Navigating Cybersecurity Frontiers

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Temy’s unique partnership with Vijilan, a cybersecurity powerhouse, marked a milestone in fusing design innovation and digital security. This two-part article traces the inception of this alliance, the journey through groundbreaking projects, challenges encountered, and the triumphant results that revolutionized the user experience, leaving a lasting impact on both the entities and the cybersecurity landscape.


Location, FoundedUS, 2014

IndustryCyber Security

Partnership PeriodJul 2022 – Jan 2023

Team Size2 UI/UX Designers

Pioneering into the Realm of Cybersecurity

In the vibrant landscape of technological evolution, the marriage of design innovation and cybersecurity had yet to find a comprehensive expression. The stage was set for a remarkable symphony of these two critical fields when Temy, an industry leader in tech solutions, embarked on a fruitful venture with Vijilan Security LLC in July 2022. The USA-based Vijilan, established in 2014, had emerged as a strong contender in the niche world of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Their proficiency in cybersecurity, combined with our deep-rooted expertise in software design, laid the foundation for a promising alliance that would unlock unprecedented potential.

The Majestic Tapestry of Projects

Over the course of six months, we embarked on an exciting journey, painting a canvas of innovation with Vijilan, brimming with four ambitious design projects. Each project was a unique challenge, a learning opportunity, and an occasion to apply our expertise. We began with LogNatus, a cutting-edge B2B web app, designed specifically for integration within third-party apps and Vijilan’s security solution. Following LogNatus, we designed ITloop, another web app, built to facilitate the quick construction of templated web pages. Our collaboration then moved onto the comprehensive redesigning of Vijilan’s core product – the Partner Portal, and finally, the complete rejuvenation of the Vijilan website. Each project stood as a testament to our shared vision, relentless pursuit of excellence, and the commitment to delivering top-notch, user-friendly cybersecurity solutions.

Overcoming the Mounting Challenges

Our foray into the intricate universe of Vijilan’s products presented unique challenges. The complexity of the products, coupled with their novelty in the market, was an intriguing puzzle. But with a dedicated team and a determined mindset, we dived into understanding the products’ workings, recognizing that this understanding was crucial to deliver on our commitment. The second significant hurdle we encountered was the revamping of an already established system with a strong user base. Tweaking the UX in a system already familiar to its users necessitated a delicate balance of innovation and familiarity. As with any startup journey, blurred requirements and evolving needs were inevitable roadblocks that we tackled head-on, incorporating additional hours in our estimations to account for these fluctuations.

The Tools of Trade and Our Proactive Approach

As we navigated this complex project landscape, we deployed an array of potent tools such as Figma, React.js, Node.js, Jira, and Confluence. These tools, handpicked for their precision and reliability, were in line with our Design Thinking approach and were instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Maintaining a tight-knit collaboration with Vijilan was paramount. Our collaboration included Vijilan’s product owner and core managers, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient exchange of ideas. To augment our strategies, we leveraged UserTest results, coupled with invaluable insights from Vijilan’s in-house designer. This combination of human expertise and technological assistance paved the way for the successful implementation of our project goals.

Pioneering Improved User Experience

The overarching goal behind our joint venture was to significantly enhance user experience – a goal we relentlessly pursued and successfully achieved. We did this by designing a new product from scratch and implementing comprehensive UX and UI updates for the core product. Each of our design decisions was anchored in the best UX practices and informed by invaluable user feedback, which added a layer of personalization and effectiveness to our solutions. These collective efforts bore fruit in the evolution of the Partner Portal and the birth of unique solutions for their products, setting a high standard in the industry.

Diving Deep into Industry Specifics

Our journey with Vijilan was not just a collaborative project, but also an enlightening excursion into the cybersecurity industry. Our interaction with Vijilan’s products and teams offered us a deep understanding of the MSP business and the specifics of the cybersecurity domain. This exposure to industry nuances not only added a feather to our cap but also enabled us to deliver services tailored to the industry’s needs. The knowledge we gained has since become a cornerstone of our endeavors in similar projects.

Reaping the Fruits: Project Outcomes and Benefits

The fruits of our labor translated into tangible benefits for all parties involved. For Temy, the collaboration solidified our foothold in cybersecurity-related projects, fortifying our portfolio with rich experience. Vijilan reaped the rewards of our hard work with an increased value in their services, setting them on a trajectory to further business success. But the ultimate winners were the end users, who found their day-to-day tasks greatly simplified and the overall user experience significantly enhanced.

The Power of Partnership

The collaboration with Vijilan was more than a professional alliance – it was a partnership nurtured on mutual respect, shared vision, and a drive to excel. Despite being remote, we fostered a friendly atmosphere, rallying towards common goals and supporting each other in overcoming challenges. Our journey together was marked by shared learning and growth. Looking back, one learning that stands out was the need to adopt FigJam right from the get-go instead of transitioning from LucidChart.

The Legacy: Beyond the Project

At the end of the day, every project, every challenge, and every victory is about the user at the heart of our relentless pursuit. Vijilan’s commitment to cybersecurity is a mirror of our mission to design products that make a real difference. As we continue to embrace new challenges and explore new horizons, the legacy of our collaboration with Vijilan serves as a testament to our ability to innovate, adapt, and excel in any industry. Our journey stands as an enduring beacon, lighting the path for future ventures into the ever-evolving world of technology and cybersecurity.

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