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Riding the Wave of Innovation: Tommaso Montagni’s Journey from Vision to Victory with Rubik

Tommaso Montagni: Mastering the Art of Resilient Innovation at Rubik

In the dynamic landscape of software development and real estate innovation, Tommaso Montagni stands out as a pioneering entrepreneur. Co-founder of Rubik, a company revolutionizing the marketplace for single-family homes, Tommaso brings a wealth of expertise and insight into the intersection of technology and real estate investment. In our exclusive interview, we delve deep into his journey from an ambitious student at Colby College to spearheading a business that addresses real-world needs in the real estate sector.

Rubik, under Tommaso’s leadership, serves as a conduit connecting sellers of single-family homes to potential investors. This platform is not just a marketplace but a testament to the potential of technology in enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of real estate transactions. Tommaso’s role in acquisitions and dispositions reveals his strategic approach to business, focusing on the transactional elements that drive the company forward. The inception of Rubik is a story of serendipity and shared vision. Tommaso, along with his international co-founders, embarked on this venture not just to create a business but to manifest a shared passion for innovation and service. Their journey from a modest start-up to a robust platform showcases the power of collaboration, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

As we explore Tommaso’s narrative, it becomes evident that Rubik is more than a company—it’s a mission to bridge gaps in the real estate market and empower investors and sellers alike. This interview promises to be an enlightening exploration of entrepreneurship, the transformative power of technology, and the future of real estate investment. Join us as we uncover the layers of Tommaso Montagni’s entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative world of Rubik.

Tommaso Montagni: Mastering the Art of Resilient Innovation at Rubik
From College Dreams to Real Estate Schemes: Tommaso’s Journey with Rubik

Tommaso Montagni isn’t just a co-founder; he’s a storyteller whose narrative began in the halls of Colby College. Picture this: three international students, fueled by ambition and a dash of naivety, decide they’re not just in Maine for the lobsters and the lectures. “We met each other kind of something clicked,” Tommaso recalls, his voice tinged with nostalgia. They didn’t just want to study; they wanted to conquer. This wasn’t just about making a quick buck—it was about making a mark. Their first venture? Pack Mills, a delivery service that’s like if Amazon Prime had a baby with college convenience.

But the story doesn’t end with dorm deliveries. Post-graduation, Tommaso and his band of visionaries didn’t go hunting for jobs. They went hunting for opportunities. With just $15,000 to their names, they set their sights on the Big Apple. “We didn’t have much money,” Tommaso laughs, “because $15,000 in New York will probably get you maybe a deposit on an apartment.” But what they lacked in funds, they made up for in grit and innovation. They dived headfirst into real estate, cold emailing every foreign agent in New York. Their mission? Build anything and everything that could solve a problem with tech. “We’ll try to make some money and start collaborating,” Tommaso explains, his entrepreneurial spirit as infectious as ever.

We didn’t have much money

Fast forward through months of living like college freshmen in a cramped apartment, and you’ll find the genesis of Rubik. It wasn’t just about connecting buyers and sellers; it was about revolutionizing how real estate investment works. “What if we start buying these homes and then reselling them?” Tommaso muses, outlining the pivot that shifted their entire business model. This wasn’t just wholesaling; this was game-changing. They started serving not just small investors but large institutions, growing their marketplace from MLS listings to direct homeowner sales. Tommaso’s favorite part? “We realized that brokers were broke, and real estate investors had all the money.” And with a chuckle, he adds, “So we should have worked with them.”

Crafting the Future: Tommaso’s Visionary Approach to Real Estate and Team Building

Tommaso’s love for real estate isn’t just a career choice; it’s a lifelong passion intertwined with a visionary outlook on technology. “I’ve always loved real estate and never really wanted a boss,” he shares with a chuckle, revealing the entrepreneurial spirit that drives his journey. It’s this blend of passion and independence that fueled his ambition to merge a traditional industry with cutting-edge technology. For Tommaso and his co-founders, it’s about more than just transactions; it’s about pioneering a path where passion and industry meet, crafting a future where every move is a strategic step towards innovation.

I’ve always loved real estate and never really wanted a boss

Reading the market isn’t just a skill for Tommaso; it’s an art form and a guiding principle for Rubik. “Our whole approach is that properties should be sourced based on demand,” he explains, a statement that encapsulates his forward-thinking strategy. Instead of chasing the market, they let the market come to them, expanding into new areas only when the demand dictates. This buyer-driven approach isn’t just smart; it’s revolutionary. As challenges arise, such as shifting buyer habits or market downturns, Tommaso sees them not as setbacks but as opportunities to pivot and realign with the market’s pulse. “We’re always in a growth stage,” he admits, but it’s a growth that’s as much about adaptation and learning as it is about expansion.

When it comes to building a team, Tommaso looks beyond resumes and skill sets. “Do I want to work with you?” That’s the question at the heart of every hiring decision. It’s about fostering a culture where opinions matter, where every team member is a thinker and a doer. He values the willingness to learn and the ability to mesh with a global team, emphasizing that skills can be taught, but the right attitude is gold. “We’ve been able to find talent worldwide,” he says proudly, a testament to Rubik’s inclusive and dynamic culture. For Tommaso, building the future of real estate isn’t just about understanding properties and markets; it’s about understanding people and potential.

Tommaso’s Take: Fostering Innovation and Balance in a Global Team

Tommaso Montagni, the visionary behind Rubik, navigates the complexities of leading a diverse, international team with a perspective that’s as refreshing as it is strategic. “It can be challenging,” he admits, speaking of the myriad time zones and cultural nuances he juggles daily. Yet, he swiftly pivots to the brighter side, “It allows you to create a very well diverse team that’s more prone to innovation and growth.” For Tommaso, the diversity isn’t just a logistical hurdle; it’s the crucible where great ideas and open-mindedness forge the future of real estate tech. “Timezone alone is one of the largest challenges,” he shares, but quickly adds, “the innovation that comes from all over the world vastly outweighs these smaller challenges.”

But how does one maintain a semblance of work-life balance when managing a team that’s always on? Tommaso approaches this with a blend of pragmatism and empathy. “We try to install in everybody that there must be a work-life balance,” he explains, highlighting the importance of a few overlapping work hours to maintain team cohesion. He’s a firm believer that the best work stems from a well-rested, clear mind. “You know, the best work is done when you have the mental room to really think and grow,” he reflects, emphasizing the need for regular downtime and the importance of seeing employees as long-term partners in Rubik’s journey.

We try to install in everybody that there must be a work-life balance

In a world where being constantly online is the norm, Tommaso has found his oasis in the ‘focus modes’ of his iPhone and deliberate detachment from digital bombardment. “There has never been a time in the last two years that I’ve regretted not looking at my phone for a 12-hour period,” he candidly shares, revealing his strategy for mental rejuvenation. It’s not about being unavailable; it’s about being selectively present, ensuring that priority communications get through while giving himself the space to recharge and reflect. For Tommaso, it’s about more than just managing a team; it’s about leading a life where work fuels growth, not burnout, and where every member of the Rubik family is encouraged to find their rhythm in the bustling symphony of a global enterprise.

Tommaso Montagni, the co-founder of Rubik, knows the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship all too well. Facing down the valleys as much as he enjoys the peaks, Tommaso attributes a significant part of his endurance to the camaraderie and mutual support of his co-founders. “There have been so many times where I don’t know if I would have kept going if I didn’t have another person on the other side of the room to be motivated that day,” he shares with a candidness that’s as rare as it is refreshing. For Tommaso, it’s the shared vision and the collective push during the downtimes that transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones. “Having that co-founding team, especially when things are going bad, is really a game-changer,” he admits, underscoring the power of partnership in the entrepreneurial journey.

There have been so many times where I don’t know if I would have kept going if I didn’t have another person on the other side of the room to be motivated that day

Tommaso isn’t just about weathering storms; he’s about finding the silver lining in every cloud. He credits books like Peter Thiel’s ‘Zero to One’ for shaping his approach to building Rubik, emphasizing the importance of starting small and validating every step before scaling. But it’s not just about business strategies; it’s about a mindset. “I try to approach things with a smile,” he says, revealing his optimistic outlook. Whether it’s tackling tasks he’d rather not do or facing unexpected challenges, Tommaso focuses on the positive, searching for the silver lining that will lead to growth and improvement. It’s this blend of strategic thinking and unwavering positivity that keeps him, and Rubik, moving forward.

Amidst discussing philosophies and motivations, Tommaso expresses a curiosity about the operational genius of figures like Elon Musk but is quick to add, “I don’t think I would want to swap for too long.” His curiosity about others’ methods is outmatched only by his passion for his own venture. Living his dream with Rubik and his co-founders in New York, Tommaso is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to give themselves no other option but to succeed and to start testing ideas as quickly and leanly as possible. “Test out ideas by building so little,” he suggests, encouraging budding visionaries to dive in rather than wait for perfection. For Tommaso, entrepreneurship isn’t just a career; it’s a calling, and his journey with Rubik is a vivid narrative of passion, perseverance, and the power of a positive outlook.

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