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Mastering Management: Insights from Ziv Pitshon

“If you have passion, you will succeed.” – Ziv Pitshon, Director of Product at WINN.AI

In the fast-paced world of product management, prioritization is a crucial skill that separates successful professionals from the rest. Being able to determine what tasks and projects deserve your time and attention is essential for creating practical solutions. Recently, Bright Founders Talk had the opportunity to sit down with Ziv Pitshon, a seasoned Director of Product at WINN.AI, to gain valuable insights into his approach to organization and his secrets to effective task management.

WINN.AI is a game-changing startup revolutionizing the sales industry with its cutting-edge AI-powered assistant. WINN.AI automates the cumbersome task of tracking and updating information in customer relationship management (CRM) systems during business calls. By actively monitoring conversations, this innovative platform eliminates the need for managing repetitive tasks, empowering professionals to focus on what truly matters: building meaningful relationships with their customers. With real-time participation in virtual meetings, WINN.AI offers valuable insights, tracks discussions, and provides instant feedback. By seamlessly integrating prospect responses into CRM entries, WINN.AI saves time, reduces administrative burdens, and enables sales professionals to unleash their full potential. With a commitment to personalized experiences, a passionate team, and a vision to transform the CRM landscape, WINN.AI is poised to empower teams and drive exceptional results.

“If you have passion, you will succeed.” - Ziv Pitshon, Director of Product at WINN.AI
Empowering Productivity and Collaboration with AI

At the heart of WINN.AI’s mission is the goal to empower professionals and teams to reach new levels of productivity and collaboration. Ziv Pitshon shared his insights on how the platform helps to achieve this vision.

The platform’s ability to automate monotonous tasks and provide quick results is a key aspect highlighted by Ziv. “Things that are low effort, things that I can do swiftly and release them, those are the things that I want to automate,” he states. “Every time that I finish a task and mark it as done, it gives me a bit of dopamine to my brain.”

Ziv’s passion for driving productivity and collaboration is evident as he concluded, “When you wake up in the morning and go to work, you want to feel satisfied. Titles, salary, and prestige are important, but do they make you happy? I wanted to be on the field, solving problems and designing solutions. The challenges of starting something from scratch are critical and satisfying.”

Through Ziv Pitshon’s vision and insight, WINN.AI stands as a powerful platform that revolutionizes how organizations operate, enabling professionals to excel, collaborate effectively, and find satisfaction in their work.

The goal is not to deliver technology. The goal is to deliver value

Clients Come First

According to Ziv Pitshon, one of the key principles guiding his management process is focusing on client needs. “If I have client issues, their priorities are on the top,” he emphasized. This customer-centric approach ensures that the team’s efforts align with delivering value to the end-users. By identifying and addressing client concerns promptly, Ziv ensures that WINN.AI remains responsive and agile in a competitive market.

Furthermore, Ziv believes in the importance of finding the best return on investment (ROI) for the organization. “The secret is really to find where the best ROI is,” he shared. By analyzing the potential impact and benefits of different tasks and initiatives, Ziv allocates resources effectively and prioritizes projects that align with the company’s strategic objectives.

Designate and Deliver

Delegation plays a significant role in Ziv Pitshon’s prioritization strategy. He emphasized, “I find the time to delegate tasks to others if possible.” Recognizing that he can’t do everything on his own, Ziv leverages the strengths and expertise of his team members to streamline workflows and distribute responsibilities effectively. By empowering others, he not only frees up his own time but also fosters growth and development within the team.

Ziv’s approach to delegation goes beyond simply assigning tasks. He also considers removing hurdles for his team members as a prime concern. “If I can remove a blockage for someone else, that becomes a priority for me,” he explained. This proactive approach ensures that the entire team can work efficiently and progress smoothly towards their goals.

You have to be a great presenter and storyteller. That is how you motivate and communicate what you need and what you want to deliver

Structured Success

Structuring is a fundamental aspect of prioritization, but Ziv Pitshon acknowledged the challenges that come with it. “Planning is hard if I don’t break it down into smaller tasks,” he admitted. By breaking down larger initiatives into actionable steps, Ziv ensures that organization becomes more feasible and effective. This approach allows him to create a roadmap for success and provides a clear path for his team to follow.

However, Ziv also recognizes the importance of adaptability in the face of changing circumstances. “Eventually, you have to make adjustments to your own prioritization process,” he emphasized. External factors such as market dynamics, customer feedback, or unexpected challenges may require shifts in priorities. Being open to changes and making necessary adjustments enables him to respond swiftly and effectively to evolving circumstances.

Effective Communication for Product Management

Ziv Pitshon highlighted the significance of bilateral communication for project managers. “You have to be able to lead people without authority,” he emphasized. Building strong relationships, effective communication, and influencing others are essential qualities that enable product managers to drive collaboration and alignment across cross-functional teams.

The ability to keep several balls in the air is another characteristic Ziv believes contributes to being a successful product manager. Juggling multiple responsibilities and managing competing priorities is crucial in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. “A good product manager should be a good multitasker,” he stated. This skill allows him to maintain focus and ensure progress on multiple fronts simultaneously.

Extraordinary interpersonal skills are vital for a successful director of product

Final Thoughts

Ziv Pitshon’s journey as a Director of Product at WINN.AI offers valuable insight into the art of prioritization. By putting clients first, embracing adaptability, and developing exceptional interpersonal skills, professionals can enhance their productivity and drive meaningful outcomes. Ziv also reminds us that the challenges of starting something from scratch are both critical and satisfying when approached with the right mindset.

If you are considering embarking on a journey in product management, remember the wisdom shared by Ziv Pitshon: “Everything can be learned, and if you have motivation, you can succeed.” Prioritize effectively, seek opportunities to empower others, and remember that effective communication and adaptability are essential in a dynamic and evolving industry. It is of the utmost importance that you are not just thinking critically but also designing solutions that make a difference in the world.

Everything can be learned, and if you have motivation, you can succeed

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