Scaling New Heights in Digital Health: Martin Sandhu’s Inspirational Journey from Roller to nuom

Martin Sandhu Unveils Nuom’s Rise in Digital Health | Exclusive Interview

In this captivating edition of “Bright Founders Talk” presented by Temy, an innovative software development company, we delve into the entrepreneurial journey of Martin Sandhu, the visionary founder of nuom. In a revealing conversation, Martin shares his unique experiences and insights, offering a glimpse into the mind of a self-made entrepreneur. 

From his humble beginnings in Nottingham, situated at the heart of the United Kingdom, Martin’s story is one of relentless ambition and self-reliance. An only child until the age of 16, he learned early on to depend on himself, a trait that has significantly shaped his business approach. Martin’s journey is not just about building a successful business from scratch; it’s about embodying the hustler mentality, a testament to his working-class roots. His narrative is a blend of hard work and creativity, showcasing how a workaholic’s passion can be transformed into a fulfilling career. 

This interview offers an in-depth look at Martin’s life, his approach to work-life balance, and how he navigates the complexities of entrepreneurship with a constant drive for innovation and excellence. Join us as we explore the life and mind of a man who turns challenges into opportunities, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of business and technology.

Martin Sandhu Unveils Nuom's Rise in Digital Health | Exclusive Interview

Martin Sandhu: The Self-Made Maverick from Nottingham – Unveiling the Man Behind Nuom’s Success

In the latest episode of “Bright Founders Talk,” Martin Sandhu, the brains behind nuom, takes us on a journey right from the heart of Nottingham, his hometown. Martin’s story isn’t just another entrepreneurial saga; it’s a vibrant canvas of memories, ambitions, and relentless self-belief. “I’ve always been the only player in my game,” Martin reflects. His words paint a picture of a man who’s not just the founder of nuom but its soul and backbone. Growing up as an only child until his teenage years, Martin learned to navigate life’s challenges solo, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

What strikes a chord in this candid conversation is Martin’s innate ‘hustler mentality’, a trait ingrained from his comfortable, working-class upbringing. “If I wanted something, I had to figure it out one way or another,” he shares, his voice tinged with the pride of a self-made man. This philosophy not only carved the path for nuom’s inception but has been the driving force behind its growth. Martin candidly admits to being a workaholic, a term he’s redefined on his terms. “I don’t see it as work,” he says, revealing his deep-rooted passion for his venture.

I’ve always bet on myself – that’s how the business has grown

Delving deeper, Martin sheds light on his unique approach to work-life balance. It’s not about juggling two worlds for him but rather blending them seamlessly. His early morning creativity sessions and midday administrative routines are more than just a schedule; they’re a rhythm he’s attuned to over years of introspection and self-awareness. Martin’s philosophy is simple yet profound – work isn’t a separate entity from life; it’s an integral part of his existence, an ongoing journey of exploring ideas and igniting creativity. “My mind is on fire 24/7,” he concludes, a testament to his unyielding dedication and zest for innovation.

Martin Sandhu: Crafting Balance in a High-Tech World – The Nuom Founder’s Philosophy on Life and Work

There’s an intriguing paradox at the heart of Martin Sandhu’s life as a tech entrepreneur. The most ‘dangerous’ times, he says, are the quiet moments when he’s free from distractions. It’s during these times, perhaps while lounging on a sun-kissed beach, that his mind becomes a fertile ground for innovative ideas. These moments of tranquility are not just for relaxation but are pivotal for his creative process. Martin reflects on the challenge and eventual mastery of delegation, a skill he’s harnessed through his trusty phone. This blend of relaxation and productivity is the hallmark of his approach to business and life.

Rising with the sun, Martin starts his day not with the buzz of technology, but with the tranquility of a book or a newspaper, allowing his mind to wake gently. It’s a ritual of mindfulness before diving into the digital world. He’s not your typical morning gym enthusiast; instead, he finds his release in the afternoon, particularly through the empowering routine of powerlifting. This deliberate structuring of his day reveals a deeper philosophy: life isn’t just about reacting to demands, it’s about creating spaces for what rejuvenates you, be it a good read or lifting weights.

The first thing I do is try not to look at my phone… I try and read. It’s about getting my body and mind to wake up

At the core of Martin’s ethos is a profound search for meaning beyond material success. Now in his 40s, his perspective has evolved from chasing shiny possessions to seeking a life rich in wellbeing, flexibility, and spiritual grounding. His ultimate aspiration? To step out into a morning bathed in greenery, coffee in hand, unburdened by worldly troubles. It’s a vision that transcends the typical entrepreneurial dream, reflecting a desire to break free from societal constructs and find true freedom. In a world dominated by technology, Martin emphasizes the importance of finding moments of quiet and reflection, underscoring the need for mental fitness in our busy lives. His journey reminds us that in the midst of our technology-driven existence, there’s profound value in stepping back, reflecting, and cherishing the simple yet profound moments of life.

Transforming Healthcare with a Digital Touch: Martin Sandhu’s Journey with Nuom

Martin Sandhu, the dynamic force behind nuom, takes us through the evolution of his digital health transformation agency. What started 15 years ago as a venture into the emerging world of mobile apps, has now become a pioneering force in healthcare technology. nuom isn’t just about crafting digital solutions; it’s a holistic approach to improving patient experiences, from their first interaction with healthcare services to the final outcome. Martin’s mission is clear: integrate technology seamlessly with healthcare, ensuring not just effective treatment but also proactive, personalized care. “We’re not just building apps; we’re creating a healthier, more engaged society,” Martin muses, his eyes lighting up with the passion of a true innovator.

It’s not just about the technology; it’s about how we use it to make a real difference in people’s lives

This journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. Martin recalls the initial days when nuom was just a budding studio in a market dominated by giants. Spotting the opportunity to digitize NHS services, he steered nuom towards healthcare, a decision spurred by his personal quest for physical and mental well-being. The path from a three-person team to a 60-member powerhouse was fraught with challenges, including the perils of rapid growth without a robust infrastructure. But with resilience and learnings from the first wave of success, Nuom emerged stronger, more focused. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 further underscored nuom’s relevance, as the world turned to digital solutions for mental health support. “We were at the right place at the right time, with the right experience,” Martin reflects, a hint of pride mixed with humility in his voice.

Martin’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is grounded in his own experiences. “Take it slow, validate your ideas, and surround yourself with people smarter than you,” he shares, his tone earnest and experienced. He cautions against the allure of rapid growth and emphasizes the importance of building a business the ‘old school’ way – through organic growth, revenue generation, and wise investments. His philosophy extends beyond business strategies to a broader, more profound understanding of success. For Martin, it’s not just about scaling up; it’s about creating value, learning continuously, and making a tangible difference in the world. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” he concludes, his words resonating with the wisdom of someone who has truly lived every step of his entrepreneurial journey.

Nuom’s Evolution: A Fresh Start from Roller to Revolutionary Digital Health Solutions

In our insightful conversation with Martin Sandhu, the founder of nuom, he delves into the transformative journey of his company. Originating as Roller, the company’s growth trajectory was a roller coaster of rapid scaling and cultural challenges, leading Martin to a critical point of rebranding and realignment. “It was time for a fresh start,” he admits, reflecting on the need to align the evolving brand with his personal growth and life changes. The rebranding wasn’t just about shedding a name but symbolized a pivotal shift in direction and ethos. The new name, nuom, inspired by the concept of scaling mountains, resonates with their mission of aiding healthcare systems to reach new heights of efficiency and innovation.

We were looking at helping people scale mountains… and nuom is the first part of mountain

Discussing the fast-paced world of digital health, Martin brings a grounded perspective on the trends and challenges in the industry. He warns against the dazzle of emerging technologies like AI, emphasizing the importance of their practical application and the need to address inherent biases in datasets. Martin’s approach at nuom is pragmatic, focusing on the integration and acceptability of technology by healthcare professionals, rather than just its novelty. “It’s not just about adopting technology, but how it fits into the overall healthcare system,” he explains, highlighting the critical balance between innovation and practical utility in healthcare.

When asked about his most significant challenge, Martin candidly shares that scaling the business has been a formidable task. From a small team to a thriving enterprise, the journey taught him the essence of smart growth and maintaining a healthy profit margin. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be savvy with investments, validate ideas thoroughly, and create repeatable processes. Martin also shares his admiration for figures like Richard Branson and Alan Sugar, attributing his success to an ‘old school’ work ethic and the lost art of communication and sales skills. As our conversation wraps up, Martin leaves us with a poignant thought about nuom’s mission: to reduce the burden on frontline health services and foster a healthier society. “A healthy population is a thriving one,” he concludes, encapsulating the essence of nuom’s noble pursuit.

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