Transforming Sporcle’s Trivia Platform

In 2022, Temy and Sporcle embarked on a mission to revolutionize the trivia and quiz entertainment industry. This case study unfolds the journey of transforming Sporcle’s platform to offer users an enriched, intuitive, and engaging experience. It delves into the challenges faced, strategies implemented, and the remarkable impact of this partnership, highlighting Temy’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions.


Location, FoundedUS, 2007


Partnership PeriodJul 2022 – Jan 2023

Team Size1 UI/UX Designer



A New Chapter Begins

In the early part of 2022, a remarkable chapter in the tech industry’s chronicles began to unfold. A collaboration, that would leave a lasting impression on the digital landscape, came into existence. Temy, a leading tech solutions provider with an impressive reputation for delivering cutting-edge digital products, joined forces with Sporcle, the USA’s premier trivia and quiz entertainment provider.

Sporcle, with an impressive history that dates back to 2007, sought out Temy to bring a fresh and modern approach to their platform, aiming to further enhance the user experience and increase engagement on their platform. This partnership was not just about redesigning an application – it was about transforming an experience, impacting millions of users, and setting new standards in the industry.

The Intricacies of Sporcle

Understanding Sporcle is not merely about comprehending its product – it’s about embracing its culture. For over a decade, Sporcle has created a sphere where knowledge is not just revered but enjoyed. This ethos of making knowledge fun has translated into a user base that generates and participates in more than one million quizzes, covering an array of topics. These quizzes have been played over five billion times, underlining the profound impact Sporcle has had on its audience.

Its offerings are expansive and well-differentiated, with Sporcle reaching users through multiple platforms – web, mobile devices, live events, and even the suite of trivia apps for iOS and Android devices. Every product, every event, and every quiz is designed to unite people, whether they are in a pub quiz in the heart of the United States or participating in a trivia game from the other side of the world.

Tackling the Challenges

Venturing into this project, Temy recognized that it was unique in many ways. While Sporcle was at the helm of digitizing trivia entertainment, its competitors were still relying on archaic methods such as pen and paper. Sporcle had a progressive vision, and our role was to accelerate this digital transformation while staying true to its identity.

Our task was challenging yet exciting. We were to respect the brand’s long-standing style and history while injecting modernity and innovation into the user experience. We had to design for a diverse user base, primarily comprising of “boomers”, without alienating any user segment. The mission was clear – to retain the essence while evolving the form.


Our Methodical Approach

Our journey started with the landing page – the first interaction point for users. We redesigned it to reflect the new design philosophy while retaining key elements. From there, we transitioned to the platform itself, keeping in mind the specific needs of the users. We aimed to deliver a seamless experience, whether a user wished to engage in a trivia game alone in Tucson, Arizona, or wanted to team up with friends for a weekend quiz event.

At Temy, we believe in the power of collaboration and flexibility. Our designer worked independently yet maintained a strong rapport with the project owner, ensuring constant communication and alignment. Our approach welcomed criticism, adapted to new requests, and focused on maintaining a shared vision.

In this project, we deviated from the typical Scrum approach. Instead, we adopted a flexible and cooperative methodology that was conducive to Sporcle’s unique needs and business model. This dynamic approach allowed us to remain responsive and make timely adjustments.

Transforming User Experience

Our dedication to research and design, paired with Sporcle’s willingness to innovate, led to a remarkable transformation of the platform. With cleaner designs, gamification patterns, and carefully placed marketing elements, we were able to redefine Sporcle’s brand image while enhancing user engagement.

We adopted a user-centric approach, identifying and addressing user issues through continuous redesigning and feedback collection. This iterative process enabled us to craft a platform that was not only visually appealing but also incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. Every decision, every change, was made with the users in mind, ensuring their needs and expectations were always met, if not exceeded.

Reflecting on the Journey

Our year-long journey with Sporcle was more than just a client-service provider relationship. It was a collaborative venture filled with innovation, transformation, and shared triumphs. We took pride in providing tech solutions that not only resolved our client’s challenges but also added immense value to the end users.

The modernized platform was a testament to our ability to respect Sporcle’s business specifics and user preferences while introducing much-needed digital innovation. The end result was a platform that offered enhanced user experience, contributing to Sporcle’s reputation as a leading trivia and quiz entertainment provider.

In the end, our partnership with Sporcle served as a striking example of the synergy possible when a client and service provider share a common vision. We, at Temy, are proud of the results and eagerly look forward to embracing more opportunities to craft user-centric, innovative solutions in the future.

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