Redefining Tech Education: Sebastian Barajas’ Vision of Immersive Learning

Sebastian Barajas’s Revolution in Tech Education: Active Learning, Passion, & Purpose Unveiled

In today’s edition of The Bright Founders Talk podcast, we delve into the life and insights of Sebastian Barajas, the Founder and CEO of Ubiqum Code Academy. With Temy—an international software development company, we learn not just about Sebastian’s foray into the tech world, but also get a glimpse into his daily life, passions, and unique perspectives.

From early morning meditations to his love for crime novels and Spanish dishes, Barajas offers a rich tapestry of experiences that go beyond the corporate. As he draws comparisons between working lifestyles in Barcelona and Madrid, one thing is clear: while business might be his calling, his heart beats for the diverse experiences life has to offer.

Dive in to get to know the man behind the title, and discover what truly drives him in business and beyond.

Sebastian Barajas's Revolution in Tech Education: Active Learning, Passion, & Purpose Unveiled
Morning Routines and Mystery Novels: The Sebastian Chronicles

Sebastian has quite the morning ritual. A combination of meditation, brisk walks with his furry friend, and a hearty breakfast to kickstart the day. “I get up at 5:30 in the morning…by nine, I start my work,” he says with a hint of pride. Sebastian’s morning paints the picture of someone who understands the importance of balance—a blend of mindfulness, physical activity, and a moment of calm before diving into the bustling tech world.

I get up at 5:30 in the morning…by nine, I start my work

Away from the digital screens and endless lines of code, Sebastian loses himself in the mysterious world of crime novels. “Reading crime novels is my passion,” he reveals. From thrilling narratives to gripping TV series, his fondness for a good mystery is clear. But there’s another realm where Sebastian unleashes his creativity: the kitchen. He speaks fondly of a traditional dish from the north of Spain, a robust combination of white beans, pork, and cheese. “It’s a dish I’m proud of, and my friends appreciate it,” he says with a gleam in his eye.

The tech CEO’s journey has seen him working in two of Spain’s major cities—Barcelona and Madrid. While the professional ethos remains similar, it’s the after-hours that highlight the differences. “In Barcelona, many head to the gym or home post work. In Madrid, it’s more about grabbing a drink,” Sebastian notes, hinting at the cultural nuances between the two cities. Reflecting on his long and diverse career, he poignantly remarks, “I’ve read a lot about business over the years…now, it’s about what truly adds value.” It’s this blend of wisdom, experience, and a dash of fun that makes Sebastian’s story an enthralling read.

Sebastian on the Tale of Two Cities: Barcelona vs. Madrid in the Tech Age

Ever wondered about the dynamic interplay between two of Spain’s most iconic cities? We dived deep with Sebastian to explore the industrial structures of Barcelona and Madrid. With an enriching history lesson, he walked us through the industrial milestones that have shaped these cities. While Madrid saw a significant rise with government-funded industrial revolutions, Barcelona’s strength has always been in its entrepreneurial spirit. “Barcelona, from the 19th century, was the industrial power of Spain, rooted in textiles and trade,” Sebastian shared, painting a vivid picture of its journey from the textile hub to the tech titan it is today.

Intriguingly, while Madrid houses the giants, many of which were once public monopolies now turned private industries, Barcelona has seen a notable transformation centered around technology. There’s a particular vibrancy to Barcelona’s business landscape, characterized by family-owned ventures that export a significant portion of their production. Sebastian’s tone echoed pride as he highlighted, “Barcelona is among the top tech cities in Europe with a burst of intrapreneurial activities and a new industry that’s becoming quite pivotal.”

Reflecting on his personal journey, Sebastian’s story is one of serendipity. A teenager who entered the world of economics without a defined path, he eventually found his calling in the realms of consultancy and technology. “I never knew what I wanted to do. But my life, I’ve been always around technology. I’ve never been a techie myself, but I’ve been managing technology since the beginning,” he confessed. While his journey was unplanned, it’s evident that the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, with their distinct industrial flavors, played a pivotal role in shaping his destiny.

I never knew what I wanted to do. But my life, I’ve been always around technology

Pushing Boundaries and Pioneering Change: The Journey of Sebastian

Sebastian’s trailblazing journey into the tech industry is not just about technological advancement, but also about swimming against the tide. Born into a family unfamiliar with the world of academia, let alone the tech industry, he was the first to step into the universe of higher education. “No, really, they didn’t understand. But they saw that I was pretty happy and working a lot,” he shared, chuckling. It’s a narrative many can relate to, those moments where family might not comprehend your passion but supports your happiness.

But Sebastian’s journey was not without its challenges. His first foray into the world of business was met with its own set of obstacles. “That was very difficult to sell,” he recalled of his initial consultancy business. The innovative ideas were there, the desire was burning, but the infrastructure to implement it was missing. “Because what we are doing is very sophisticated, and the procedures and the systems and whatever they have now, it’s impossible that they can really move forward with what are our recommendations.” This realization acted as a pivot point, pushing him towards software, an area that could truly harness the potential of their ideas.

Yet, beyond the world of tech, there’s a side of Sebastian that many might not see at first glance. A meditator, a mentor, and a firm believer in giving back, his altruistic nature has led him to coach other budding entrepreneurs. When asked about this experience, Sebastian’s eyes light up, “I’ve learned that it’s much better to give than to just request and receive. It’s something I’ve learned over time as I got older.” And as technology continues to evolve and our workplaces shift from physical to virtual, from offices to homes, Sebastian remains optimistic, viewing it not only as a business opportunity but as a chance to make a positive impact on the environment. “When human beings, we stopped doing things, so the nature grows.” And isn’t that a thought to hold onto?

I’ve learned that it’s much better to give than to just request and receive. It’s something I’ve learned over time as I got older

Diving Deep with Sebastian: How Learning by Doing is Revolutionizing Tech Education

Sebastian began by illuminating the unique methodology adopted at his academy: no lectures, just learning by doing. At the heart of their program lies a series of projects, each one progressively challenging than the last. But unlike other competitors who allow students to pick any project, his academy curates each project specifically for teaching, understanding that beginners may struggle with open-ended tasks. The essence of their approach? Equip students with just enough theory (or as Sebastian calls it, “concepts”) they need to solve a specific problem, and then let them do it. This approach ensures they aren’t passively ingesting information but actively applying it.

When you’re doing something that really is you’re passionate about. And then things happen

This innovative approach to education wasn’t something conjured overnight. Drawing inspiration from his experiences, Sebastian shared the decades-long journey that shaped his beliefs about the current state of education. He stressed the importance of relevance in what is taught, highlighting the flaws in curriculums that focus on passive listening and memorization.

When asked about advice for those wishing to follow in his footsteps, Sebastian’s answer was candid and inspiring: follow your instincts, embrace discovery, and find your passion. Planning might be important, but the magic truly happens when you take risks, pour energy, love, and intelligence into your pursuits. In his words, when you combine these three components and pursue something fervently, it’s almost impossible to fail. A fitting philosophy for someone leading an educational revolution.

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