Harmony of Innovation: Maurizio La Rocca’s Symphony of Tech, Tunes, and Trailblazing Ventures

Maurizio La Rocca’s Melodic Innovation: Bridging Music and Tech

In an engaging encounter with innovation at its core, our latest article delves into the entrepreneurial journey of Maurizio La Rocca, the Founder and CEO of arimas. In a candid conversation with Matthew from The Bright Founders Talk at Temy, Maurizio opens up about his transition from academic life to spearheading a leading system integrator in the telecommunication sector. 

He fondly reminisces about his university days, a time of joy and learning before the onset of his professional career. With an innate desire to prioritize customer needs over mere product development, Maurizio’s vision led him to establish arimas, which swiftly garnered market recognition. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a conglomerate, arimas now boasts a diverse portfolio and a dedicated team of 14, aiming to expand its innovative solutions across Europe. 

This interview not only sheds light on Maurizio’s personal and professional milestones but also provides a glimpse into the strategic expansions that have shaped arimas’s success story.

Maurizio La Rocca's Melodic Innovation: Bridging Music and Tech

From Campus to CEO: Maurizio La Rocca on Building a Tech Empire and Crossing Borders

Maurizio La Rocca’s story isn’t your typical rags-to-riches tale—it’s one of passion meeting opportunity at the crossroads of telecommunication technology. Laughing about his early days, he confesses, “We were happier and not working, just enjoying life.” But the real journey began post-graduation, with a serendipitous pivot from radar to mobile technology. Despite an initial reluctance to join the telco world, Maurizio’s curiosity led him to Milan and eventually to the U.S., where he immersed himself in the mobile business. His academic thesis, once centered on radar, was swapped for the burgeoning GSM technology, a move that mirrored his career’s trajectory: always forward, always evolving.

We were happier and not working, just enjoying life

With a dream to revolutionize customer experience, Maurizio didn’t just climb the corporate ladder—he built his own. “I wanted to build up a company that could help in a different way,” he shares. And so arimas was born, not just as a business, but as a promise to prioritize customer needs over everything else. It’s this ethos that catapulted arimas from a solo venture to a renowned name in the industry, now a system integrator with a robust portfolio and a team of 14. They didn’t just make a mark; they made a difference, offering bespoke solutions like the WWF’s app and calendar, and proving that understanding the client is the bedrock of innovation.

Expansion is the name of the game for Maurizio and his team, with sights set on the Balkans and Northern Europe. “We anticipate a little bit of time, but we are going to propose the same things,” Maurizio says, outlining the strategy to replicate their Italian success abroad. It’s a balanced mix of optimism and realism as he rates the difficulty of this new venture a five or six out of ten. But with a great manager at the helm and a track record of adaptability, arimas is poised to take on the challenge. As Maurizio puts it in his characteristic conversational tone, “We are offering everything and nothing,” underscoring his company’s ability to tailor solutions to any challenge—a testament to their engineering prowess and customer-centric philosophy.

A Bootstrapped Beginning: Maurizio’s Unconventional Path to Telecommunications Success

The entrepreneurial spirit often thrives under constraint, and for Maurizio, a mere 4,400 euros was the seed from which arimas would sprout. “I started my workaway with the last payment from the company, plus a disaster from the government,” he quips, reflecting on the early days when his fledgling enterprise was nothing but a dream bolstered by a meager unemployment payout. His initial capital was lean, but Maurizio’s resourcefulness knew no bounds. Securing an 80,000 euro project right out of the gate, he convinced a principal supplier to front the necessary funds with nothing but trust in his vision. “It was like a dream, you know, but this is the reality,” Maurizio muses, proving that sometimes, faith in a dream can be as valuable as the money in the bank.

It was like a dream, you know, but this is the reality

Growing pains are part of any business story, and Maurizio’s was no different. “It was really difficult to grow up, and it is still difficult to survive and grow,” he admits. Navigating through the treacherous waters of business expansion, he encountered barriers at every million-euro milestone. His philosophy to his team is blunt yet effective: “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.” This hands-on leader not only managed the technical aspects but also steered the company through its administrative, project, and operational challenges. Today, arimas stands as a testament to the tenacity required to build a business from scratch—a business that Maurizio likens to a big family, humorous and dedicated in its pursuit of success.

The future for arimas is as bright as its beginnings were humble, with plans to attract investors and expand throughout Europe. Maurizio’s strategic eye sees Italy as an advantageous gateway for companies entering Europe, especially post-Brexit. “Italy could be a good entry point,” he analyzes, noting the logistical and fiscal benefits. His vision for arimas involves not just growth but a harmonious integration within the European market, creating a holding in Bulgaria to attract investment and distribute growth across the group. Maurizio’s narrative isn’t just a business chronicle; it’s a masterclass in turning constraints into opportunities, a story of a self-made success sculpted from the ground up with grit, wit, and a bit of startup magic.

Maurizio’s Mantra: Family Values and the Art of Juggling Business with Life

Maurizio’s approach to business is refreshingly heartfelt—his office door is literally and metaphorically always open, fostering a familial atmosphere where teamwork goes hand-in-hand with the occasional squabble. “We fight, but we are always happy to work together,” he says, emphasizing the importance of harmony and happiness in the workplace. This philosophy extends beyond the walls of arimas, influencing its sister company, animas love, where Maurizio’s partnership thrives on shared values. His policy is simple yet potent: make the workplace a source of pride, yet never shy away from hard work. The unique culture he cultivates is evident, where each team member isn’t just a number but a valued individual, and respect is the non-negotiable foundation of the arimas family.

Juggling the demands of a growing business with family life is no easy feat, but Maurizio manages to make it look almost effortless. His secret? Proximity and prioritization. With the office a stone’s throw from home, he integrates family duties into his daily schedule, ensuring he’s there for the school runs and the swim classes. But don’t be fooled; the workday is a marathon that starts at 6 am and stretches past midnight. “You’re always tired,” he confesses, but it’s a small price for the fulfillment he finds in both his professional and personal life. It’s a balancing act that requires a tightrope walker’s focus and dedication, a skill Maurizio seems to have mastered.

For the budding entrepreneurs looking to mirror Maurizio’s success, his advice is grounded in realism and vision. “It is really difficult to start… and it will be more difficult to grow it up,” he cautions, underscoring the importance of a well-defined mission and a clear end goal. Maurizio believes in the power of a vision, urging newcomers to look beyond the immediate path and envision the destination in its entirety. “If you have a vision, you can fight for it,” he declares, advocating for resilience and strategic planning. His advice is a mix of personal wisdom and professional strategy—aim high, plan thoroughly, and approach challenges with a level head. It’s clear that for Maurizio, arimas is more than just a company; it’s a testament to the enduring power of a dream backed by unwavering commitment and a clear-eyed view of the future.

If you have a vision, you can fight for it

Maurizio’s Melody: Innovating Music’s Future and Spinning a New Tune in Tech

Maurizio’s latest venture, Quadisk, strikes a chord with music lovers craving a tangible connection to their favorite artists. He paints a picture of a world where fans aren’t just passive listeners but active participants in the music journey. “Think about Pink Floyd; you want to meet them, and now you’ll have a way,” Maurizio enthuses, revealing his vision for a platform that resurrects the collectible aspect of music. This isn’t just about streaming; it’s about holding a piece of music history in your hands, a nod to the vinyl and CD aficionados who yearn for the tactile sensation lost in the digital age. It’s Music 3.0, he says, where quality and collectibility play the lead roles in the fan-artist symphony.

Think about Pink Floyd; you want to meet them, and now you’ll have a way

This isn’t just another music app; it’s an exclusive backstage pass, a fan club with a tech twist. Maurizio’s eyes light up as he describes the app developed by animas lab for Quadisk, a sanctuary where the beats of the artists pulse directly to the fans. It’s about “unlocking secret videos by just walking into a bar,” a modern-day treasure hunt where your location becomes the key to exclusive content. “It’s a clever idea,” he chuckles, the thrill of innovation audible in his voice. Maurizio’s passion for music is personal; as a guitarist himself, he understands the yearning to connect with musical heroes like Eric Clapton—not just as distant stars but as tangible, approachable humans.

In the final strings of our conversation, Maurizio hints at another project, a sport line that balances athletic functionality with casual style, already catching on like a catchy riff. “I sold 200 pieces immediately,” he shares, the success of his designs echoing the success of his tech ventures. But it’s not just about the products; it’s about the philosophy of connectivity and accessibility that Maurizio champions. Whether it’s music, fashion, or tech, he’s all about opening doors—inviting investors, suppliers, and dreamers alike to partake in the symphony of innovation that is the signature of the arimas group. “Italy could be the right entry to Europe,” he notes, a strategic maestro inviting the world to play along.

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