Journeying Through Tech: Jordi’s Trailblazing Path from Garage Innovator to AI Pioneer in the Hospitality Industry

Evolution & Innovation in Hospitality: An Inspiring Talk with Jordi Hernandez

We are pleased to introduce an exclusive interview with Jordi Miró Bruix, the Chief Innovation Officer at The Hotels Network. A dynamic and engaging personality, Jordi brings to the table a wealth of experience in the field of technology and entrepreneurship. Hailing from the sunny city of Barcelona, he delves into his background and the influences that have shaped his innovative mind.

With a background in applied physics, Jordi discusses his affinity for mathematics, physics, and computing, crediting renowned physicist Richard Feynman as a significant influence. From the books that have guided his professional journey to the podcasts that connect his love for entrepreneurship and fashion, Jordi shares it all. Furthermore, he offers thought-provoking insights on how to broaden one’s perspectives beyond their respective fields to become more well-rounded individuals.

Through this engaging conversation, Jordi doesn’t just share his story, but inspires us to challenge our perspectives, encourage growth, and achieve success. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into his remarkable journey.

Defying Impossibilities with Jordi: Unraveling the Formula for Successful Innovation

Entering the mind of Jordi is like stepping into a kaleidoscope of knowledge. The sunny backdrop of Barcelona offers a fitting setting for our exploration into the psyche of a man for whom, much like his beloved Adidas motto, “impossible is nothing.” Jordi paints a vibrant portrait of his intellectual journey – from a studious background in applied physics and mathematics, to his fascination with the intersection of technology, fashion, and sneakers.

Armed with this varied expertise, Jordi navigates the world with an infectious enthusiasm for discovery. He immerses himself in a varied array of books, podcasts, and documentaries, extracting wisdom from every corner. Andrew Grove’s “High Output Management”, a book he has often gifted to budding entrepreneurs, holds a special place in his intellectual arsenal. But his curiosity isn’t limited to the tech industry. He emphasizes the importance of diversifying one’s learning diet, drawing insights from diverse fields. “You can get a lot of learnings because we always tend to think that we need to keep hearing or listening or watching interviews from people related to our field,” Jordi explains. “There’s a lot of common grounds, common situations that we tend to think are unique to us, and they are not.”

There’s a lot of common grounds, common situations that we tend to think are unique to us, and they are not

As a self-professed audio person, Jordi confesses to a struggle familiar to many of us: the constant fight to read more. However, he emphasizes the importance of mindful consumption. While the convenience of podcasts and videos allows him to multitask, he acknowledges the downside – you might hear, but not truly listen. To get the most out of his learning journey, Jordi believes in the need for full attention, whether it’s absorbing a podcast or delving into a book.

Jordi’s approach to life and work can be summed up in a powerful quote inspired by his love for sneakers: “Just think on how to do it, and try to see what you can do, what do you need to be complemented, what are the resources that you have, what are the resources you don’t, and start acting.” In essence, for Jordi, it’s not a matter of impossibility, but rather a call to action to defy the odds and make things happen.

Unlocking Success with Jordi: ‘Execution Over Innovation’ Sheds Light on Entrepreneurial Triumphs

In this revealing interaction with Jordi, the conversation takes a riveting detour into the world of startups and the secrets behind their success. The focus quickly shifts from mere ideas to the paramount importance of execution. “The same idea that I have today in my mind, it’s on top of thousands of people’s mind,” Jordi claims, underscoring the pervasiveness of great ideas. However, what sets an entrepreneur apart from the crowd is the prowess to execute. He adds, “Most likely it’s execution. And therefore, if I need to execute well.”

Diving deeper, Jordi lays bare his prioritization strategy when faced with the question of innovation versus execution. Even though he values innovation, Jordi’s emphasis is unabashedly on the side of execution. When posed with the theoretical choice between the two, he maintains, “But if I had to prioritize, I would prioritize execution over innovation.” This perspective shatters the common stereotype about the dominant role of innovation in the tech world and provides a refreshing view on the fundamentals of business success.

Jordi’s early fascination with technology comes alive as he reminisces about his coding journey that began at a tender age of six or seven. This passion morphed into a life-long pursuit, as Jordi was swept into the allure of creating software that could solve problems and automate tasks. This fascination with the potential of technology to simplify life is evident in Jordi’s words: “It always fascinated me that it could solve your life, by writing your own code or using someone else’s code.” Jordi’s candid tale is an inspiration to all budding technophiles, confirming that a passion nurtured from a young age can blossom into a successful and fulfilling career.

Unraveling the Entrepreneurial Journey: Jordi on Startup Success, Role Adaptations, and Building the Right Team

In the bustling world of start-ups and tech companies, Jordi’s journey is an inspiring story of constant evolution. His initial venture, an edtech platform, was a testament to the power of resilience and vision. “We were fortunate to find someone who wanted the product to keep evolving it,” says Jordi, describing the sale of his first company. Though he modestly insists that they “gave it almost for free”, he’s proud of ensuring that their investors continued their journey without having to write-off the investment. The recent merger of his former company with another edtech business has filled Jordi with optimism. He believes that the investors who initially placed their trust in his team will reap multiple times their original investment in the future.

One of the most impactful lessons from his journey, Jordi reveals, is the importance of having the right team at the right time. Not everyone, Jordi observes, can adapt their skills to the evolving needs of a growing company. He illustrates this point with his personal experience, transitioning from CTO to the Chief Innovation Officer at the Hotels Network. “Different moments of the company need different skills,” Jordi remarks, highlighting the inevitability of difficult conversations about the suitability of certain team members for the evolving company. What becomes vital, then, is to partner with people who are known both personally and professionally.

You need the right team at the right moment. You need the right partners internally or externally, and you need to know your co-founders really well

When it comes to hiring, Jordi prioritizes cultural fit over technical skills. He stresses the significance of the candidates’ alignment with the team’s values and the way they operate. It’s not about having the best individuals but about having a team that works well together, capable of overcoming challenges. “You need to have the best possible ones, but at the same time, they generate that momentum that as a team, they can overcome any difficulty they have,” he asserts. In terms of adapting software development to accommodate different clients, Jordi advocates for a ‘one solution fits all’ strategy with necessary localization but discourages individual adaptations to customer needs. In his view, short-term tweaks for individual clients may hamper long-term goals and growth. In essence, Jordi’s narrative encourages entrepreneurial resilience, constant learning, and building a strong, adaptable team.

From Garage Days to AI Futures: Jordi’s Inspiring Journey in the Hospitality Tech Industry

The beauty of customer feedback is in its potency to pivot your business direction – something that Jordi, a seasoned tech entrepreneur, has used to his advantage time and time again. From handling requests of eager sales and customer success teams to aligning this feedback with their business roadmap, his company has refined its product based on real customer input. This challenging but rewarding process means not every idea sees the light of day. Yet, Jordi mentions, it is critical to remain open to both good and bad feedback, allowing for growth and learning at every turn.

The unveiling of their latest AI assistant that generates content has been met with considerable praise. It has been hailed as a game-changer by users who appreciate the ease it brings in creating personalized web pages for hotels. Jordi passionately shared, “We’ve had several customers saying, ‘thanks for making our life easier, because in the past I had to write, create everything. Now I can just drop some ideas.'” This encapsulates the ambition driving their work – transforming an industry through the power of artificial intelligence.

In the fast-paced and rapidly evolving world of technology, Jordi believes that the hospitality industry is ripe for a shift towards more self-serve applications. He sees a future where software development within the industry evolves with AI at its heart. However, the challenges faced are far from limited to technology. He articulates, “Managing technologies is super easy compared to managing people.” As a seasoned entrepreneur who has braved multiple hurdles, his parting wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus more, saying less yes, and choose what truly matters.

Managing technologies is super easy compared to managing people

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