Unifying Tech and Healthcare

BioT, an Israeli medical tech company, and Temy, a software development expert, embarked on a transformative partnership in 2021. Uniting BioT’s pioneering healthcare solutions with Temy’s technical acumen, they revolutionized the medical device landscape. This article explores their journey, shedding light on their collaborative success and its profound impact on healthcare efficiency and patient outcomes


Location, FoundedIsrael, 2012


Partnership PeriodOct 2021 – ongoing

Team Size3 Software Engineers

The Convergence of Technology and Healthcare

BioT, an innovative medical technology company founded in 2018, has been disrupting the industry with its game-changing solutions. Based in Petach Tikva, Israel, BioT blends the frontiers of healthcare and technology in a manner that sets it apart. BioT is not merely a company that develops medical technologies – it is a transformative force that is reshaping how healthcare is delivered in the modern world.
Their central innovation is an open and regulated platform that breaks down the barriers between medical devices and the cloud. For the first time, BioT introduces the first and only open IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) infrastructure for developers. It’s a revolutionary solution that gets medical devices on the cloud in a snap using a template-based drag-and-drop method, eliminating the need for extensive coding expertise.

This way, BioT ensures that valuable time is saved, and the development costs can be allocated towards mission-critical paths.

Exploring the Revolutionary Work of BioT

The brilliance of BioT’s work is rooted in their consistent focus on improving patient care. Their open and regulated platform  allows for a secure connection of devices to a medical-grade cloud. This technological marvel not only enhances personalized patient engagement but also improves health outcomes through collaboration between patients and caregivers.

This unique approach allows data from various connected medical devices to be transformed into actionable insights, enhancing clinical decision-making and care experiences. This is done while carefully keeping privacy and information security at the top priority in all processes and flows. By making the sharing of medical data more efficient, BioT is effectively transforming how healthcare professionals and patients interact, breaking down barriers for a more transparent, collaborative approach to healthcare while addressing privacy and security at the highest priority.

BioT Platform, is adopted by a diverse array of connected medical device manufacturer and their customers, usually hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Embarking on a New Chapter: The Partnership Journey

In October 2021, BioT partnered with us at Temy, a software development company known for its expert craftsmanship and commitment to innovation. Recognizing the potential in our comprehensive services, BioT approached us to assist them in their ambitious endeavor to enhance and maintain their sophisticated software systems.

As a committed partner, we offered them a team of three senior DevOps engineers, each bringing to the table their unique blend of technical skills and substantial experience in the healthcare industry. This dedicated team served as an extension of BioT, providing their undivided attention to helping BioT achieve its objectives.

The DevOps specialists, with their vast experience and deep knowledge, worked hand-in-hand with the BioT team. They helped to develop and maintain software systems that would serve as the backbone for BioT’s innovative solutions.

Our team didn’t just stop at software development. We also offered services such as cloud infrastructure management, a critical component in BioT’s operations, and continuous integration and delivery, an approach that ensures the software systems are always up-to-date and operating at peak efficiency.

Through this close collaboration, BioT’s development process became more efficient, and the deployment of their software systems was significantly expedited. It was a synergy of mutual respect and shared goals, with both Temy and BioT keen on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in medical technology.

The Power of Partnership

Our collaboration with BioT Medical is a testament to the power of strong, symbiotic partnerships in the tech industry. By bringing together BioT’s deep industry-specific knowledge and our technical prowess, we created sophisticated software systems that truly elevated their service delivery.

This partnership has proven that when two organizations share a common goal and pool their expertise, the results can be transformative. Our collective efforts have allowed us to provide better support to BioT’s customers, improving not just their experiences but their health outcomes as well.

This successful collaboration is not an endpoint, but a stepping stone to even greater things. We look forward to continuing our journey with BioT, joining forces to introduce even more innovative solutions in the medical software platforms space. After all, our shared mission is to enhance people’s lives – and through our partnership, we’re turning that mission into reality.

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