Elevating smart living: The evolution of Veev digital home

Discover our collaboration with Veev Digital Home, revolutionizing home automation and redefining smart living. Our shared journey, filled with innovation and breakthroughs, has set new standards for the future of connected homes


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Partnership PeriodSep 2017 – ongoing

Team Size4 Software Engineers
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2 QA Manual
1 DevOps

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The transformation of home automation: A detailed exploration of our journey with Veev digital home

In the dynamic world we live in today, technological advancements have continually pushed the boundaries of our day-to-day experiences. One such realm where technology has made monumental strides is home automation. This fascinating domain has grown leaps and bounds, bridging the gap between human interaction and inanimate spaces to create responsive, intuitive living environments. This comprehensive narrative dives deep into our incredible journey with Veev Digital Home, a trailblazer in residential automation, detailing how our combined efforts have charted new territories in smart home technologies.

The genesis of the Veev collaboration

Our collaboration with Veev Digital Home marked the inception of an enthralling journey, one that aspired to revolutionize the smart home industry by integrating advanced technologies into everyday life. Veev’s groundbreaking home automation system allows residents to take control of various house features, such as lights, shades, fans, and the comprehensive thermal comfort system. Access to these controls is made available via a Wall Control Panel, an iOS mobile app, and through voice commands powered by Amazon Alexa.

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Veev Digital Home is a comprehensive solution designed with homeowners at its heart. This customer-focused approach allows homeowners to be in complete control of their homes from the moment they make the purchase. The houses come pre-integrated with the digital home setup, featuring built-in touch panels. After homeowners receive their secured digital keys and gain personal access to the Veev iOS app, they can explore the full suite of features.

Each Veev home is highly customizable, catering to individual floor and room plans. To ensure seamless interaction, sensors and touch panels are strategically placed in every room. Moreover, the homes boast of enterprise-grade wireless internet embedded in the walls, offering homeowners the benefit of larger bandwidth, faster connection, and enhanced security. This integration of customization, control, and security ensures that Veev homeowners experience unparalleled levels of comfort and convenience.

Overcoming initial challenges: Paving the way forward

Like every ambitious project, our partnership with Veev posed unique challenges. Foremost among these was the task of learning how to connect and simulate the physical devices integral to the system, particularly for the Climate Control feature. This phase was critical and demanded not only a deep understanding of the technologies involved but also innovative thinking to integrate them seamlessly into a cohesive unit. The ability to overcome this initial challenge set the tone for our partnership and underpinned our commitment to making Veev’s vision a reality.

Collaboration at its best: A symphony of innovation

Our alliance with Veev Digital Home went beyond the conventional client-contractor relationship. We were collaborators, working in unison toward a shared vision of transforming the home automation landscape. We adopted the Scrum methodology in our development process, renowned for its iterative approach that promotes regular feedback and close collaboration.

Each component of the Veev system was handled by a dedicated team, led by a team leader responsible for overseeing the entire process. Communication between these teams was robust, fostering a conducive environment for shared learning and synergy. Regular meetings and open communication channels via platforms like Slack ensured that everyone stayed on the same page. This level of inter-team coordination extended to the Quality Assurance (QA) team, which worked in tandem with the installers team based in the USA. This collaborative effort ensured that all system components underwent thorough testing from end-to-end.

The evolution of tools and processes

At the early stages of the project, it became apparent that the existing test cases management system fell short of meeting our requirements. Recognizing the need for an efficient and suitable tool to manage the testing process, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis to find a system that would better suit our needs. After rigorous research and trials, we found a more compatible system that vastly improved our ability to write and run test cases. This new tool also allowed us to establish a regression test plan for each version slated for release, enhancing the reliability and robustness of the product at each stage.

Strategic planning and risk management: mitigating uncertainties

To ensure the project’s smooth execution and minimize potential hurdles, we instituted a rigorous risk management process. Regular monthly syncs with the Veev team and close monitoring of all issues enabled us to stay proactive in identifying potential problems. This practice of continuous engagement and proactive problem-solving ensured that we could quickly adapt to changes and address challenges promptly, ensuring project continuity and quality.

Breaking new ground: The game-changing feature

The jewel in the crown of the Veev Digital Home project is arguably its most innovative feature – the ability to control each room’s climate individually. Homeowners can cool or heat each room separately, tailoring the temperature to their comfort. This level of granular control allows homeowners to customize their living spaces like never before, truly bringing the concept of adaptive living to life.

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Shifting focus: Adapting to changing landscapes

As the project evolved, we noticed a shift in focus from multi-home building solutions to single-family home solutions. This change not only reflected our commitment to catering to diverse customer needs but also our responsiveness to market trends. By adapting to changing market demands, we ensured that our solutions remained relevant, user-friendly, and value-adding.

In conclusion: A partnership forged in innovation, quality, and performance

Our journey with Veev Digital Home is a testament to the transformative power of technological collaboration. Together, we’ve revolutionized the landscape of home automation, always striving to enhance the quality of life for homeowners across the globe.

Our partnership is driven by shared principles of innovation, quality, and performance. With these values at our core, we continue to explore, create, and redefine the possibilities in the smart home industry. The future of home automation is incredibly exciting, and together with Veev, we are eager to remain at the forefront of this ongoing evolution. The journey is far from over – in fact, we believe it’s just the beginning.

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