QA Automation service

We build an automated system that enables fast regression testing


The story behind the task


Frontier Car Group is a German startup, which raised $569M of funding. The company develops, launches, and runs used-automotive marketplaces within emerging market economies.

There was a challenge...

FCG operates in 10 countries over the globe and needs to release new features in a short period of time.

Manual testing wasn’t quick and accurate enough to meet these requirements.

The solution was to automate time-consuming manual testing
The solution was to automate time-consuming manual testing

How we started

First steps

We began cooperation with Frontier Car Group in November 2018. They were looking for experienced QA Automation Engineers. Our team visited the client’s office in Berlin to get acquainted with the system and the existing automation framework. In December, we delivered the first automated tests.

QA Automation success

Where we stand

During the first year of cooperation, we scaled up the team several times. Now, six Temy engineers are involved in this project. They develop automated tests for the client's web and mobile apps.

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Speeding up the testing process

Regression testing, which involved manual effort, was taking up to 3 days. Now, it takes less than a minute. Making multiple updates per day has become possible.

100% of the core functionality is covered with tests

Our team has developed around 700 automated tests, which covered the business-critical part of the system. It includes automation for web (admin & dealer) and mobile (iOS & Android)

Scaling the solution for different markets

Frontier Car Group operates in 10 countries over the globe, and there are different apps used in each market. Our team considers diverse cases, expands, and augments them.


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