Community Capital Technology

We’re building a platform that enables the selling and buying of loans between organizations.

Design System



Community Capital Technology is a digital marketplace designed to connect banks, CDFIs, or credit unions directly with each other, along with providing online access to other third-party originators, purchasers, and investors across the United States.

CCT's members are able to participate in quality loan origination and post their own assets. The company’s mission is to drive innovation in the community-focused financial industry by making loan transactions more transparent, data-driven, and profitable.


The platform was built with Elixir which isn't a widely popular technology. This factor made maintenance nearly impossible.

Besides that, the company wanted to improve the visual design of the app and make the platform mobile-friendly.

Migrate to scalable and mainstream technology was the solution to this problem.
Migrate to scalable and mainstream technology was the solution to this problem.


Temy’s role

The initial plan was to develop a platform similar to what already existed. However, our team had several ideas about how to simplify user flow. These ideas were approved and became the basis for a new concept of the product. We started to build a completely new financial platform that offers users unique tech-powered tools for effective decision making.

First steps

So we started...

One of the objectives was to pick up the best technology stack for this case. Since the client came to us with his own vision for the back-end, the technologies for this part had been already defined. After researching, we determined which tools and technologies for other parts of the project would be best:

• For the UI, we used the Material design system because of its flexibility and the wide range of components.

• React+Mobx turned out to be the perfect solution for the front-end in terms of rapid development and maintenance.

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Where we stand

Within the first iteration, our team developed architecture, tech design, UX flow, and UI design. In general, we’ve reorganized the way a user interacts with the platform.


The platform allows the posting of and searching for deals. According to user preferences, the advanced filter finds relevant results. There are two view modes that show the key info about deals in different formats. The user can create a shortlist by marking the best deals, reviewing more details of each deal, or submitting the proposal right away.

Loan pool

To create a new deal, the user needs to provide detailed info about loans. If the user needs to deal with loan types with thousands of loans inside, this step can be time-consuming. A solution for uploading csv or xlsx files instead of filling in the information manually was developed. We've created a tool that can analyze documents, highlight mistakes, and add information about loans to the system.


In the dashboard, users can discover and compare info about companies. It also contains a data visualization section and benchmark comparison, which is helpful in decision making.


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