Charting the Uncharted: Patrick Brown’s Odyssey from Software Engineering to Shaping the Future of Tech

Tech Frontiers: Patrick Brown on Innovating, Learning, and Leading in Tech

In our latest episode of “The Bright Founders Talk” podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing the innovative and tech-savvy Patrick Brown, Co-Founder of Blyncsy. This insightful conversation delves into Patrick’s journey in the tech industry, where he has co-founded not one, but three companies. From discussing his favorite ways to stay productive, including a love for house and UK garage music, to the joys and challenges of being a new father, Patrick provides a personal and professional glimpse into his life.

One of the highlights of the conversation is Patrick’s emphasis on customer-centricity, especially in the realm of AI and machine learning. He believes in understanding the customer’s problem and ensuring that technology, particularly AI, is applied in a way that genuinely solves these issues rather than complicating them. With anecdotes from his own experiences, Patrick illustrates the importance of this approach.

As the conversation moves, Patrick reflects on his childhood aspirations, his early fascination with building things, and how this curiosity shaped his entrepreneurial journey. His story is not just about tech and business, but about a lifelong passion for creation and innovation. This interview is not just a glimpse into the mind of a tech founder but a source of inspiration and insights for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, business, and personal growth. Join us as we explore the life and insights of Patrick Brown, a figure who continues to shape the tech world with his innovative thinking and dedication to problem-solving.

Tech Frontiers: Patrick Brown on Innovating, Learning, and Leading in Tech

In Tune with Innovation: Patrick Brown’s Symphony of Success

Patrick Brown’s approach to productivity is as melodic as it is methodical. Whether he’s coding away in the office or brainstorming from home, music sets the tempo of his workday. With a preference for the rhythmic pulses of house and the gritty beats of UK garage, Brown finds his groove. “Just find some tunes that really, like, tune in and then put that on and get going,” he advises. This blend of harmony and code not only fuels his productivity but also reflects the innovative rhythm of his career.

Just find some tunes that really, like, tune in and then put that on and get going

Amidst the buzz of tech and startups, Patrick is navigating his most personal project yet: fatherhood. Having recently welcomed a son into the world, he candidly shares the parallels between raising a child and nurturing a tech company. “Every six months, it’s changing,” he says, likening the ever-evolving challenges of parenthood to the dynamic nature of technology. His journey is a poignant reminder of the human side of tech entrepreneurship, where personal growth and professional development intersect.

Patrick’s story is a testament to the power of curiosity. Reflecting on his early years, from dismantling radios to constructing worlds with Lego, it’s clear his inventive spirit was sparked early on. He quips about his childhood, “I was always tinkering with things.” This playful curiosity didn’t just fuel his pastime activities; it laid the foundation for his future in creating solutions that people value. “I just always wanted to do something big and cool,” he shares. His narrative is not just about tech, but about the enduring human desire to create, explore, and make an impact.

Patrick Brown: Decoding AI’s Future and Utah’s Tech Boom

In a world increasingly anxious about the rise of AI, Patrick Brown offers a refreshing perspective. He views AI not as an ominous force but as a valuable instrument in the technological toolkit, akin to choosing the right wrench for a specific job. “It’s just another tool for us to pick up, and there’s no real reason to be freaked out about this right now,” he asserts. Patrick envisions a future where AI enhances human effort rather than replacing it, emphasizing the enduring need for a human touch in interpreting and applying AI solutions. His down-to-earth analogy reassures that, while AI is advancing, it’s our human insight that will guide its journey.

It’s just another tool for us to pick up, and there’s no real reason to be freaked out about this right now

Beyond the realms of AI, Patrick sheds light on an unexpected tech haven: Utah. With its blend of entrepreneurial spirit, impressive talent pool, and an enviable lifestyle balance, Utah is quickly becoming a hotspot for tech innovation. Patrick, a native, praises the state’s mix of big-name companies and startups, affordable living, and outdoor allure. It’s not just about the work here; it’s about the lifestyle that accompanies it. “There’s a ton of ski resorts within a 45-minute drive,” he notes, painting a picture of a place where work and play harmoniously coexist. While Utah might not claim the third spot in the tech hierarchy just yet, it’s undeniably making its mark.

Reflecting on his educational journey, Patrick candidly admits that traditional schooling wasn’t his forte. With a degree in math completed in record time, he acknowledges the skills it imparted for problem-solving and coding but notes that his entrepreneurial spirit was ignited elsewhere. His venture into co-founding Blyncsy was a blend of technical curiosity and the right partnership, stemming from a desire to understand how things work and to build something from scratch. Patrick’s path from a math-savvy student to a tech entrepreneur illustrates that the roots of business creation often lie beyond the classroom, in personal drive and real-world connections.

From Math to Machine: Patrick Brown’s Journey Through Tech and Entrepreneurship

Patrick Brown’s leap from the theoretical world of mathematics to the practical realm of software engineering wasn’t just a career move; it was a calling. At a small medical research company, he found himself at the crossroads of outdated software and a pressing need for modernization. “I said, ‘Hey, let me tackle this; this is a problem we need to fix.’ And so I rebuilt that whole system,” Patrick recounts. His transition wasn’t just about adopting new technology; it was about recognizing a need and using his skills to address it head-on. This pivotal moment wasn’t just a job; it was the first step toward a future where he would continually bridge the gap between complex problems and innovative solutions.

I said, ‘Hey, let me tackle this; this is a problem we need to fix.’ And so I rebuilt that whole system

The inception of Blyncsy, Patrick’s venture into the world of tech entrepreneurship, was as spontaneous as it was serendipitous. As one door was closing with the sale of his previous company, another opened when his future co-founder approached him with an idea and a Raspberry Pi in disarray. “I picked everything up,” he says, describing how he salvaged the project and set the wheels in motion for what would become Blyncsy. This wasn’t just about counting cars or collecting data; it was about evolving a product to meet real-world needs, from university campuses to government departments. Patrick’s journey with Blyncsy is a testament to the power of agility, understanding, and evolution in the tech world.

Starting a tech company is challenging, but doing so with the government as your primary customer? That’s hard mode, according to Patrick. Yet, with a mix of naivety and determination, he and his team dove headfirst into the uncharted waters of government contracts and cloud solutions. “I’ve always just believed that things that are positive for the world should exist,” Patrick asserts, reflecting his optimism and purpose-driven approach. This philosophy didn’t just carry Blyncsy through skepticism and challenges; it positioned them as pioneers, building relationships and trust that would pay dividends as the world and governments became more receptive to their innovative solutions. As Blyncsy grew and eventually joined the global ranks of Bentley Systems, Patrick’s belief in the power of positive impact continued to drive his journey, proving that with the right mindset, even the most skeptical markets can be navigated and nurtured.

Charting New Horizons: Patrick Brown on Growth, Innovation, and the Future of Tech

As Patrick Brown’s Blyncsy joins forces with Bentley Systems, he anticipates not just a shift in scale but a significant change in the scope of relationships and opportunities. “We’re operating independently inside Bentley, but there’s just a lot of opportunities there,” Patrick shares, hinting at a future ripe with potential. This acquisition isn’t just about expanding business; it’s about enhancing the capacity to make meaningful connections with a broader array of governments and organizations. As for his personal life, Patrick jokes that he might get more sleep, “depending on how my son says about it,” highlighting the relatable balance between professional growth and family life.

We’re operating independently inside Bentley, but there’s just a lot of opportunities there

On the topic of his other venture, Iris, Patrick reflects on how it wasn’t the result of a burning desire but a compelling opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. “It was just a nice opportunity… I was the execution person on the technical end,” he explains. Iris, aimed at revolutionizing communication in large-scale construction projects, underscores Patrick’s knack for identifying and addressing niche problems with significant impact. His journey with Iris isn’t just about the technology; it’s about understanding and untangling the intricate web of communications that defines large organizations, a skill he acknowledges is transferable and invaluable across different sectors, including his work with governments.

Looking ahead, Patrick is excited about his new venture, Unblocked, a platform designed to solve a pervasive problem for software engineers—getting stuck. “It’s really hard to go up those levels,” he says, discussing the challenge of finding expert help. Unblocked aims to provide a streamlined way for engineers to access the help they need, when they need it, whether it’s a simple query or a complex issue that requires an expert’s insight. This isn’t just a new business; it’s a mission to empower engineers and companies to overcome hurdles efficiently. Patrick’s vision for Unblocked is not just about building another tool; it’s about creating a community and a resource that transforms the way problems are solved in the tech world.

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