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Evolving aviation safety together with Temy and FLARM

Navigating the future of aviation safety with Temy and FLARM, we delve into a transformative partnership that redefines aviation safety standards. Temy, with its suite of innovative solutions, and FLARM, a leader in collision-avoidance technology, come together to elevate the usability and functionality of essential safety systems. This narrative unfolds around the challenges faced, strategies employed, and significant achievements realized through their collaboration, setting a new direction towards enhanced safety in the skies.

 FLARM Technology

Location, FoundedSwitzerland, 2003


Partnership PeriodDec 2022 – May 2023

Team Size1 Flutter Engineer


 FLARM Technology
Introduction: A sky-high collaboration

Aviation sector’s safety in the context is not no longer just a priority but the ultimate goal. FLARM Technology, Switzerland-based technology provider of flight safety management services, has been a forerunner of aviation safety innovation since 2003, and it has emerged as a role model of innovation in the critical field of aviation safety. Their innovation in the collision-avoidance system of light aircraft, gliders, helicopters, and drones,which makes use of the GPS precision and reliability of radio technology, is a landmark event that may save lives and help pilots know about what is flying nearby. However, this quest is open-ended. Having realized the need to go a step further in simplifying the interface of their technology with the development of a smart mobile app that would bring the configuration, diagnostic and data analysis tools close to the pilots was FLARM’s vision. In cooperation with FLARM, Temy upgrades the aviation safety standards implementing its solutions that do not only comply with but beyond the air traffic management & air navigation services industry expectations.

The Challenge: A Turbulent Start

The collaboration commenced in December 2022. Assigned an objective that seemed straightforward at first glance, the challenge proved to be far from simple. The codebase inherited by Temy was beleaguered by a history of compromised decisions—shortcuts and stopgaps that, while perhaps well-intentioned, had rendered the application’s architecture brittle and unwieldy. The project was a maze of complexities, demanding not just technical acumen but strategic foresight.

Strategy in Action: Crafting Solutions

Undaunted by the challenge, Temy deployed a lone Flutter Engineer—a decision that underscored their commitment to agility and precision. This approach, though unconventional, perfectly encapsulated Temy’s philosophy: that within the broad realm of technology and teamwork, a focused approach can often reveal the way forward. This journey was significantly bolstered by Thomas from FLARM, whose insights into hardware intricacies and connections with key stakeholders—OLC, WeGlide, and SeeYou—were instrumental.

The project’s achievements were manifold, each milestone a testament to Temy’s meticulous approach:

  • Reengineering the application’s connection framework to enhance stability.
  • Overhauling the update mechanism to streamline processes and introduce a user-friendly progress indicator.
  • Achieving seamless integration with renowned services like OLC, WeGlide, and SeeYou, empowering pilots with unparalleled data sharing capabilities.
  • Enhancing the application’s webview component, particularly on Android platforms, to ensure robust performance.
 FLARM Technology

The voyage was not without its squalls. The endeavor to integrate with third-party services unveiled a landscape riddled with obstacles, chiefly stemming from inadequate documentation. These challenges served as a crucible, testing and ultimately strengthening Temy’s resolve and resourcefulness. The experience underscored a vital lesson: the significance of rigorous preparation and the hazards of underestimating the complexity of integrations, particularly with smaller entities.

The significant improvements and impact on safety and user experience

The collaboration between Temy and FLARM has redefined the contours of aviation safety. The application, revitalized and robust, has not only enhanced the user experience for pilots but has also significantly bolstered the ecosystem of aviation safety. The ability for pilots to effortlessly access, analyze, and share critical flight data marks a leap forward in proactive safety measures. This major improvement in both functionality and reliability has left FLARM’s clientele thoroughly impressed, a testament to the project’s unmitigated success.

Lessons from the horizon: a blueprint for future endeavors

The FLARM project was more than a partnership. It was a journey of discovery and growth for Temy. The insights gained from this endeavor—ranging from the intricacies of Wi-Fi connected devices to the complexities of flight data analytics—have enriched Temy’s repertoire of knowledge. These lessons, particularly the importance of anticipating and planning for integration challenges, will inform and inspire future projects.

As we conclude our case study, it’s important to look back and appreciate the power of technology in transforming visions into reality. Temy’s journey with Genie wasn’t just about developing an application; it was about contributing to an innovative product that can change the way we perceive meals. From the first line of code to the last, it was a thrilling journey, filled with learning, growth, and innovation.

Looking forward, we are excited to use the experience and knowledge gained from this project to fuel our future endeavors and continue delivering exceptional digital solutions. With each project, we get one step closer to our goal – using technology to create meaningful change.

The Path Forward: envisioning tomorrow

As Temy and FLARM look towards the horizon, the successes of this partnership illuminate the path ahead. The project stands as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and relentless pursuit of excellence in aviation safety. The challenges encountered and overcome have not only fortified Temy’s expertise but have also paved the way for future collaborations that aspire to push the boundaries of technology and safety.

Conclusion: Charting the Future of Aviation Safety

The collaboration between Temy and FLARM represents a dynamic story of innovation, overcoming obstacles, and success. It underscores the transformative power of collaborative endeavors, driven by a shared vision of enhancing safety and usability in the aviation sector. As Temy continues to explore new frontiers, the experiences and achievements of this partnership will serve as a cornerstone for future innovations. Collaboration with FLARM is not just a chapter in Temy’s story—it’s a milestone in the ongoing quest for excellence in aviation safety.

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