Debts Reconciliation System

We designed the app, which automates time-consuming manual steps during debt reconciliation.

Design System



Rollsoft helps businesses to stabilize their liquidity by reconciling debts with uncollected claims. It allows companies to increase debts collection and pay obligations without cash, reduce collection cost, and improve client-supplier relationships.


Manual approaches in Rollsoft got in the way of scaling the business.

• Sending files and waiting for them to be processed
• Fixing errors in the provided files
• Making changes and receding files
• Keeping track of previous results

All of these took a lot of time and effort.

The perfect decision was to build a new web app to automate services.
The perfect decision was to build a new web app to automate services.


The Challenge

We needed to design a system from scratch, which would meet such requirements:
• Keep the previous experience of using such services
• Have an informative interface
• Simplify user flow

Software Product design

And so… we started

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The flow

It was crucial to keep the core service's flow. This consisted of 4 stages per cycle that existing clients were already familiar with.

Simple experience for a complex system

We decided to use a Carbon design system as the base to minimize design and development time. A client provides the list of collectibles and payables via dragging and dropping files / uploading or manual entry.

Like Excel. Unlike Excel

Users are used to using Excel or similar products in their work. So we decided to design the app, which could implement a similar experience. This gave users the ability to manually edit each cell directly in the table, add new rows, turn on/off a detailed view and quickly filter highlighted mismatches.

Fewer Actions. More Results

After the elaborated algorithm finds collectibles and payables that can be settled, the user receives an approval request. All the data becomes settled, and the user receives a settlement document at the end of the cycle.


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