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When Berlin-based online retailer, Lesara, faced challenges with their hybrid app, Temy stepped in to engineer a seamless mobile shopping experience. Overcoming numerous hurdles, Temy transformed Lesara’s mobile retail platform, resulting in over 2 million downloads. This article chronicles our journey with Lesara, detailing the challenges we faced, our solutions, and the ultimate success of this rewarding partnership


Location, FoundedGermany, 2012


Partnership PeriodDec 2017 – May 2019

Team Size12 Software Engineers


The Advent of Lesara

In the dynamic world of online retail, fresh ideas and innovative approaches are the driving forces that can propel a startup to the pinnacle of success. It was with this philosophy in mind that, in September 2013, an exciting new venture was launched from the heart of Berlin: Lesara.

At its core, Lesara aimed to revolutionize e-commerce by offering a simple, easy-to-use platform where consumers could effortlessly purchase the latest fashion and lifestyle products. Striving to combine high-quality offerings with competitive pricing, Lesara soon carved a niche for itself within the German retail industry.

The brand’s success story was only just beginning, however. Lesara’s rapid rise to prominence was so dramatic that it didn’t take long for its influence to extend beyond Germany. Every year since its inception, Lesara expanded into new markets within the European Union, gradually transforming from a local startup into an international sensation.

The Hybrid Hurdle: Challenges in the Path of Progress

As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” For Lesara, the “power” was its rapidly growing user base, and the “responsibility” was to provide these users with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. However, the hybrid app that Lesara had initially deployed began to show signs of strain under the weight of these responsibilities.

The hybrid app posed a series of problems. Adding new features to the app became an increasingly lengthy process, frustrating both developers and users alike. Maintenance of the app was no walk in the park either, with technical issues cropping up more often than not.

Most importantly, the user feedback spoke volumes about the issues they faced. The average user rating of the app stood at a mediocre 3.5 stars. The message was clear: to progress, Lesara had to move away from the hybrid app. The need of the hour was a native application.

Enter the Game Changer: Temy’s Partnership with Lesara

Recognizing the need for change, Lesara turned to Temy, a leading name in the world of software product engineering. The task at hand was anything but simple: Temy had to develop a native mobile app that would not only serve Lesara’s large user base without glitches but also allow for the seamless addition of new features.

The objectives were multi-fold. Temy was not just responsible for the functional aspect of the app – it also had to improve the user interface and experience, making it more engaging and intuitive. Beyond that, Temy also had to integrate analytics and payment systems, aiming to reduce maintenance and support costs. All these efforts were geared towards one ultimate goal: to boost Lesara’s conversion rates.

The Engine Room: Temy’s Behind-the-Scenes Efforts

Armed with a clear vision and an in-depth understanding of Lesara’s requirements, Temy’s team dove into the task at hand. We dedicated our time and expertise to the integration of third-party services such as analytics and payment systems, which were critical to the app’s functionality and success.

This phase of the project was crucial yet often overlooked. It required extensive technical know-how and precision, but it was fundamental to the smooth operation of the new app.

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Reimagining the Shopping Experience: Unveiling the Features

When the curtain finally lifted on the new Lesara mobile shop app, the results were nothing short of extraordinary. Developed by Temy, the app was a testament to the potential of a well-crafted native application. It offered users an array of features designed to enhance their shopping experience significantly.

For starters, the app enabled users to browse high-quality products organized into pre-selected categories such as Clothing, Sport, Shoes, and Accessories. This feature allowed for quick and convenient navigation, making it easier for users to find the products they were looking for.

Another critical aspect of the app was the introduction of the ‘TODAY’S TOP DEALS’ section. With this feature, users could readily access exclusive offers and ongoing sales, thereby enjoying additional savings. Not only did this make shopping more affordable, but it also added an element of excitement to the process.

However, perhaps the most impactful feature we integrated was the personalized shopping experience. By offering users tailored updates about sales and discounts in the Lesara shop, we were able to drive engagement and increase the effectiveness of the company’s marketing and sales activities.

A Partnership Defined by Success: The Client’s Perspective

As we look back on our journey with Lesara, one thing is certain: our partnership was marked by a successful cooperation that was centered on a delicate balance between quick turnarounds and ensuring high quality in every feature.

As noted by Waldo Vanderhaeghen, Mobile Product Manager at Lesara, “Temy developers were fully integrated with the Lesara team. It enabled flexibility and clear communication.” This integration was key to our successful partnership and allowed us to efficiently address the needs and concerns that arose during the development process.

Our cooperation was successful because of the balance between quick turnaround and ensuring high quality in every feature. Temy developers were fully integrated with the Lesara team. It enabled flexibility and clear communication.

The result of this collaboration was a robust, user-friendly mobile shop app that was downloaded over 2 million times. This impressive statistic is a testament to our shared vision of simplifying online retail and the hard work and dedication that went into realizing this vision.

Our partnership with Lesara is just one of many such success stories at Temy. By focusing on the unique needs of our clients and tailoring our solutions to meet these needs, we aim to drive businesses towards new heights of success. With every project, we strive to create more such stories, always looking forward to building successful and lasting partnerships.

Temy partners - Waldo Vanderhaeghen, Lesara
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