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Tom Moore’s Trailblazing Journey: Revolutionizing Traditions in Tech, Education, and Beyond

Bridging Cultures with Tom Moore: Embracing Tradition in Modern Business – A Unique Insight

In a world where the boundaries between technology and humanity increasingly blur, our latest interview unveils the journey of an individual who has seamlessly transitioned from the disciplined life of the Royal Air Force to the dynamic realm of tech entrepreneurship. Tom Moore, the Co-Founder and CEO of Power 365 Solutions, graced the “Bright Founders Talk” podcast, hosted by Chris from Temy, an international software development company championing sustainable business solutions. 

In this engaging dialogue, Tom shares insights from his multifaceted career, initially aspiring to be a French teacher due to the influence of a passionate educator, only to find his calling in technology after a stint in military intelligence. His story is a testament to the unpredictable paths that lead to fulfilling careers, emphasizing the lesser-known fact that the skills and passions we develop can take us to unforeseen destinations. 

Tom’s approach to unwinding, his perspectives on leadership versus management, and how his military training has influenced his leadership style at Power 365 Solutions, offer invaluable lessons on the essence of empowerment and trust in the workplace. Join us as we explore the journey of a leader who embodies the spirit of innovation, discipline, and the unexpected twists of life’s path.

Bridging Cultures with Tom Moore: Embracing Tradition in Modern Business - A Unique Insight
From Dreams of French Lessons to Tech Leadership: Tom Moore’s Unconventional Journey

Tom Moore, the visionary behind Power 365 Solutions, never imagined his path would lead him from aspiring to teach French to pioneering in the automation industry. In a candid exchange with Chris on the “Bright Founders Talk” podcast, Tom shared how his initial dream was shaped by a passionate French teacher who managed to channel his youthful restlessness into a love for languages. Yet, life’s unpredictable turns steered him away from education and into the arms of the military, where his linguistic aspirations transformed into a role in intelligence analysis. This pivot was the first of many in Moore’s journey to tech entrepreneurship, illustrating that sometimes, the road less traveled not only diverges but leads to destinations beyond our wildest dreams.

Tom’s story is peppered with reflections on the simplicity of his early ambitions and the profound impact of mentors. “I just had a very passionate French teacher,” Moore reminisced, crediting this individual not only with his initial career aspirations but also with instilling lessons that would shape his future. This acknowledgment serves as a heartfelt reminder of the lasting influence teachers can have on their students, steering them through life’s tumultuous waves even when the final destination remains obscured by the horizon.

I just had a very passionate French teacher

When asked about unwinding and leadership, Tom’s responses revealed a man who cherishes the thrill of the ride—both literally, on his motorbike, and metaphorically, in leading his company. His approach to leadership, influenced heavily by his military background, prioritizes empowerment and emotional awareness. “Empowerment, I think, is the biggest,” Tom asserts, encapsulating his philosophy in a sentence that resonates with the essence of true leadership. It’s a testament to his belief that guiding a team isn’t about managing but about inspiring, trusting, and mentoring—a philosophy that not only defines his role at Power 365 Solutions but also highlights the unconventional wisdom he brings to the tech world.

Tom’s Trailblazing Journey: From Military to Entrepreneurship

Tom’s philosophy on ambition within his company starkly contrasts the conventional business wisdom. He celebrates ambition, viewing it as a vital strength rather than a potential threat to organizational stability. His leadership team, or SLT, embodies this ethos, ready to vie for his position at any moment—a dynamic Tom wholeheartedly supports. This approach is encapsulated in his favorite maxim: “Comfort is for a bed, not a career.” This principle not only shapes hiring practices but is also a cornerstone of the company culture, emphasizing continuous growth and the pursuit of challenges beyond the comfort zone.

Comfort is for a bed, not a career

Tom’s educational journey, marked by a shift from communications to engineering management, reflects a broader narrative of self-discovery and evolving ambitions. Initially joining the military for escapism and lacking a clear direction, Tom experienced a pivotal moment that ignited his drive for higher achievement. This revelation led him to pursue a commission, transitioning into a leadership role and setting the stage for his educational advancement in engineering management. Tom’s story highlights the unpredictable nature of personal and professional growth, where initial lack of direction can evolve into a powerful drive for success.

The genesis of Power 365, Tom’s venture, reveals a keen ability to identify and seize emerging opportunities in the tech landscape. The transition from the military to the corporate world, and eventually entrepreneurship, was fueled by both a desire for greater personal achievement and a strategic observation of the market. The inception of Power 365 amidst the shift to remote work and Microsoft’s strategic pivot exemplifies Tom’s agility and foresight. His and his partner’s military background, combined with their relentless work ethic, enabled them to quickly mobilize a trusted team, driving rapid growth and success in a niche market.

Unlocking Innovation in the Shadows of Lockdown: How a Trio’s Military Bond Forged a Tech Revolution

In an era where the world grappled with lockdowns and uncertainty, Tom, along with his colleagues Dan and Karen, saw an opportunity not just to dream but to act. Bound by their shared experiences in the military and early ventures into website development and graphic design, the trio was always destined to collaborate on something bigger. Tom shares, “We were always going to do something together; it was always the plan.” Their story isn’t just about seizing an opportunity; it’s a testament to a predestined partnership, where diverse skills and mutual respect converge to create a powerhouse of innovation. Despite the global pause, they found their moment to leap, fueled by a collective vision and the unexpected gift of time the pandemic afforded them.

We were always going to do something together; it was always the plan

Imagine a typical day that transcends the ordinary, where the focus isn’t just on delivering solutions but on redefining possibilities. At Power 365, Tom and his team dive deep into the realms of Microsoft’s business applications, data, and AI, striving to offer not just any solution but the right one. “We have an ability to think bigger,” Tom reveals, hinting at their knack for enterprise architecture and a comprehensive approach that spans custom web apps to intricate data governance. Yet, as the company evolves, so does Tom’s role—from the thrilling chaos of a “western movie” to a more measured, albeit less exciting, focus on metrics and operational excellence. Through this evolution, the team’s commitment to making a meaningful impact remains unwavering, especially in sectors like healthcare and not-for-profit, where their work with organizations like the National Child Trafficking Center showcases the profound difference they’re making.

Navigating a diverse clientele from healthcare to construction, Power 365’s strategy remains steadfast—understand the unique needs and aspirations of each sector while maintaining a uniform approach to deliver excellence. Tom elucidates, “The way in which we might have the conversations is different for sure, but the way that we approach day to day is usually very much the same.” This balance of customization and consistency is what enables them to make a tangible difference across various industries. Whether it’s empowering a not-for-profit organization to better serve vulnerable populations or streamlining processes for a construction firm, the goal is always to unlock the full potential of their clients’ operations through technology.

Breaking the Mold: Tom’s Mission to Innovate Education and Beyond

Tom dives straight into the heart of the matter, shedding light on the educational sector’s hesitance towards embracing change. It’s a world where tradition often overshadows innovation, a sentiment many industries, from agriculture to finance, can relate to. Tom’s journey through these sectors reveals a common theme: a resistance rooted not in the lack of benefits but in a deep-seated adherence to the ‘way things have always been done.’ Yet, amidst these tales of reluctance, Tom’s optimism shines through. “There’s certainly value there, but it’s about shifting the mindset,” he says, highlighting the untapped potential for automation and data analytics to revolutionize even the most traditional fields.

There’s certainly value there, but it’s about shifting the mindseter staff

As the conversation shifts to artificial intelligence, Tom’s excitement is palpable. The mention of OpenAI’s Sora and Microsoft’s CoPilot hints at a future brimming with possibilities. Tom sees AI not as a threat but as a partner in progress, with tools like CoPilot poised to transform the way we work. Yet, his pragmatic side surfaces as he contemplates the rapid pace of AI’s integration. “Maybe we’re running too fast into it,” Tom muses, acknowledging both the immense potential and the need for a measured approach to technology that could redefine our world.

Starting a business is no small feat, and Tom’s reflections on his journey are a testament to the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. From the challenges of managing a fully remote team to the joys and stresses of ensuring a startup’s success, Tom’s narrative is a blend of honesty and inspiration. The realization that business is not just about transactions but about building relationships and nurturing a sense of community resonates deeply. “By only speaking business, you are losing the bonding part,” Tom observes, revealing the human element that underpins even the most tech-driven ventures.

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