Sorting Solutions for the Agritech Industry

Qualysense is an agritech company that specializes in bean, grain, and seed sorting. The company is noted for their energy-efficient bean and grain sorting technology which has been proved to be more accurate and reliable than traditional manual sorting methods.

Agriculture technology can be a game changer for many nations. Farmers can now use satellite imagery to monitor land productivity and crop yields. Automation processes can be used to perform difficult takes such as seed sorting and soil analysis. Unfortunately, in many countries, farmers may not have the resources to access cutting-edge technologies. Agritech has the potential to revolutionize the food industry and create a more sustainable future. With the right conditions in place, agriculture technology can provide a secure food supply and reduce hunger around the world.

Swiss-based QualySense is one of the leading providers of automated bean, grain, and seed sorting systems. The company’s main product, QSorter, is able to rapidly sort through 3,000 seeds per second in a highly effective manner. Using a set of advanced tools and sensors, QSorter is capable of identifying purity and physical traits within beans, grains, and seeds. With this technology, customers are able to ensure that their products are flawless and of the highest quality. The founder and CEO of QualySense, Francesco Dell’Endice, is on a mission to provide sustainable solutions for the agriculture industry.

The Fourth Agricultural Revolution

Innovative change for the agriculture industry is essential for the industry’s longevity and improved production. By combining advanced technology and thoughtful consumer engagement, the industry can be transformed into a more efficient system. As Francesco was finishing his doctorate, he made the decision to bring his innovative solutions to the agritech sector.

“Towards the end of my PhD in Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing, I wanted to work on something that a lot of people could benefit from. It occurred to me that we could look into the products within grain, seed, and bean fields with the same technology that is now used in space. Our mission at QualySense is changing the way quality is measured and understood in the agriculture industry. There is a need to meet consumer demands for foods that are high in protein and fiber. We have enough resources in the world, but we have to learn to use them better.”

Take the risk

Dual Role Development

As the Founder and CEO of QualySense, Francesco plays many roles within his company. He takes part in both the sales and tech sides of the business, which helps to create a stronger team dynamic. When sales and technology personnel all work in tandem, the team can ensure that their product is well received by their target market after it is implemented.

“For a number of reasons, I have to focus more on business and sales. Having said that, people still need my technical competence–especially on the customer side. I’m continuously bringing together customers and R&D to help facilitate dialogue. There is always a kind of mismatch between what the customer wants and what our R&D does. Many tech companies have this belief that technology solves all of the problems, and the customer needs to understand how to use the technology. In my opinion, this is the wrong attitude. I believe that technology is a beneficial tool that should be tailored for the customer. In this way, I can say that I’m still very much involved in development.”

Clarifying expectations is essential

Trials and Timing

Establishing a customer base is one of the most important things a new startup venture can do. Finding customers involves being able to identify the needs and wants of the target market in order to present the product and services in the best possible way. As Francesco demonstrated, reaching out to early adapters proved essential in ensuring the business’s profitability and long-term success.

“We created a new space for quality inspection that hadn’t existed before. It was a ‘blue ocean’ type of market. People don’t think there is a need for something until you show them the product’s effectiveness. Initially, it was very hard to convince customers that this is something that can be used on a daily basis. We eventually found some early adopters, and that started a chain reaction which allowed us to expand our market. As word of mouth spread, our sales increased accordingly.”

“In 2019, QualySense started to work with Starbucks, Nespresso, and other companies. We wanted to do something together, and these companies accepted that challenge. They even contributed financially to development, which is great for an entrepreneur because you don’t have to borrow money from an investor or bank. The money really helps in shaping the product around the customer. With this approach, you can gain some time in your market penetration strategy.”

Preparation pays off

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Each business is unique, so the people needed for each team will be different depending on the company. Perhaps the biggest challenge is finding people that can fit into the culture and philosophy of the company. A successful team should be composed of people who can collaborate, create, and peacefully coexist. With the right people in the right positions, businesses can leverage the skills of the team to achieve their objectives.

“The main challenge always comes back to people. Disputes between colleagues, stakeholders, customers, and investors can all lead to major setbacks. I like the idea of working with people that you enjoy being around. That doesn’t mean they have to think like you, but they have to share the same mission as you. We may have different opinions or views, but we can still have a dialogue and try to find common ground. There are always people with skills out there, but it’s incredibly rare to find people that have the right drive and motivation that match your profile. If you bring on the wrong person, that person becomes poison. The poison spreads faster than you could imagine, and will trigger a series of negative consequences that will need to be handled.”

Never stop improving yourself

Blueprint for Success

While running a business can be chaotic and full of uncertainties, effective planning ensures that all aspects are considered while making important decisions. Having a systematic approach to tackling complex problems eliminates potential risks and prevents the waste of vital resources. By devoting sufficient time to properly prepare, Francesco has avoided a number of pitfalls that other entrepreneurs have encountered.

“Having a mission seems like it has little value when first starting a company, but it’s really important to have it clarified in your head. Your mission is your mantra, and from team members to customers, it will motivate whoever talks to you. It takes a lot of time to prepare and build up a brand. Preparation is too often considered to be a tedious topic. Sometimes, people just want to jump into the problem instead of taking the time to think before acting. With careful planning, you’ll see that the development of a project happens at a much faster rate.”

Your mission is your mantra

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