Through the Lens of Daan Moreels: Capturing Success in Shots & Startups

Daan Moreels’ Journey: Blending Photography’s Art with Startup Wisdom & Finding Purpose

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, we often come across stories of people who defy the norm, showcasing not only their versatility but also their relentless spirit of innovation. Today, we bring you an exclusive video interview with one such individual – Daan Moreels, the Co-Founder of Traxial.

As you listen, you’ll uncover his intriguing switch from the world of fashion photography to pioneering in the tech industry. What drives a man to transition from capturing visual stories to reshaping the world of automotive and aerospace propulsion?

Traxial, a subsidiary of the deep tech company MAGNAX, stands as a testament to Daan’s journey and vision. Delve in to discover more about axial flux, a groundbreaking motor technology, and the undying spirit of entrepreneurship. Join us on this captivating journey of innovation, passion, and determination.

Daan Moreels' Journey: Blending Photography's Art with Startup Wisdom & Finding Purpose
From Flashbulbs to Flux: Daan’s Dynamic Journey from Fashion Photography to Electric Motors

When you think of a transformative pivot, Daan’s story epitomizes it. One would hardly draw a line between the world of fashion photography and cutting-edge motor technology, yet Daan seamlessly transitioned between these two domains. As he amusingly shared, “An interesting fact about me is that I spent a few years passionately clicking shutters for fashion brands. And now? I’m deeply embedded in the tech world.” It’s not often that you find a guest whose resume oscillates between stunning models and groundbreaking motor innovations.

An interesting fact about me is that I spent a few years passionately clicking shutters for fashion brands. And now? I’m deeply embedded in the tech world

Daan’s journey into the realm of electric motors wasn’t merely by chance; it was a product of his keen interest in technology and innovation. Despite the allure of the glamorous world of photography, Daan’s technical background as an electrical engineer coupled with his serendipitous encounter with Peter, who was brewing the idea of a new electric motor in his garage, propelled him into the deep-tech realm. And thus, their ambitious project took root. “Peter said he was building this new kind of electric motor. And after a visit to his garage and some due diligence, I realized we were onto something special,” Daan reminisced with a glint of nostalgia in his eyes.

However, traversing the journey from a nascent idea to a functional product wasn’t a walk in the park. Daan’s narrative is a testament to the grit, patience, and perseverance required to navigate the challenging terrains of hardware development. “Hardware is hard,” he quipped, emphasizing the colossal difference between the malleability of software and the rigidity of hardware. Yet, the underlying optimism of Daan is evident. Even when faced with setbacks and prolonged timelines, his passion and belief in the product’s potential, and perhaps those photographic memories of capturing perfect moments, kept him going, striving for that perfect ‘shot’ in the motor industry.

Finding the North Star Amidst Start-Up Chaos: A Deep Dive with Daan Moreels

“If you shoot at everything that moves, then you basically shoot at nothing.” This poignant metaphor from Daan, one of the three co-founders of a burgeoning technology start-up, serves as a crystalline reminder of the importance of focus. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the rapid growth journey, Daan’s words underline a significant challenge that many startups face. Yes, growth is intoxicating and the allure of diversification can be overpowering, especially when incoming leads range from “two wheelers, three wheelers to Zeplin, to submarines,” but the true key to success? Maintaining a laser-sharp focus.

If you shoot at everything that moves, then you basically shoot at nothing

Another fascinating nuance of Daan’s journey is the globally-sourced team. Imagine this: out of a team of 45, there are nearly 20 nationalities. Their search for the right talent led them beyond Belgium’s borders, resulting in a unique and diverse melting pot of engineers and professionals. “Here in Belgium, it was just not possible to find the engineers with the right skills,” Daan explains. This quest for international talent wasn’t without its challenges, though. There’s a delicate dance of integrating different cultures and work habits, especially in a physical workspace where hands-on collaboration is pivotal. But they were determined to make it work. Throw in the curveball of a global pandemic, and you’d expect chaos. But for Daan and his team, their collective grit saw them through.

But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Daan’s story lies in the dynamics of a trio of co-founders. Forget the cliché of likening it to a marriage; this is uncharted territory! “We are indeed three very different personalities,” Daan admits. Yet it’s the differences that make it click. From business acumen to technological know-how to venture capital insight, their backgrounds complement each other. Regular meetings ensure alignment, but at its core, it’s about understanding, respect, and a shared vision. It’s a gentle reminder that in the world of startups, as with life, diversity in thought and skill is often the secret sauce to success.

Daan’s Guide: Navigating Leadership and the Art of Simplicity in Tech

“If you deeply understand something which is complex, then you can basically also explain it to a 12-year-old.” It’s a profound statement that Daan, a Belgian entrepreneur, throws out there, emphasizing the significance of simplicity in communication. How many of us have sat through presentations or pitches and wondered, “What did they just say?” Well, Daan’s got the answer, and it’s all about going back to basics.

If you deeply understand something which is complex, then you can basically also explain it to a 12-year-old

Firstly, Daan delves into the cornerstone of self-awareness: understanding your strengths and weaknesses. “Being honest with yourself,” as he puts it. Know what you excel at and don’t shy away from admitting areas where others could do better. This not only forms a foundation for individual growth but also leads to more efficient delegation in a team. For Daan and his partners, letting go and trusting the management team of their subsidiary was a conscious choice and an essential part of their journey.

But it’s not all just about professional talk. Building a connection that goes beyond the confines of the office plays a pivotal role in solid team communication. Weekly meetups, dinners, and simply discussing life outside work, Daan feels, gives depth to relationships and helps foster respect. There’s magic in sharing a meal and talking about, well, anything but work!

Lastly, the magic sauce – simplicity in communication. Especially in tech, where jargons are as common as morning coffee, Daan emphasizes the need to distill complex ideas into digestible chunks. And this, he believes, comes with time and deep understanding. By making complicated concepts accessible, not only do you invite more people into the conversation, but you also build bridges – with investors, potential customers, and potential team members. After all, isn’t that what communication is all about? Building bridges.

Daan’s Lens: How Photography Shapes Startups and Self-Discovery

“…Trial and error is very important; without trial, there’s no innovation. And without error, there’s no trial and error.” This insightful musing by Daan highlights not just the essence of a startup’s journey but also of life’s broader canvas. Having intertwined his experience in photography with the tumultuous road of entrepreneurship, Daan gives us a picturesque analogy of how the two seemingly different worlds converge.

Trial and error is very important; without trial, there’s no innovation. And without error, there’s no trial and error

Photography, as Daan passionately points out, isn’t just about capturing moments. It’s an exercise in patience, perspective, and, most importantly, constant experimentation. Just like in startups, every shot in photography might not be perfect. But each “error” or “failed shot” is a stepping stone, teaching you what doesn’t work, honing your skills for that perfect capture. For Daan, this intricate dance of trials, failures, and eventual success in photography has been instrumental in shaping his entrepreneurial mindset. Every missed opportunity or setback in business, like in photography, is a lesson, a story, a guide to what lies ahead.

Reflecting on his journey, Daan imparts wisdom not just for budding entrepreneurs but for anyone charting out their life’s course. It’s not always about chasing passion but pursuing curiosity. Surrounding oneself with people who uplift and challenge you, he stresses, can be transformative. And as for the road not taken? He encourages us all to be fearless in our explorations, to try more, to see life as a vast R&D directory. Because in that constant search, you not only discover your strengths and interests but also carve out your unique path. And as Daan aptly concludes, that’s the fastest route to self-discovery and success.

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