Revolutionizing Digital Ownership: A Glimpse into the Future with Jeremias Buireo Karpp, the Web 3.0 Visionary

Jeremias Unlocks Web 3.0: Universal Registry, Cross-Platform Names, and Entrepreneurial Wisdom

In our latest edition, we’re thrilled to present an insightful conversation with a visionary leader from the world of tech startups – Jeremias Buireo Karpp. As the Co-founder and COO of Olyn, Jeremias is spearheading exciting innovations in the burgeoning realm of Web 3.0, leveraging his diverse experiences that span from the banking sector to the cutting-edge digital space.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Barcelona with Argentinian roots, Karpp’s unique perspective has undoubtedly fueled his entrepreneurial journey. A strong proponent of productivity and flexibility, he has adapted to being a parent by optimizing his mornings, and as a leader, he values the essence of both onsite and remote working models.

With his team distributed globally, from Barcelona to San Francisco, he is orchestrating a symphony of ideas, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Dive into the interview to understand the man behind the operation and his extraordinary path in shaping Olyn.

It’s like a novel steeped in rich culture, our friend Jeremias’s childhood. Imagine, a young boy growing up amidst the lively streets of Barcelona while summers meant packing bags for a long haul to Argentina. “Every single summer, different culture,” as Jeremias so affectionately recalls, it’s a tale of two cities that sculpted his world view. It’s like he had a foot on each continent, absorbing the diverse flavors of both Spanish and Argentinian cultures, molding him into the global citizen he is today.

As the sun comes up, so does Jeremias’s productivity, a habit that has emerged since welcoming a new member in his life – his kid. Gone are the tranquil, nocturnal work routines he was once accustomed to. Nowadays, he embraces the quiet of the morning, syncing his rhythm with the daybreak. This is when he best connects with his scattered team members across time zones, from the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the tech hubs of San Francisco. As he puts it, “I have to be more productive when I can… definitely more productive in the mornings, right nowadays.”

When it comes to the eternal office versus remote work debate, Jeremias has a balanced take. He leans towards the onsite work culture, appreciating the immediacy of ideas exchange, yet he understands the growth and necessity of remote teams. It’s about adaptability, an art he seems to have mastered. “Nowadays, I prefer to be on site. But as we grow, we are growing also with remote teams. So we have to also be flexible on that.” So, as his team spans from Barcelona to New Zealand, he’s cultivating an interconnected global family at Olyn, making every Christmas party a potentially globe-trotting event.

Every single summer, different culture. I have to be more productive when I can… Nowadays, I prefer to be on site. But we have to also be flexible on that

Dancing with the Unexpected: A Deep Dive into the Global Mindset of Jeremias, the Multilingual Entrepreneur

Drawing from his Argentinian roots and upbringing in Barcelona, Jeremias shared his story of chasing and embracing unexpected paths in life. Being part of an Argentinian family living in Barcelona, Jeremias grew up navigating two diverse cultures. He cherished summers spent in Argentina with his grandparents and family, an experience that broadened his perspective. “It’s that part of being out every summer, in a different culture, that made a huge impact on how I see things today,” he reveals.

His personal and professional life is nothing short of a global roller-coaster. Studying civil engineering in college, he saw an opportunity to study in China for two years and grasped it without hesitation. The decision, to many, was out of the blue, but it was a reflection of his thirst for diverse experiences. His professional journey led him to work across Latin America and settle in Barcelona’s banking industry. However, Jeremias was always on the lookout for something more dynamic, something more international. He explains, “When I came across my co-founder, and the vision was global from day one, that immediately hooked me up.”

Jeremias’ language prowess is just as global as his mindset. He speaks five languages, including Mandarin, which he believes provides him with a unique set of skills beneficial in the business world. “Learning a bit of Chinese makes you open your mind. Because the way you speak, the way you learn, is very different… and that’s probably very useful at a business level,” he quips. It’s clear that Jeremias’ journey is beautifully marred by the unexpected, yet, each twist and turn he embraced has helped shape his global perspective and approach in the world of entrepreneurship. In the words of Jeremias himself, “Every tone, every nuance in communication matters. Whether you’re negotiating or discussing with colleagues, partners, or clients, you are always negotiating, always all the time.”

Every tone, every nuance in communication matters. Whether you’re negotiating or discussing with colleagues, partners, or clients, you are always negotiating, always all the time

From Sky High Ambitions to Banking Benchmarks: A Deeper Dive with Jeremias, the Unconventional Explorer

Dressed in the comfortable cloak of candidness, Jeremias embarked on his tale, revealing his unconventional professional journey, a trail marked by stepping stones from construction to aviation, and finally, banking. His narrative echoed the uncommon truth – not all of us are destined for the neatly wrapped packages of single-career pursuits. He chuckled, recollecting his brief stint as a civil engineer, which quickly veered towards a passionate affair with the aviation consulting industry, a field he found fascinating in its global complexity and numerical intricacies. The latter eventually formed his bridge to the world of finance, another interest he’d nursed since forever.

Jeremias’ voice brimmed with fervor as he quoted Brett King’s concept of ‘contextual banking’ from Bank 4.0, emphasizing the ubiquity of finance. “Finance is everywhere. And we’re not taught that at school. We’re not taught that anywhere,” he mused. It’s in this overlooked financial omnipresence that Jeremias found his professional common ground. Whether it’s the sprawling reach of aviation or the data-driven strategies of banking, both industries carried an undercurrent of financial insight that continually intrigued him.

Becoming an entrepreneur was an inevitable path for Jeremias, a destiny embedded deep within his family’s history of diverse business ventures. They were his survivors, his intrapreneurs, who had weathered the storms of success and failure in numerous industries. “Deep down, they knew that at some point, someday I would take the leap and start something on my own,” Jeremias reminisced. His faith in trying, failing, and learning shaped his approach towards business and became a cornerstone of his latest venture, Olyn. In his own words, “You always fail at so many levels. The thing is, you have to be flexible enough, fast enough to learn from that failure. Taking risks is something that we take very seriously at Olyn and myself as well.”

Finance is everywhere. And we’re not taught that at school. We’re not taught that anywhere. Taking risks is something that we take very seriously at Olyn and myself as well

Unraveling the Potential of Web 3.0: An Insightful Dialogue with Jeremias

In the innovative world of Web 3.0, Jeremias is redefining the concept of digital ownership with a unique approach. His platform acts as a “universal registry” that expands beyond physical products and into the vast realm of intangibles. He envisions a future where the worth of an asset isn’t dictated by its tangibility, but by its value to the individual. “What might be valuable to you might be different from what is valuable to me,” he says, emphasizing the inclusivity and boundless potential of his platform.

The concept extends to our digital personas, too. In an era where maintaining a cohesive online presence is key, Jeremias’ platform offers a solution that takes online reputation to a whole new level. Imagine having the same recognizable username across platforms, carrying with it a built-up reputation, thus avoiding the daunting task of starting from scratch with each new platform. “That could be avoided. That could be simplified. That could actually be possible,” he states, hinting at a simplified, more interconnected future of digital identity.

However, as a seasoned entrepreneur, Jeremias’ journey hasn’t been without its learning curves. When asked for career advice, he shares an adage as old as time but still undeniably relevant: “You have to focus on your one thing, whatever that is, and be the one that believes most in you.” He emphasizes the importance of staying steadfast in your belief and focusing your energy, but he also reminds us of the value of reading and learning from others. After all, we’re not the first to face challenges. As he succinctly puts it, “You learn. You listen, and then you do. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.” For Jeremias, this simple mantra isn’t just advice—it’s a blueprint for pioneering success in the Web 3.0 era.

You have to focus on your one thing, whatever that is, and be the one that believes most in you

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