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Revolutionizing the Supply Chain: David Evans’ Journey from Traditional Management to AI Mastery at

David Evans Unveils AI’s Future in Supply Chains: A Deep Dive

In the dynamic world of technology and innovation, “Bright Founders Talk” at Temy presents a fascinating conversation with Mr. David Evans, Co-Founder and Head of Supply Chain at Orchestrated Intelligence Inc. ( The interview, skillfully navigated by Matthew, offers an in-depth exploration of David’s extensive experience in supply chain management and his journey from the corporate sphere to the entrepreneurial world. 

With nearly three decades of expertise in the intersection of business problems, systems, and technology, David’s background in business, supply chain management, and computer science uniquely positions him in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. His academic pursuits, including an MSc in Supply Chain from Cranfield in the UK and an MSc in Computer Science, reflect his deep commitment to understanding and improving the intricacies of supply chain systems. Before founding, David honed his skills across various business functions in the pharmaceutical sector, focusing on planning and planning systems. 

His entrepreneurial leap, inspired by a desire to address systemic flaws and enhance system efficiency, marks a significant shift in his career, driven by a blend of corporate acumen and an underlying entrepreneurial spirit. David’s story is not just about professional evolution but also a testament to the power of collaborative innovation, as evidenced by his partnership with Bob Rogers, bringing together AI technology and supply chain expertise.

David Evans Unveils AI's Future in Supply Chains: A Deep Dive
From Corporate Chains to Startup Beats: David Evans’ Symphony of Supply Chain Innovation

David Evans, a maestro in supply chain management, reveals his intriguing journey during our candid chat on “The Bright Founders Talk at Temy.” With a career spanning nearly three decades, David has been the architect behind numerous innovative solutions where business challenges intersect with technology. He paints a picture of a journey that began with a solid foundation in business and branched into the realms of supply chain and computer science. His expertise is not just theoretical but steeped in practical experience, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. Here, he honed his skills in planning systems, always with an eye for improving and innovating.

David’s narrative takes a dramatic turn as he recounts the moment of revelation – recognizing a flaw in the existing supply chain systems and daring to dream of something better. This pivotal moment led him to cross paths with Bob Rogers, an AI and technology wizard. Together, they embarked on a quest to reshape the world of supply chain management. David quips, “You move away from a world where you’re kind of judged on how well you can meet certain objectives set by other people… into a world where what really matters is that you build a product that people want, and you’re able to sell it.” This marked his transition from the structured corporate world to the unpredictable yet thrilling domain of startups.

You move into a world where what really matters is that you build a product that people want, and you’re able to sell it

In this new world, David found his rhythm, drawing parallels between his youthful days in bands and the energetic startup culture. His story is a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurial spirit, even for those seasoned in corporate environments. Diving “two-footed” into this venture, he discovered a liberating truth: success in this sphere isn’t about meeting preset goals, but about creating and selling a product that resonates with the market. David’s journey is not just about shifting career paths; it’s about embracing a mindset where innovation, risk, and personal satisfaction harmonize to create a fulfilling professional symphony.

Charting New Horizons: David Evans and the Evolution of Orchestrated Intelligence

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, sometimes the stars align in the most unexpected ways, as David Evans of Orchestrated Intelligence ( vividly describes. He reminisces about the company’s inception, a journey sparked by a blend of fortuitous encounters and a keen eye for critical problems in supply chain systems. David identified a gaping need for improvement in these systems, notably their manual setup and inability to adapt to variability – a key challenge in supply chains. This realization wasn’t just an observation; it was a call to action. David’s entrepreneurial spirit recognized not only the critical need for a solution but also the lucrative opportunity it presented.

The story of is not just about identifying a problem but also about the magic of collaboration. David’s path crossed with Bob Rogers, a figure from a completely different world – both geographically and professionally. Bob, based in San Francisco and steeped in physics, deep technology, and data science, was exploring AI’s potential across various sectors. Their chance meeting in London, initially for Bob’s book, turned into a groundbreaking partnership. David reflects, “We hit it off, which I think is always a good thing in business.” This unexpected alliance between supply chain expertise and AI innovation set the stage for a journey that would reshape the industry.

David’s tale takes a more complex turn with the advent of COVID-19, presenting both hurdles and unexpected advantages for The pandemic brought supply chain issues into sharp focus, creating a fertile ground for their innovative solutions, even as it posed challenges in marketing their software. Now, with seed funding and a growing customer base across various sectors, is on the cusp of significant growth. David encapsulates this journey with a sense of optimism and achievement, “We’re starting to establish ourselves… getting your name known and gaining credibility takes time, but we’re starting to get there.” His story is a vivid illustration of how persistence, innovation, and the right partnerships can turn challenges into triumphant opportunities.

We’re starting to establish ourselves… getting your name known and gaining credibility takes time, but we’re starting to get there

David Evans dives into the heart of innovation with his insights on the current trends revolutionizing the supply chain industry. He begins with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, technologies that have evolved from buzzwords to essential tools in just half a decade. AI’s real significance, David argues, lies in its application – particularly in addressing complex challenges in designing end-to-end supply chains. He eloquently states, “AI enables you to take data from multiple sources and pull together models of supply chains, which you can then simulate against different scenarios.” This isn’t just theory; it’s the practical backbone of his company’s software, which harnesses AI to create digital twins, allowing for intricate simulations and evaluations of supply chain configurations.

AI enables you to take data from multiple sources and pull together models of supply chains, which you can then simulate against different scenarios

Next, David spotlights ‘Digital Twins’ – a concept turning heads in the industry. In a world where supply chain data is often scattered and inconsistent, digital twins serve as a cohesive mirror, reflecting the physical and data-driven aspects of supply chains. This replication allows for precise simulations, offering a window into optimal setups and what-if scenarios. Whether it’s adjusting inventory levels or adapting to cost changes, these digital replicas enable decision-makers to foresee consequences and trade-offs, transforming data into actionable intelligence. David passionately discusses how this technology empowers companies to visualize and optimize their supply chains in ways previously unimaginable.

Rounding off his trifecta of trends, David touches upon the emerging field of generative AI, recently spotlighted by advancements like ChatGPT. This innovative approach, he explains, simplifies complex tasks, allowing users to interact with software using natural language. “Generative AI makes those very dynamic,” David explains, enabling users to intuitively set parameters for various scenarios. It’s a game-changer, allowing for more accessible and efficient ways to interact with complex supply chain models. David’s excitement is palpable as he describes how these advanced tools, once the stuff of science fiction, are now at the forefront of shaping the future of supply chains, embodying the essence of cutting-edge technology in practical, impactful ways.

From AI to Global Talent: David Evans Charts the Future of Supply Chain Innovation

In the world of supply chain, the word ‘AI’ often gets thrown around like confetti at a party, but David Evans knows it’s more than just tech jargon. His approach to AI is refreshingly pragmatic. “AI is only as useful as its application,” David says, encapsulating the essence of how he views these advanced technologies. He describes his journey with AI as a learning curve, where the focus has been on practical application rather than the intricate coding beneath. It’s about asking the right questions and getting valuable answers. For David, it’s not just about understanding the complexity of supply chains but making them intelligible and manageable through AI, turning complex data into straightforward solutions.

AI is only as useful as its application

As Orchestrated Intelligence eyes the future, David zeroes in on a critical challenge – attracting the right talent. In a market where technical skills are both highly sought after and expensive, his small company faces the daunting task of competing with tech giants for top-tier talent. With the likes of Bob Rogers and a Stanford AI professor in their corner, is not without its lures. David speaks of leveraging their connections to attract bright minds who are eager to dive into the thrilling world of a dynamic startup. It’s a delicate balancing act, as David points out – offering the excitement of a startup against the stability and glamour of established tech companies.

Looking forward, David anticipates the challenges of scaling their business. There’s a sense of momentum as they secure big-name clients, creating a domino effect in attracting more attention and expanding their footprint. Yet, with growth comes the need to balance expanding the team and meeting increased business demands. It’s a dance of precision, ensuring each step in expanding their reach is matched with the right increase in resources. David’s vision for is not just about riding the wave of AI but doing so in a way that’s sustainable and impactful. His parting words on their website being a gateway to understand and engage with their innovations reflect a leader who is as much about building a company as he is about sharing its story.

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