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Charting the Unconventional Path: Sabrin Freedman-Alexander’s Journey to Redefining Leadership and Entrepreneurial Success

Sabrin Freedman-Alexander: Mastering Unique Leadership & Growth in Tech

In this insightful episode of “Bright Founders Talk,” hosted by Barry at Temy, an international software development company, we delve into the remarkable journey of Sabrin Freedman-Alexander, the innovative Founder and CEO of Cloudvoid. With over two decades of experience in service solutions and architecture for major enterprises, Sabrin shares his unique story of founding Cloudvoid in 2019. This hybrid company stands out in the realm of managed service providers, offering software solutions that automate significant parts of managed services and professional services.

Born and raised in a small town in Romania, Sabrin’s early fascination with computers set the stage for his future success. His journey took a pivotal turn when his family moved to Israel, where he faced the challenges of being an immigrant and financial constraints. Despite these hurdles, Sabrin’s passion for technology led him to work as a sysadmin and freelancer, building a substantial client base worldwide. His experiences on both ends of the service spectrum – as a client and a service provider – equipped him with a deep understanding of the industry’s needs and gaps.

Cloudvoid, conceived and launched in the United States for its favorable business environment, represents Sabrin’s vision of filling these gaps in the software service industry. The company’s rapid growth, without any external funding or investment, is a testament to his skill and determination. Today, with a large team and global presence, Cloudvoid continues to innovate and expand its services. In this interview, Sabrin candidly discusses the challenges, the exhilaration of overcoming obstacles, and the importance of work-life balance, crediting his family as a grounding force in his journey.

Sabrin Freedman-Alexander: Mastering Unique Leadership & Growth in Tech
The Unstoppable Journey of Sabrin Freedman-Alexander: From Tech Enthusiast to Industry Leader

Our conversation with Sabrin Freedman-Alexander, the trailblazing CEO of Cloudvoid, took an intriguing turn as he recounted his early years. Born in a small Romanian town and later moving to Israel, Sabrin’s journey was anything but conventional. A blend of curiosity and necessity drove him to explore technology, fixing computers as a young immigrant. His story, punctuated by moonlighting as a sysadmin and a top freelancer, isn’t just inspiring; it’s a testament to his relentless drive. “I’ve been struggling with something all my life,” Sabrin shared, his voice a blend of resilience and humility. “It’s never been easy, but that’s never stopped me.”

It’s never been easy, but that’s never stopped me

Diving deeper into our chat, Sabrin’s eyes lit up as he spoke of Cloudvoid’s inception. A company born from years of freelancing and a deep understanding of client needs, Cloudvoid wasn’t just another start-up; it was Sabrin’s brainchild, reflecting his experiences and visions. Launching in the United States, he navigated the complexities of establishing a business in a new country, driven by the freedom and opportunities it presented. Sabrin’s journey with Cloudvoid is a narrative of growth and determination, a story of a one-person operation evolving into a global entity, serving clients worldwide, all without external funding. “We’re not bound by a board of directors or investors,” he said, his pride evident. “It’s all us.”

As our conversation neared its end, the topic shifted to the ever-elusive work-life balance. Sabrin’s approach, shaped by his life experiences, was refreshingly candid. With a chuckle, he attributed his balance to his wife’s ‘house rules’ and his commitment to his two children. Mornings are his sanctuary – a time for personal errands, study, and family. Despite the demanding nature of his work, Sabrin has mastered the art of juggling his professional and personal life, ensuring he’s there for his family while leading Cloudvoid to new heights. His parting words, simple yet powerful, encapsulated his journey: “Everything’s tough, but I just do it. There’s no other option.”

The Balancing Act: Sabrin Freedman-Alexander on Striking Harmony Between Growth and Personal Time

In the bustling world of entrepreneurship, Sabrin Freedman-Alexander, CEO of Cloudvoid, illustrates the art of balancing a hectic schedule with personal commitments. Sabrin’s day, a mélange of meetings and management tasks, begins in the quiet hours of the morning, dedicated to family, and swiftly transitions into the dynamic world of business by mid-morning. This switch, he admits, is challenging yet rewarding. “It’s hard to maintain a life balance when you own a business,” Sabrin confesses. This acknowledgment reflects a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial journey – a path where personal and professional lines often blur, yet also a journey that brings immense satisfaction and growth.

It’s hard to maintain a life balance when you own a business

For Sabrin, business is a never-ending cycle of innovation and improvement. He shares an insight that resonates with many leaders: “In business, change is the only constant.” This philosophy drives him to continually reassess and refine Cloudvoid’s strategies and offerings. The idea of a ‘finished’ project is foreign in his vocabulary; he believes in constantly evolving, always looking for ways to enhance and adapt. His approach is not just about expansion but also about aligning the business with his evolving vision and the changing needs of the market. “You’re never really done,” he says, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a growth mindset in business.

In the realm of talent acquisition and team building, Sabrin places a high value on interpersonal skills and team dynamics, over technical prowess alone. He seeks individuals who can integrate seamlessly into Cloudvoid’s culture, emphasizing the importance of being a team player. This approach is not just about maintaining harmony; it’s about nurturing an environment where every team member feels valued and motivated. “There’s no I in team,” he remarks, highlighting his belief in collaborative success. This philosophy extends to his leadership style, where he encourages continuous learning and flexibility, allowing his team the freedom to balance their professional and personal lives effectively.

Sabrin Freedman-Alexander: The Evolving Mindset of a Tech Visionary

In the world of tech entrepreneurship, adaptability is key, a mantra Sabrin Freedman-Alexander, CEO of Cloudvoid, lives by. His journey is a tale of constant evolution, shaped by a voracious appetite for knowledge and a perfectionist streak. “My attributes are ever-changing,” Sabrin muses, reflecting on how his love for philosophy and continuous learning reshapes his perspective and leadership style. He prides himself on striking a balance between striving for perfection and knowing when to say, “this is good enough.” This approach, coupled with his ability to absorb and apply new information rapidly, has been instrumental in driving Cloudvoid’s success.

Sabrin credits much of his philosophical and operational framework to his extensive reading. One book, in particular, struck a chord: Eric Schmidt’s “The New Digital Age.” This read reinforced his belief in the power of acting on one’s vision and the importance of staying ahead in the tech curve. “You should never stick to ‘this is how it is,'” he notes, underscoring the necessity of continuous growth and innovation. Another influential read for him was Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” which offered insights into the importance of refining internal processes for business success. These books, among others, have shaped his mindset towards embracing change and looking for continuous improvement in both his personal and professional life.

Sabrin’s approach to Cloudvoid’s operations echoes the lessons from his readings. A staunch advocate for automation and AI, he understands the value of streamlining processes to enhance efficiency. “Automation is key,” he asserts, detailing how Cloudvoid uses technology to expedite tasks like billing and client onboarding. This focus on internal efficiency not only speeds up operations but also frees up his team to focus on innovation and client service. Sabrin’s leadership style is reflective of his learning – always looking for ways to optimize and improve, ensuring that Cloudvoid remains at the forefront of technological advancement.

Automation is key

Sabrin Freedman-Alexander on Authentic Leadership and the Art of Business Individuality

In an era where emulation is common, Sabrin Freedman-Alexander, the dynamic founder of Cloudvoid, stands firm in his belief in individuality. “Never compare yourself,” he advises, his voice echoing a blend of conviction and wisdom. For Sabrin, the success of a business is intricately linked to the uniqueness of its leader. He emphasizes that while learning from icons like Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs is valuable, replicating their methods won’t guarantee success. Sabrin’s approach is deeply rooted in self-awareness and leveraging his strengths, particularly his customer service-centric nature. This focus on personal attributes, he believes, is crucial for any aspiring entrepreneur or business leader.

Never compare yourself

Sabrin’s philosophy extends beyond just leadership style; it permeates Cloudvoid’s operational ethos. He describes his company’s exceptional responsiveness to clients, highlighting that this trait is not just a business strategy but a reflection of his personal character. In his words, “what’s unique with me… our responsiveness level is like, you know, someone is there every second.” This level of service is achieved through meticulously honed internal processes, ensuring requests reach the right person promptly. Sabrin’s narrative is a testament to how a leader’s personal traits can shape a company’s culture and operational efficiency.

Delving deeper, Sabrin shares insights on financial literacy and its importance in entrepreneurship. Drawing lessons from books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” he underscores the significance of financial education in business. His approach counters the common entrepreneurial pitfall of depleting resources for short-term gains. He warns against the dangers of not leaving enough room to scale, emphasizing the need for prudent financial management. Sabrin’s parting advice for budding entrepreneurs is profound yet simple: “Take it slow, and play the long game.” This counsel reflects his journey – a blend of patience, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of his unique strengths and limitations.

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