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Unlocking the Future of Convenience: How myflexbox is Redefining Everyday Life

Revolutionizing Everyday Life: The myflexbox Story with Lukas Wieser

In a compelling exchange with Matthew from The Bright Founders Talk at Temy, Lukas Wieser, the Founder and Co-CEO of myflexbox, delves into the transformative journey of his startup, aiming to revolutionize the last mile delivery service.

With a recent infusion of 75 million in funding, myflexbox has established itself as a pivotal player in the logistics industry, particularly in Austria and Germany, by creating the largest open SmartLock network. Wieser’s vision extends beyond mere convenience, targeting a robust mission to elevate urban delivery systems to new heights. He emphasizes the integration with major carriers worldwide, making parcel collection a seamless, 24/7 operation for consumers and a significant time saver for delivery personnel, especially during peak seasons like Christmas. The conversation also touches on the pandemic-induced surge in delivery volumes and the critical role of myflexbox in addressing this challenge. Wieser provides insights into the concept of the last mile, highlighting its cost and environmental implications, and outlines myflexbox’s approach to offering sustainable, economically viable, and socially responsible solutions.

The origin story of myflexbox, stemming from a simple need for a flexible, neutral place for exchanges, underscores the innovative spirit and adaptability that led to the creation of a solution addressing a pressing issue in the parcel delivery industry. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to serving both consumers and carriers, myflexbox has not only expanded its network but also cemented its reputation as a trusted, efficient, and inclusive platform in the logistics sector.

Revolutionizing Everyday Life: The myflexbox Story with Lukas Wieser
Revolutionizing Last-Mile Delivery: Lukas Visser’s Journey to a Smarter, Greener Future

Lukas Visser, the co-CEO and co-founder of myflexbox, dives into the heart of innovation in the logistics industry, particularly focusing on the last-mile delivery conundrum. With a fresh infusion of €75 million in funding, myflexbox is spearheading the transformation towards efficient, sustainable urban logistics. Lukas shares the story of myflexbox, which has rapidly become the largest open SmartLock network in Austria and Germany. Their mission? To elevate city living and streamline the last mile of parcel delivery by collaborating with the world’s leading carriers. This initiative not only enhances convenience for online shoppers, who can now pick up parcels anytime but also significantly reduces the stress on delivery personnel during peak times like the holiday season.

“One thing we’ve realized,” Lukas remarks, “is that the pandemic has drastically changed how we view parcel delivery, turning it into an essential service overnight.” This profound insight underpins myflexbox’s strategy, as they work to address the surge in parcel volumes and the increasing demand for flexibility and efficiency in deliveries. Lukas enthusiastically explains how their SmartLock network simplifies the delivery and return process, making it a win-win for both consumers and carriers. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about constructing a more sustainable ecosystem for urban areas, tackling the emissions and costs associated with the last mile, which, as Lukas points out, can account for up to half of a parcel’s journey costs.

The genesis of myflexbox, as Lukas recounts, stemmed from a simple yet universal need for flexibility and efficiency in exchanging items without the constraints of schedules and physical presence. The pivot from an initial idea to the creation of a nationwide network of smart lockers in Austria exemplifies innovation driven by real-world challenges. “We were the first in Europe to convince major carriers to join our open system, providing unprecedented convenience for consumers and logistical efficiency for carriers,” Lukas shares, revealing the essence of myflexbox’s mission. This journey wasn’t just about solving a logistical problem; it was about reimagining the fabric of urban living and commerce. Lukas’s vision of a network that serves not only as a point of parcel exchange but also as a beacon of sustainability and convenience reflects a deeper understanding of our interconnected world. “We make the delivery of parcels and returns really easy,” Lukas says, encapsulating the transformative impact of myflexbox.

We were the first in Europe to convince major carriers to join our open system, providing unprecedented convenience for consumers and logistical efficiency for carriers

Revolutionizing Delivery: How Lukas’s myflexbox is Cutting CO2 and Saving Miles

Lukas’s brainchild, the myflexbox system, is not just a convenience; it’s a revolution in reducing traffic and environmental impact. “We save more than two tons per month of CO2 emissions per myflexbox per year,” Lukas proudly states, highlighting the system’s efficiency and its contribution to a greener planet. This isn’t just about cutting down on carbon; it’s about reshaping how we think about delivery and logistics. With every parcel delivered through myflexbox, the need for short, unnecessary trips diminishes, translating into significant time savings for consumers and a substantial reduction in emissions. Lukas’s anecdote about the press lady in Berlin, who now avoids short car trips for parcel collection, perfectly encapsulates the system’s practical benefits on a personal level.

We save more than two tons per month of CO2 emissions per myflexbox per year

Lukas, a social entrepreneur with roots in San Francisco and London, emphasizes the core mission of his company: to make life easier and save precious time. “The only thing we don’t have enough of is precious time,” he muses, summing up the essence of myflexbox’s appeal. This philosophy extends beyond mere convenience; it’s about enhancing quality of life by eliminating the hassle of waiting for deliveries and making eco-friendly choices easier for everyone. Lukas’s approach is not just about business; it’s a lifestyle change, advocating for efficiency and sustainability in every parcel delivered and mile saved.

The economic implications of myflexbox are equally transformative, challenging traditional delivery models with its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By streamlining deliveries to single points, myflexbox not only cuts costs for carriers but also makes online shopping more affordable for consumers. Lukas explains, “Time is precious, time is money,” underscoring the dual benefits of saving time and reducing expenses for both businesses and customers. As myflexbox expands its network, from Austria’s dense coverage to pioneering efforts in Germany, it’s clear that Lukas’s vision is catching on. The momentum and trust built in Austria are paving the way for a wider adoption, signaling a future where efficient, eco-friendly deliveries are the norm, not the exception.

Revolutionizing Delivery: Lukas Unveils the AI-Driven Future of myflexbox

In an age where technology intertwines seamlessly with daily life, Lukas, alongside his co-founder Peter, is pioneering a transformation in parcel delivery through the innovative use of AI in their myflexbox lockers. “We know exactly with AI technology… the system is live. We don’t have to be there,” Lukas shares, painting a picture of a future where the heartbeat of each locker is monitored remotely, ensuring efficiency and reliability across two countries. This leap towards a transparent system not only streamlines operations but also showcases the tech prowess behind myflexbox, setting a new standard in the delivery industry with state-of-the-art technology.

We know exactly with AI technology… the system is live. We don’t have to be there

What makes Lukas’s vision truly stand out is the inclusivity and openness of the system. By embracing open APIs, myflexbox welcomes anyone to the fold, boasting a record integration time of just four business days for carriers. This approach not only democratizes parcel delivery but also aligns perfectly with smart city trends, emphasizing sustainability and community value. Lukas eloquently captures the essence of this transformative shift, “If you really want to be sustainable, you need open systems.” This philosophy underpins their mission to build a network that enriches urban life, proving that technology and open collaboration can indeed pave the way for a more inclusive future.

Security, a paramount concern in the delivery of high-value items like PlayStation 5s, is tackled head-on with a comprehensive strategy that includes live tracking, full insurance, and video surveillance, all while respecting privacy laws. This robust security framework has not only earned the trust of major carriers but also cemented myflexbox’s reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking partner. Lukas’s recount of these achievements highlights the pivotal role of technology in achieving a seamless, secure, and inclusive delivery network. “It’s really a network effect,” he remarks, underscoring the transformative power of AI and open systems in redefining parcel delivery for cities of the future.

myflexbox Unleashed: Lukas’s Vision for a Boundless Future of Convenience

Lukas, in his characteristically visionary manner, shares an exhilarating glimpse into the future of myflexbox, painting a picture of endless possibilities and seamless everyday solutions. With a sparkle of innovation in his eyes, he reveals, “there is no boundaries, if we are in an ethical and legal area that is acceptable.” This statement isn’t just a testament to the myflexbox’s versatility; it encapsulates the essence of Lukas’s mission to transform mundane tasks into effortless interactions. Imagine dropping off your laundry at a myflexbox and picking it up clean two days later, or swapping books and keys with ease. The potential for expanding this service into tool rentals or ensuring critical components for home repairs are readily available demonstrates Lukas’s commitment to making life simpler and more efficient for everyone.

The examples Lukas provides are not mere hypotheticals; they’re real-life scenarios already unfolding. German Telecom’s use of myflexbox for immediate router replacements is a case in point, showcasing how myflexbox is becoming integral to solving everyday problems. “It’s just making life easier, you know, 24/7,” Lukas reflects, underscoring the practical impact of his innovation on daily life. From facilitating urgent repairs to supporting the elderly and families, myflexbox is proving to be an indispensable tool in the urban landscape, blending technology with human-centric solutions.

It’s just making life easier, you know, 24/7

What’s perhaps most exciting is how users themselves are contributing to the evolution of myflexbox, discovering and inventing new ways to leverage the system that even Lukas hadn’t anticipated. This organic growth and innovation highlight the system’s adaptability and the creative potential of its user base. Lukas’s open invitation to the public to share their ideas and innovations further fuels this dynamic ecosystem, ensuring that myflexbox remains at the cutting edge of convenience and service. “We love to develop new things,” Lukas enthuses, echoing his passion for collaborative innovation and community-driven development. With myflexbox, Lukas isn’t just offering a product; he’s cultivating a movement towards a smarter, more connected world.

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