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Unlocking the Future: How Shawn Olds and boodleAI Are Democratizing Generative AI for Work and Beyond

Shawn Olds: Bridging Gaps in AI Adoption with boodleAI’s Innovative Approach

In an enlightening episode of “Bright Founders Talk” hosted by Temy, a global software development company, we were treated to the remarkable journey of Shawn Olds, the co-founder and CEO of boodleAI. Through an engaging conversation with Barry, the podcast’s host, Olds shared his fascinating transition from a computer science major at West Point to an entrepreneurial leader in the technology sector. 

With a rich background that spans military service, government roles in counterterrorism, and building startups across the globe, Olds brings a unique blend of experiences to the helm of boodleAI. The company, which prides itself on pioneering in the AI space even before it became a buzzword, is a testament to Olds’ vision of leveraging generative AI to revolutionize the way businesses operate. 

As the discussion unfolds, listeners gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of running a startup, the importance of a versatile team capable of wearing multiple hats, and the intricate balance between maintaining robust IT security and fostering an environment of innovation. Olds’ narrative not only highlights his personal growth and entrepreneurial spirit but also underscores the dynamic and transformative potential of AI technology in today’s digital age.

Shawn Olds: Bridging Gaps in AI Adoption with boodleAI's Innovative Approach

From Army Boots to Startup Suits: The Unconventional Journey of a Tech Entrepreneur

Shawn Olds’ journey is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride that cuts across different continents, careers, and cultures. Starting his career trajectory at West Point as a computer science major, Shawn quickly admits that the programming languages he learned are now relics of the past, humorously noting that they’re “taught in the history of computers class.” His transition from military life to the tech world was unexpected, marked by a parachute accident that forced him to reconsider his career path. This twist of fate led him to the tech industry, where he has been building companies for over two decades, driven by a passion for innovation and a knack for leadership.

His narrative takes us through his post-military life, from counterterrorism to entrepreneurship, and the inception of boodleAI, a venture he co-founded with a fellow Ranger School alumnus. Their company, which focuses on leveraging generative AI, was ahead of its time, embracing AI “before it became cool.” Olds’ story is a testament to adaptability and foresight, illustrating how he and his team have evolved the company to capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities that AI presents. It’s a vivid example of how a diverse background can fuel innovation in technology, bringing unique perspectives to the forefront of business strategy.

Perhaps the most compelling part of Shawn’s philosophy is encapsulated in his belief that in a startup, “there are very few specialists; people need to be able to wear multiple hats.” This approach not only highlights the versatility required in a fast-paced tech environment but also underscores the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and resilience among team members. Olds eloquently puts it, “failing is not failure,” emphasizing that mistakes are not just inevitable but are stepping stones to greater achievements. This mindset is at the core of boodleAI’s success and is a powerful reminder of the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the tech industry forward.

failing is not failure

As we delve into the bustling world of generative AI, Shawn Olds sheds light on the landscape like a seasoned explorer charting unknown territories. With the emergence of heavyweight contenders like Google, Microsoft, and niche innovators such as Stability AI and Jasper AI, the arena is nothing short of a technological gladiator’s pit. Yet, amidst this competitive fervor, Olds spotlights a peculiar trend: the hype around AI has yet to translate into widespread adoption. “Less than 10% of the workforce is actually adopting it,” he points out, hinting at the untapped potential simmering beneath the surface. His approach to bundling these diverse tools through boodleAI’s interface reflects a strategic move to harness this potential, making advanced AI tools more accessible and affordable for businesses eager to dive into the AI revolution without breaking the bank.

Diving deeper, Olds’ vision for the future is all about enhancing collaboration and productivity. The current state of AI tools offers a solitary journey, a path Olds is determined to transform into a communal expedition. His narrative paints a vivid picture of a future where generative AI not only simplifies tasks but also brings teams together in real-time collaboration. Imagine the power of AI that allows for group brainstorming sessions without the drag of traditional meetings, turning hours of discussion into moments of collective achievement. This approach could redefine teamwork, making every virtual gathering a conduit for immediate, tangible progress.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, a theme Olds doesn’t shy away from. The rapid evolution of AI technology, while exciting, also beckons a cautious approach to governance and ethical considerations. His enthusiasm is tempered with wisdom, recognizing the need for a balanced advancement in AI that ensures innovation does not outpace our ability to manage its impacts responsibly. “We’ve got to make sure that we abide by just what should be done properly,” Olds advises, echoing a sentiment that resonates deeply within the tech community. As we stand on the cusp of unprecedented technological growth, his insights offer a roadmap for navigating the future with optimism and vigilance.

We’ve got to make sure that we abide by just what should be done properly

Unleashing Generative AI’s True Potential: Shawn Olds’ Vision of Innovation and Accessibility

Shawn Olds passionately argues that the public is still on the brink of understanding the sheer power of generative AI. Citing a McKinsey study revealing that less than 10% of the workforce utilizes this technology, Olds highlights a significant gap between generative AI’s potential and its current use. Yet, there’s a silver lining as he shares how new adopters on his platform gravitate towards specific tasks like content generation and translation before branching out into more innovative applications. Olds takes pride in how his platform enables organizations, especially nonprofits considered technology laggards, to creatively harness generative AI. A notable example includes a major gift officer who leveraged AI for role-playing to prepare for donor meetings, showcasing the technology’s adaptability beyond conventional uses.

The journey of discovering generative AI’s versatility doesn’t stop with external users but extends to Olds’ own team, where members continuously surprise each other with novel applications of their platform. This organic experimentation and shared learning underscore the platform’s design ethos: fostering collaboration and breaking down the silos that often hinder innovation. Olds’ enthusiasm is palpable as he recounts instances where even the creators are schooled in their creation’s potential, embodying the spirit of continuous discovery and mutual inspiration that drives the platform forward.

Olds’ company stands out not by competing with giants like ChatGPT or Bard but by integrating them into a comprehensive ecosystem that demystifies AI for the uninitiated. With over 900 AI helpers designed to engage users in intuitive conversations, the platform aims to lower the barrier to entry for leveraging AI. “It’s not as much as we’re better or competitive… It’s just we’re providing an ecosystem where everybody can come to and use them all,” Olds explains, capturing the essence of his approach. This democratization of AI, making it accessible without requiring users to become prompt engineers, reflects Olds’ commitment to unlocking generative AI’s full potential for all, not just the technologically savvy.

It’s not as much as we’re better or competitive… It’s just we’re providing an ecosystem where everybody can come to and use them all

Blazing Trails with Shawn Olds: A Deep Dive into Entrepreneurial Resilience and Innovation

Shawn Olds, the co-founder and CEO of boodleAI, takes us on a journey through the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship with a candor that’s both refreshing and enlightening. Reflecting on the rollercoaster ride of building a business, Shawn shares, “I saw a great chart… it was a mean, and it just kind of had the ups and downs… the day in the life of an entrepreneur.” This visualization of entrepreneurial life captures the essence of his experience – a constant oscillation between exhilarating highs and challenging lows. His resilience is rooted in a supportive team, a passion for his work, and an innovative product that seamlessly integrates into both his professional and personal life. It’s this unique blend of dedication and utility that keeps Shawn motivated, especially when the going gets tough.

Diving deeper into the philosophy behind boodleAI, Shawn shares an intriguing backstory of the company’s name, rooted in tradition and utility from his West Point days. The “cadet boodle box” – a personal trove of treats and treasures – mirrors the essence of what boodleAI aims to provide: a valuable, sought-after resource. This analogy extends to their approach to generative AI, helping users find more time in their day, akin to discovering more hours in a box. It’s a narrative that beautifully ties the past with the present, illustrating how historical anecdotes can inspire modern technological solutions.

Balancing work and life is an art form, especially for entrepreneurs deeply engrossed in their ventures. Shawn’s honest reflection on the evolution of his work-life balance post-marriage and parenthood offers a relatable glimpse into the personal sacrifices and adjustments necessary for success. “It is hard at times to break away… the building of the company does become a priority many times,” he admits, underscoring the importance of deliberate planning and effort to maintain harmony between professional ambitions and personal relationships. Shawn’s journey is a testament to the fact that entrepreneurial success is not just about innovation and hard work, but also about finding fulfillment and balance across all aspects of life.

It is hard at times to break away… the building of the company does become a priority many times

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