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We have developed a mobile app where users can discover and read digital versions of magazines.


The story behind the task


Yumpu by [i]-magazine is an ePublishing Service. The company was focused on the B2B industry, offering white label publishing solutions.

Yumpu decided to launch another product that allow consumers to find articles, news, and information. The app has a subscription model similar to how streaming services work nowadays. By paying a monthly fixed amount users get access to digital magazines from all over the world.


How to develop the app from scratch, while at the same time meeting all customer needs and requirements?

Hiring the Temy team with mobile app development experience was the solution
Hiring the Temy team with mobile app development experience was the solution

Project Primary Points


  • Develop a fast and easy-to-use mobile app connected to a large library of magazines
  • Provide security measures to protect files from being copied
  • Ensure convenient reading at any time

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Reading offline

Users can download any file to read without needing an Internet connection. In addition, it's possible to review the past downloads and restore them if needed. However, the app prevents saving PDFs to devices. We use file encryption to protect magazines from being copied.

Background download

There are several types of downloads connected to a server. Background downloading and previewing is used to deal with large PDF files. While the file is downloading in the background, the user can view the content and read instantly.

Customized user profiles

It's possible to create up to 5 individual profiles under one account. Each of them can be tailored according to the user’s needs. Users can bookmark pages, save their favorite magazines, and follow specific publishers. The app remembers where a user stopped reading and saves the view settings.


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