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In this article, we traverse the robust journey of Temy, a leading tech company, and Coffee Circle, a socially-driven e-commerce coffee firm. As we explore their unique collaboration aimed at digitizing Coffee Circle’s frontend interfaces, we delve into the project’s challenges, unexpected turns, and valuable lessons, revealing a rich brew of resilience, adaptability, and technical innovation despite an unforeseen early end.

Coffee Circle

Location, FoundedGermany, 2010


Partnership PeriodFeb 2021 – Jul 2022

Team Size3 Software Engineers

coffee circle

The Dawn of a Dynamic Duo

Coffee Circle, an esteemed Berlin-based e-commerce company, has been consistently enriching the coffee industry with its remarkable contributions since its inception in 2010. Carving its unique niche, the company is not only a purveyor of exceptional coffee but also a champion of fair trade and social impact. Over the past decade, Coffee Circle has been more than just a business; it’s been a beacon of change, investing over €4 million into coffee communities globally and improving the lives of over 500,000 farmers and their families.

In November 2021, Coffee Circle decided to embark on a mission to refine its digital presence and augment its customer experience. This quest led them to a partnership with Temy, an industry-leading tech company with a strong track record of delivering innovative and custom software solutions. The collaboration between these two organizations marked the inception of a strategic partnership built on mutual respect, shared values, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Advent of a Unique Project

The central goal of this alliance was to create an innovative adapter between Shopware, a widely-used e-commerce platform, and Coffee Circle’s frontend interfaces. This adapter, primarily a Node.js application, was strategically designed to cache Shopware data for categories and products, transform the data into the required format for frontend usability, and store them in a MongoDB database.

This project was like no other in Temy’s portfolio. It was singularly crafted, keeping in mind the unique operational needs and business model of Coffee Circle. The project’s success relied heavily on the intimate understanding of the company’s business objectives and the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce. Although the task was challenging, the team at Temy was excited to tackle it head-on and deliver a solution that met Coffee Circle’s specific needs.

The Resilience to Overcome Obstacles

One of the foremost challenges the team faced was the inherent limitations of the Shopware platform. Shopware’s system architecture made it difficult to export detailed lists, and this presented a significant hurdle. However, Temy’s problem-solving proficiency came to the rescue. The team innovatively augmented Shopware with custom endpoints, effectively bypassing the limitations and facilitating the smooth export of data.

To ensure consistent project progress, Temy adopted a standard two-week scrum methodology. Regular meetings were conducted, including pre-planning, planning, demos, retrospectives, and review sessions. The dynamic process helped keep the project on track, foster a culture of transparent communication, and encourage feedback. This approach was crucial in overcoming challenges and driving the project towards its goals.

coffe circle

Embracing the Unexpected

The journey of this partnership was marked with various milestones and challenges. Temy’s role wasn’t confined to creating a Node.js architecture and designing endpoints. The team was actively involved in synchronizing technical requirements with the Shopware team and Coffee Circle’s Director of Development. They also took up the responsibilities of code review and some development tasks, ensuring the application adhered to the highest quality standards.

However, the voyage wasn’t always smooth sailing. An unexpected downturn in the coffee industry led to a decrease in Coffee Circle’s income, creating a significant financial strain. This unforeseen economic shift resulted in the sudden halt of the project in July 2022, leaving the Node.js application and its potential benefits unexplored.

From Experiences to Expertise

Although the project was not fully realized due to the premature ending, it wasn’t a futile exercise. The experience presented invaluable opportunities for both parties. Temy’s development team significantly expanded their technical expertise, gaining a deep understanding of Nest and Shopware, and honing their skills in MongoDB. The project served as an intense hands-on learning platform, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and technical skills.

In addition to technical knowledge, the project underscored the importance of open and constant team communication in addressing motivation and overcoming roadblocks. It highlighted the need for proactive involvement and forward-thinking, especially when dealing with external factors that can impact a project’s progress. The takeaway from this experience was clear: every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow.

The Unseen Legacy

While the fruits of this project didn’t see the light of day, its legacy remains profoundly impactful. It showcased Temy’s unwavering dedication to their clients, adaptability in the face of adversity, and determination to deliver unique, custom solutions. The project’s story is a testament to Temy’s commitment to providing the best possible service and solutions to their clients, even when faced with industry-specific challenges.

While Coffee Circle’s users and customers did not directly experience the benefits of the project, the experience laid the groundwork for future innovations. Temy’s commitment to learning from this journey and applying these insights to future projects ensures that all subsequent endeavors will be increasingly efficient and successful.

The partnership with Coffee Circle, albeit abruptly ended, enriched Temy’s experience and resilience. The memories of this collaboration, symbolized by the recurring coffee emojis in their chats, will always serve as a reminder of this unique journey and the lessons learned.

In Conclusion

This unique collaboration with Coffee Circle added a rich chapter to Temy’s story, fortifying its reputation as a robust, flexible, and customer-oriented tech partner. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Temy demonstrated its unwavering commitment to delivering tailored solutions, overcoming challenges, and continuous learning. The journey brewed valuable lessons that Temy will carry forward in its relentless quest for innovation and customer satisfaction. The aroma of this collaboration, though decaffeinated prematurely, still lingers as a testament to Temy’s resilience, adaptability, and technical prowess.

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