of opportunities and challenges, much like the ebb and flow of this beautiful city.

Diving Deep: Francesc on First Jobs, Unspoken Skills, and The Thrill of Nurturing Startups

Oh, the tales of a first job! Francesc takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about those rookie days when he plunged into the world of market research in Catalonia. A task that might seem daunting to most, but with a boss like his, things were “really, really easy”. It’s not just about the job; it’s about the people who guide and mentor you. As he puts it, “Fortunately, my boss was a sweet guy who gave me guidance and support.”

Everyone wants a secret sauce for success, right? Francesc hints that it’s not just about the education or the intelligence. It’s the “extra you can put to work” – commitment, punctuality, professionalism. These under-the-radar traits? They’re the game changers. The difference between someone merely occupying a desk and another soaring in their career. “What’s going to make the difference is all the extra that you can put to work. These extras are undervalued but make all the difference in your career,” he emphasizes.

What’s going to make the difference is all the extra that you can put to work

Dabbling in the world of startups, Francesc becomes the guiding star for many. As a business angel, he relishes the challenge of taking startups from their seed phase to growth. While he admits he’d love to join them during their growth phase, he often finds himself amidst enthusiastic teams with nothing but a PowerPoint and big dreams during their seed phase. But that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? Helping craft a story from the ground up, and witnessing it unfurl. It’s this very unpredictability and potential of startups that keeps him hooked, a journey where he’s as much a mentor as he’s a learner.

Francesc on Team Dynamics, Business Ventures, and Authentic Leadership: “You Have to Be Yourself”

There’s magic in synergy. As Francesc explains, the same principles that apply to a well-oiled basketball team can resonate within the corporate world. When a team shares a bond, respects one another, and grants the freedom to be “the king of their little yard”, you’re looking at the difference between a good team and an extraordinary one. Reflecting on the dynamics of today’s hiring processes, Francesc emphasizes, “Having the four best players doesn’t mean you’re going to win. It’s how they interact and get along.”

Having the four best players doesn’t mean you’re going to win. It’s how they interact and get along

From tech to brunch? Francesc’s journey into the world of hospitality, specifically with “Brunch and Cake”, was as unexpected as it was enriching. While technology and startups were his mainstay, the allure of diversifying brought about this delicious detour. It wasn’t just about a calculated business move; it was about the thrill of trying something new. As he puts it, exploring and embracing failure is simply part of the process for entrepreneurs.

Leadership, a term that’s often boxed into rigid definitions, takes a refreshing turn in Francesc’s philosophy. Whether he’s navigating the realm of tech, trading, or tantalizing brunches, Francesc remains steadfast in his authenticity. Adapting and evolving as a leader, he says, doesn’t mean donning various masks – it’s about small tweaks while staying true to oneself. Leadership, after all, isn’t about wearing a title but embodying a spirit that encourages and inspires. And Francesc’s spirit? It’s unapologetically genuine.

Francesc on the Future of Forex, Crypto, and Taking Calculated Risks: “Better to Regret What You’ve Done than What You Haven’t.”

FXStreet stands as a beacon for traders worldwide, aiming to provide comprehensive information under one digital roof. When questioned about its user demographic, Francesc highlights that while FXStreet does cater to all trading levels, it may appear less beginner-friendly than other platforms. This, however, is what makes it a reliable hub; providing diverse, high-quality information and ensuring that those who seek knowledge find it.

Better to have regret because you’ve done it than because you haven’t

The rise of AI and cryptocurrency is unavoidable in the trading world, and Francesc acknowledges both the opportunities and threats they pose. As AI threatens traditional revenue sources like language translation services, it also offers the chance for businesses to be more competitive globally. Similarly, with cryptocurrencies, while their volatility makes them a magnet for traders, Francesc remains wary. He admits to not fully grasping cryptos, hinting at their complex nature, and recommends that traders navigate with a clear understanding of the game rules.

If there’s one thing budding entrepreneurs or investors should take away from Francesc, it’s the value of diving headfirst into what they believe in. He encourages taking educated risks and stresses the importance of adaptability and recognizing when it’s time to pivot or even quit. The blend of intuition, strategy, and a sprinkle of luck has shaped Francesc’s impressive journey. He emphasizes that while his risk-averse nature has worked for him, it’s essential to tailor one’s strategy personally, thereby painting the picture of an authentic, self-aware leader.

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