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Relayr is a rapidly-growing IoT company, delivering the most complete IoT solutions on the market for the Digital Transformation of industries. Relayr’s protocol-agnostic IoT middleware platform, device management, and analytics capabilities, open-source SDKs, and nimble professional services teams are trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide.


Location, FoundedGermany, 2013


Partnership PeriodOct 2018 – ongoing

Team Size5 Software Engineers

How we work
Discovering the fascinating story of Relayr

Relayr offers IoT solutions for small and mid-size companies, including a middleware platform, Any-to-Any, which enables device data communication between any service, sensor, software, or hardware. The platform is flexible and can integrate new and old IIoT features and business models within the current IT ecosystem. Additionally, Relayr provides Edge Device Management software to maintain IIoT deployments, analytics and insights tailored for industrial use cases, and IoT Starter Kits to help quickly prototype IoT solutions using enterprise-grade hardware and sensors.

From market player to industry leader

Prior to engaging with our organization, Relayr had already established a significant presence in the market, expanding its expertise and capabilities. However, it became increasingly clear that a more comprehensive approach was required to effectively meet the needs of our clients. In addition to offering a robust technology infrastructure, it was essential to provide a fully invested partnership that could assist our customers in achieving their specific goals. As a result, Relayr has shifted its focus towards providing solutions that address the unique challenges, risks, and desired outcomes of our clients. To support this endeavor, Relayr has significantly expanded its Engineering teams by hiring our Specialists.

The aims of our partnership

The partnership between Temy and Relayr was formed with the shared goal of leveraging the expertise and capabilities of both companies. Relayr, an industrial IoT company operating globally, specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for the connected industry. On the other hand, Temy, a software engineering house based in Ukraine, with a solid understanding of the IoT field.

By collaborating, Temy and Relayr aim to enhance the capabilities of Relayr’s two main products, Franz and Skyler, by providing Temy’s expertise in the IoT. This partnership allows Relayr to deliver state-of-the-art IIoT solutions to its clients.

How it all began

In the year 2018, the founders of Temy embarked on a business trip to Germany. The primary objective of this journey was to visit the city of Berlin, widely acknowledged as the hub of European startups.

During their visit, the founders of Temy had the opportunity to meet with the Head of Engineering at Relayr, at the company’s office located on Bergmannstraße street. This meeting proved to be fortuitous as both Temy and Relayr were actively seeking potential partners for growth and collaboration.

After careful consideration and negotiations, both parties reached a mutually beneficial agreement and executed a contract for cooperation. This marked the beginning of a productive partnership between Temy and Relayr.

Franz Head Mobile V2
Product Overview


Franz, powered by relayr, is the award-winning elevator servicing solution that brings elevator service to the next level. Franz monitors elevator health 24/7 year-round – from detecting changes in operating parameters to anomaly detection and root-cause analysis of elevator breakdowns. You can retrofit Franz on almost any elevator in under 30 minutes, irrespective of age, manufacturer, or model. With Franz, you always have the relevant analytics available at your fingertips. Welcome to the next level.

Skyler Logo Black
Product Overview


SKYLER enables industrial equipment manufacturers and maintenance & repair companies to stay relevant by ensuring optimized planned downtime and repair cost reduction. This becomes possible through scalable data-driven predictive maintenance capabilities and machine health insights combined with a unique Unwarned Repair Events Warranty.

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