Juggling Dual CEO Roles: Michael Kamleitner’s Balancing Act in the Business Limelight

Michael Kamleitner’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey: Dual CEO Challenges, Growth & Achieving Balance

In the digital age, where social media has taken center stage in both our personal and professional lives, understanding its intricacies is paramount. At the heart of this universe, there are pioneers who’ve mastered the game, continuously evolving and reshaping the landscape of social media management and marketing.

One such individual is Michael Kamleitner, the Founder and CEO of and In our latest interview, hosted by Matthew of The Bright Founders Talk at Temy, we delve deep into Kamleitner’s journey, his ventures, and the pivotal role they play in today’s social media sphere.

Kamleitner’s insight into content aggregation, management, and B2B strategies not only sheds light on the workings of the industry but also offers a glimpse into its future. Join us as we unpack his story, from the humble beginnings of Facebook’s platform to mastering the social media marketing domain.

Michael Kamleitner's Entrepreneurial Odyssey: Dual CEO Challenges, Growth & Achieving Balance
From a Vienna Bedroom to the Pinnacle of Social Media: Michael’s Dynamic Journey

Michael’s enthusiasm for the tech world started with some mundane tasks—typical web applications and CMS customizations, think WordPress style. But isn’t it amazing how a single announcement can change the trajectory of one’s life? Michael recalls the game-changing moment of 2008 when Facebook opened its platform for developers. “For the first time,” he reminisces, “a small independent web developer in Vienna (yeah, that’s me) could create little applications for Facebook.” With a chuckle, Michael adds, “I found that super interesting, intuitively understanding the potential.”

His intuition didn’t betray him. The world of Facebook grew exponentially, even in the cozy corners of Austria. With the ever-expanding universe of social media, Michael spotted an opportunity. A chance to dive into something innovative and exciting. Taking a calculated risk, he quit his regular job. “I decided to quit my job and founded a small boutique software agency,” he shared. Being among the first in the German-speaking regions to focus on this new wave of web development was no small feat, and Michael was riding the crest of this wave.

I decided to quit my job and founded a small boutique software agency

Nostalgia hit when Michael brought up platforms like MySpace. He wittily remarked about platforms some might barely remember, sharing, “MySpace had an API as well back then.” And sure, while many of the platforms have changed or disappeared, Michael’s enduring passion and adaptability in the digital realm have made him a stalwart figure in social media marketing.

Remember when we were kids, and they told us not to jump into the deep end without first testing the waters? Well, Michael surely skipped that lesson. Reflecting on his early days, he said, “It was exciting, maybe a bit scary.” He took a deep dive into a market that hardly existed, fueled by naive optimism. Heck, Michael and his team toiled for years, waiting for their first paying customer! The real gold nugget? His candid admission: “A lot of the decisions I made back then were not super strategic or thought through.” Here’s a guy who believed in his passion, waded through the uncertainties, and emerged as a torchbearer for others to follow.

A funny thing about Michael is that he never chased rapid rocket-ship growth. Instead, he believed in the power of organic, steady expansion. “It was two of us,” he remarked, as they started their “tiny” agency. They gradually grew, adding a few developers along the way, hitting that sweet spot in social media app development. But the real revelation? “This is when I realized I will not be interested in doing agency work for the rest of my life,” Michael noted. This man had a vision, and he soon found a way to pivot into creating products that aligned with his true passion.

I realized I will not be interested in doing agency work for the rest of my life

Finding the right tribe can be a game-changer. Michael’s success was significantly shaped by the team he built around him. The real kicker? A handful of his first employees are still with him after a decade! “A lot of my success was only possible with the right people helping me at the right times,” he confided. This journey wasn’t always smooth. Michael donned multiple hats – from developer to marketer to salesperson, adapting and learning on-the-fly, until he could pass the baton to the real pros in each field. But every challenge was a new adventure, making his story all the more enriching.

From Universalist to Visionary: Michael’s Blueprint for Scaling the Heights of Social Media Marketing

Imagine juggling a dozen roles, each demanding its unique skill set, and then entrusting these roles to specialists once you’ve tasted each aspect. That’s been Michael’s mantra. “It helps tremendously when later hiring the right people,” he mused. Michael embraced being a universalist, diving deep into every facet of his businesses. From the nitty-gritty of software development to the finesse required in marketing, he wore every hat, however momentarily. And why? It wasn’t just about understanding the job. It was about valuing the expertise and challenges each role encompassed. When a team member comes to Michael today, discussing a hurdle, he doesn’t just understand; he feels it.

Charting the growth of both his ventures, Michael candidly shared his aspirations. It’s commendable to see how a one-man freelance show has now evolved into two companies approaching a joint revenue of 10 million ARR annually. And what’s next on Michael’s grand plan? Doubling that figure for each company separately. The key to this audacious goal, as Michael outlines, isn’t about chasing venture capital or taking shortcuts. It’s about nurturing the independent, profitable ethos they’ve established. An ethos that isn’t just Michael’s dream anymore. It’s an integral part of the team’s DNA.

In the ever-evolving realm of social media marketing, what keeps Michael a step ahead? Innovation and relentless product development. He’s aware of the robust competition and realizes the need to offer unique value. Be it leveraging emerging technologies like AI or continually refining product features, the focus remains razor-sharp. “In order to stay competitive, we always need to have an edge over the competitors,” Michael emphasized. While the path isn’t devoid of challenges, Michael’s zeal for his craft ensures he’s more than equipped for the journey ahead.

It helps tremendously when later hiring the right people

Michael’s Mastery: Balancing Dual CEO Duties and the Pursuit of Wholeness

Michael’s journey wasn’t a straight shot to success. Navigating two flourishing businesses might seem like a dream for most, but for him, it was a concoction of blessing and burden. “I woke up having to lead the life of a two-time CEO,” he shared, detailing the moment of clarity in Spain, where he realized that managing both companies wasn’t just taxing for him; it was stifling their growth potential. Acting on this realization, Michael took steps to rectify the situation. He said, “…having this dual role was neither good for me nor for the companies”. By setting up a focused management team for one company and delegating, he was able to recenter himself, giving each venture the dedicated attention it deserved.

As we dove deeper into the topic of balance, it was evident Michael had traversed quite the journey. Starting from burnout phases to the evolution of his unique balance formula, he shared invaluable insights. His rules might seem simple — no work on weekends, scheduling workouts, and keeping work hours within an “acceptable level.” But their impact is profound. Michael’s approach showcases a fine blend of discipline, self-awareness, and a keen sense to rectify when off course. He mused, “Everyone has to find their sweet spot,” emphasizing that this balance isn’t a one-size-fits-all but a continually evolving personal journey.

Everyone has to find their sweet spot

Although Michael was on our podcast to share his experiences, he didn’t miss the chance to invite anyone intrigued by his companies. Without a heavy sales pitch, he gracefully extended an open invitation to explore the services his ventures offer. The conversation wrapped up with genuine gratitude from both ends, and Michael’s parting words exuded a warmth characteristic of a leader who’s been through the trenches: “Thanks for having me and…I wish you all the best. It’s an exciting journey.”

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