Redefining Child Healthcare: Jakob Hedlund’s Journey of Innovation and Growth at Knodd

Jakob Hedlund: Mastering Growth & Innovation in Digital Child Healthcare

In today’s fast-paced tech landscape, it’s rare to find a leader who combines entrepreneurial spirit with a genuine passion for making a difference. Jakob Hedlund, Co-Founder and CEO of Knodd, embodies this rare blend.

Our latest interview peels back the layers of this intriguing personality, revealing a man who is not only a strategic thinker but also curiously shy and unexpectedly adventurous, having once found himself in a Bollywood movie. Knodd, a Swedish startup, stands at the forefront of digital child health, offering comprehensive support to parents concerned about their children’s well-being.

Under Hedlund’s guidance, the company has flourished, now serving thousands of families and ranking as one of the world’s top apps in its category. As we delve into Hedlund’s journey, we uncover the secrets behind Knodd’s success and the vision that drives this innovative leader.

Jakob Hedlund: Mastering Growth & Innovation in Digital Child Healthcare
Jakob Hedlund: The Shy Innovator Transforming Child Health with Knodd

Dive into the world of Jakob Hedlund, the surprisingly shy co-founder and CEO of Knodd, who’s redefining child healthcare in the digital age. In our candid chat, Jakob reveals an unexpected side to his personality – a curious shyness that’s led him into some unique experiences, like his whimsical cameo in a Bollywood movie. This revelation paints a picture of a leader who embraces the unexpected, a trait that seems to echo through his approach to entrepreneurship and innovation.

As we get deeper into the conversation, it’s clear that Jakob’s mindset is anything but ordinary. Describing himself as a ‘medium risk-taker,’ he shares insights into his leadership style and vision. Knodd, his brainchild, is not just another startup; it’s a mission-driven endeavor aiming to provide parents peace of mind about their children’s health. Jakob’s description of Knodd – a digital Child Health Center that handles an impressive number of patients monthly – showcases not just a business model but a passionate response to a societal need.

One standout moment in our talk is when Jakob distills his philosophy into a simple yet powerful statement: “I am more focused on long-term growth.” This reflects not only his personal approach but also the ethos of Knodd. The app’s substantial impact and its recognition as one of the highest-ranked apps globally underscore Jakob’s vision. Knodd’s approach, balancing telemedicine with continuous parenting support, embodies a dedication to sustainable, long-term solutions in child health care, mirroring Jakob’s own leadership style.

I am more focused on long-term growth

Jakob Hedlund on Knodd’s Origin and the Art of Co-Foundership

Jakob Hedlund, the co-founder and CEO of Knodd, shares the unique journey of how Knodd came to life. Rooted in a blend of product design expertise and a deep-seated desire to make a meaningful impact, the story of Knodd’s inception is as inspiring as it is practical. It all began at university, where Jakob and his co-founder Josefina, met a pediatrician whose insights into the challenges faced by modern parents sparked the initial idea. “It wasn’t just personal experience,” Jakob explains, “but a recognition of a space where we could make a difference with our digital product background.” This blend of serendipity and strategic thinking set the stage for Knodd’s journey.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial path, Jakob describes Knodd as his first major venture, though not his first foray into the startup world. With a history of smaller projects and a stint at TechStars, a renowned accelerator in London, Jakob brings a wealth of experience to the table. He candidly shares, “Both Josefina and I are driven by curiosity and the personal development that comes with the challenges of starting a company.” It’s this blend of curiosity and the thirst for learning that continues to fuel their journey with Knodd.

Both Josefina and I are driven by curiosity and the personal development that comes with the challenges of starting a company

The synergy between Jakob and his co-founder Josefina is a cornerstone of Knodd’s success. Jakob speaks to the importance of shared values and complementary skills in a co-founding relationship, likening it to a marriage. “She’s the nerd and the smart one, I’m more of the talker,” he says with a smile. This dynamic balance, where each co-founder supports and complements the other, is essential, Jakob believes, for navigating the highs and lows of the startup world. It’s this partnership, grounded in mutual respect and shared vision, that has propelled Knodd to its current heights.

Scaling Up: Jakob Hedlund on Managing Knodd’s Rapid Growth and Milestones

In the dynamic world of digital healthcare, Knodd is a force to be reckoned with, growing at an extraordinary pace. Jakob Hedlund, the mastermind behind this burgeoning enterprise, delves into the challenges of scaling up, particularly in balancing the growing demand with the need for qualified healthcare personnel. “It’s a balancing act,” Jakob remarks with a thoughtful nod. He describes the strategic move of building their own recruiting department, a decision pivotal to sustaining their impressive growth. “We’re now at 140 healthcare workers,” he notes, underscoring the scale of their expansion.

Reflecting on the past five years, Jakob shares the milestones that have marked Knodd’s journey. From the exhilaration of their first healthcare call to the recent revelation of being one of the highest-ranked apps in the App Store, these moments form the chapters of Knodd’s success story. “It’s been an incredibly incremental journey,” Jakob muses, recalling the early days of anxiously waiting for that first call, a milestone that symbolized the start of their ambitious journey towards a million consultations.

It’s been an incredibly incremental journey

But what’s the secret sauce behind Knodd’s top-rated success? Jakob leans in, his eyes lighting up with passion. “Our core product isn’t just the digital platform; it’s the consultation with the pediatric nurse,” he explains. This insight into focusing on the human element, ensuring engagement and comfort for the parents, has been pivotal in designing Knodd’s experience. “It’s about creating a culture that is service-oriented,” Jakob emphasizes, revealing that the combination of a seamless digital experience and empowering healthcare personnel with the right tools has been key to Knodd’s acclaim.

Jakob Hedlund, the innovative mind behind Knodd, sheds light on the unique aspects of founding a startup in Sweden. He attributes part of the success to the nation’s supportive social system, which provides a safety net for entrepreneurs. “This system offers comfort in taking risks,” Jakob explains, emphasizing the importance of this safety layer in encouraging founders to venture into the unknown. Yet, he quickly adds, the desire to succeed remains paramount, with most founders driven by more than just the security of a fallback option. This balance of risk and support, according to Jakob, forms the bedrock of Sweden’s thriving startup ecosystem.

This system offers comfort in taking risks

Delving into the working culture, Jakob contrasts the Swedish approach with others, noting the high levels of autonomy and trust inherent in the system. “Sweden’s history of strong industry and academia creates a belief in possibility,” he says. This environment, he argues, fosters innovation by allowing individuals the freedom to explore and innovate within a framework of trust. Jakob’s description paints a picture of a society where autonomy and a collaborative spirit combine to fuel creativity and progress.

For those aspiring to join the ranks of founders, Jakob has straightforward, yet profound advice: “Have a co-founder and don’t overanalyze; just take the next step forward.” He highlights the importance of balance and perspective a co-founder brings, especially when instincts falter. “It’s a marathon,” he emphasizes, advising perseverance through the inevitable challenges. His guidance reflects a journey shaped by persistence and the willingness to steadily move forward, one step at a time.

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