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A story behind the task


Reali is a unique real estate business that puts innovative technologies such as AI and Machine Learning together to take the home buying, selling and ownership experience to new levels. It brings Buyers and Sellers together around open communication and fair home prices, making the entire process frictionless.


Reali needed to create a decision-making data and tools to help customers achieve efficiency in buying or selling houses and to ensure transparency of deals without any pressure.

Development of the AI-powered price prediction system was the best solution
Development of the AI-powered price prediction system was the best solution

Project Primary Points

The Challenge

  • Execute analysis of house location, neighbor houses prices, neighborhood current and expected excellence and overall amenities
  • Use ML to make predictions from house photos analysis
  • Develop AI that will predict the final selling price of actively listed homes
  • Predicting the offer amount with 91-99% winning the bid chances
  • Predicting how home upgrades affect the selling price

Software Product Engineering

And so... We started

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5K+ neurons

They cope dashingly. To set the house price after analyzing the others. To fix the cost of every feature in your home. To draw up recommended listings. You name it.


Linear algebra. Math analysis. Math statistics. It allows to see the Real Estate market from a different perspective.


We work on the accuracy of prediction through photo analysis. Satellite photo or Street View - photo analysis will determine if renovations and features, declared by the seller really took place.

Artificial intelligence inside

Artificial intelligence we developed, collects and analyzes a large amount of data about actively listed houses to predict their prices, as well as predict how house upgrades affect the selling prices.


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