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Revolutionizing Marketing & CSR: Kate’s Vision for Collaborative Impact & Authentic Corporate Responsibility

“Kate’s Vision: A Unique Blend of Authenticity, Collaboration & Social Impact”

In our latest Bright Founders Talk episode, we dive deep into an insightful conversation with Kate Bolton, the inspiring Founder of Comms for Good. Kate’s journey is not only impressive but uniquely intertwined with her personal experiences, breathing life into her work with unparalleled authenticity. Her innovative approach, mixing communications strategy with a powerful purpose, underscores her mission of incorporating generosity into the very fabric of business practices.

Having navigated the corporate world while simultaneously battling cancer, her resilience shines through her story. This multifaceted professional shares with us the evolution of her venture and how her compelling personal journey has shaped her perspective on meaningful business communication.

Kate’s mantra, “Remember who you are,” is a testament to her courage and tenacity, encouraging everyone to embrace their unique journey. As we delve into the genesis of Comms for Good, be prepared to be inspired by a tale of resilience, authenticity, and the power of turning adversity into a catalyst for change.

Kate Balotelli: Merging Personal Resilience and Corporate Communications in ‘Comms for Good’

Delving into the heart of her journey, Kate shared with us the unexpected fusion of her personal and professional life that gave birth to ‘Comms for Good’. She wasn’t always keen on merging the two. However, her life took an unforeseen turn when she found herself battling cancer while holding the role of Global Head of Communications in a big banking tech company. It was a pivotal moment that led to the birth of her company.

Kate’s professional role demanded her to utilize content and social media to foster connections for the company’s collaborative tech projects. On the other hand, she was using the same platforms personally to share her cancer journey, finding the storytelling aspect therapeutic and a catalyst for healing. It was this parallelism that illuminated a profound realization – everyone has personal experiences that inevitably seep into their work lives. From this awareness, ‘Comms for Good’ was conceived, a marriage of personal experiences and corporate communications intended to build meaningful relationships and communities.

Kate once said, “Remember who you are.” This mantra she’d penned on a post-it note in her kitchen now served as the foundation for her new endeavor. She envisioned a platform where businesses wouldn’t just conduct transactions, but they would also make a difference. The proof of concept came when they decided to host a corporate event, not in a boardroom, but at a charity event. The results were tremendous, not only strengthening their business relationships but also contributing to a good cause. Kate’s journey teaches us the importance of staying true to oneself and leveraging personal experiences to shape our professional world in a meaningful way.

Remember who you are

Kate’s Bold Outlook: Disregard the Skeptics and Empower the Believers

Kate fires up the conversation with a clear and confident approach to handling skeptics – don’t waste energy trying to convince them. Instead, she emphasizes on aligning with those who already understand and appreciate your ideas. She opens up about her experience of watching a supportive boss being replaced by one who didn’t comprehend her vision, an occurrence she amusingly terms as ‘life’ without losing her zeal. Her optimism and determination become evident, and these traits resonate deeply with her intended audience.

Kate’s journey is not confined to the corporate world. As the leader of Comms for Good, a non-profit organization, she’s a dab hand at wearing multiple hats. She’s found a balance between her marketing consultancy work and her philanthropic endeavors, something she admits to being a bit of a juggle. The nature of her work takes a lot out of her, emotionally. However, she remains unshakeably focused on her mission, reminding herself that every little contribution matters and makes a difference. Her perspective is humbling, painting a picture of a woman who’s fearless in facing challenges head-on.

Towards the end, Kate shares her secret sauce for establishing authentic, long-lasting business relationships. Her mantra is simple yet profound: “You get what you put in”. This rule is evident in her approach, as she advocates for generosity and positive engagement as the driving forces behind building and inspiring a team. She believes that leading by example is the key to attracting the best clients, creating a cycle of reciprocity that ultimately leads to successful, meaningful relationships.

Kate’s Recipe for Purpose-Driven Success: Living Values and Unleashing Authenticity

In her insightful narrative, Kate expertly weaves a story of finding meaning in life and work. She shares the importance of living by your values, even in professional environments. “Don’t leave your values at home when you come to the office,” Kate mentions. The idea of working with authenticity and integrity resonates with her approach, suggesting that this could be the key to enduring motivation even during challenging times. Kate’s emphasis on self-awareness, self-improvement, and resilience during failures holds immense power. As she notes, “look inside yourself to see what could have been done better. Don’t beat yourself up. Just keep going.” It is a simple yet profound piece of advice that holds true not just in business but in life as well.

Don’t leave your values at home when you come to the office

On the theme of collaboration, Kate points out that smaller companies and startups have an inherent advantage. Their nimble nature allows for direct communication, adaptability, and a sense of mutual dependency that often leads to organic collaboration. She emphasizes how allowing employees the freedom to be innovative and forgiving them if they fail can foster an environment of creativity and openness. Kate’s believes, “When you give people that sort of opportunity to be that creative, it’s quite inspiring to them.”

Switching gears to marketing, Kate brings up the importance of standing out, not through flashy labels, but through actions reflecting your values and purpose. She hints at an intriguing concept she’s working on – a departure from traditional Account Based Marketing. It suggests a more personalized approach to connecting with potential clients, perhaps a testament to her belief in the power of authenticity and genuine human connections. The interview ends on an intriguing cliffhanger, promising further insight into Kate’s innovative ideas and perspective. It goes to show, the journey of a purpose-driven entrepreneur like Kate is a multifaceted one, filled with valuable lessons for us all.

A New Era of Account Based Marketing – Collaborative, Community-Oriented and Impact-Driven

“Marketing isn’t just about automated responses anymore; it’s not even merely about making it sounds personal,” Kate declares. She firmly believes that there’s a unique opportunity waiting to be harnessed in the world of Account Based Marketing – the opportunity to bring a sense of collaboration and community-building into the picture. She illustrates this by drawing on her ongoing work with an African school focused on equipping girls with STEM skills. Kate’s mind is abuzz with the possibilities of how corporations aiming to do business in Africa might team up with such community organizations to create a powerful and positive impact.

She presents a tantalizing prospect – can tech companies, service providers, marketing and PR companies, and law firms, all part of the same ecosystem, collectively support local community initiatives, such as a school or a food kitchen? Her eyes sparkle with enthusiasm as she speaks of making a marketing campaign out of this synergy, of sharing the stories that emerge from this collaboration, of showcasing the organisations’ efforts towards a common good. “Storytelling is a really beautiful way of telling people what you care about, and how you’re having an impact,” she opines, “That’s a version of Account Based Marketing that could potentially work. It helps people do business, it helps the community, and it makes you stand out.”

When asked if Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key factor for business success in the future, Kate’s response is emphatic. “Yes, it is.” However, she observes that often CSR gets boxed into its own department, its own set of targets, separate from the core business operations. Her idea of CSR, on the other hand, is embedded within the very fabric of the organisation, not just to showcase in an annual report but to genuinely contribute to the community. “Start with social impact, community support, charity support – make it the priority, and that’s when you can really make a difference,” she advises.

Live by your values as an individual and let them shine within the organisation. If you are shining, your organisation shines. Remember who you are

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